Yoshi and Trek Training Diary

By Ellen Clary (Copyright 2004-2016)
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Sun May 22
Yoshi walk. We strolled through Lincoln Park. and came back on Garfield. There is a pinch point that we have to negotiate and this time we were working our way past an Aussie that had his/her back turned and then the dog spun around and Yoshi started barking so I picked him up to quiet him. The I noticed that we have 4 dogs near by none of whom are reacting (they're surrounded by playing kids, so there was a lot of distractions.

Trek had the night off.

Sat May 21
Doing Yoshi's Trupanion claim paperwork for his foxtail misadventure. I submitted it to Trupanion directly. Let's see what they say. They need to give me a claim number so I can let Park Ctr know though I cc'd the claim to them also.
Park Ctr is going to email me the BAVS report (which Park Ctr received on Wed which is the day that Terri took him in for a follow-up).

The weather is still ok, so I took Yoshi to Krusi Park to wander around in a mostly foxtail-free area. It was lovely, nearly no baseball practice going on and some clouds and a light breeze. We played some fetch with Trek's dumbbell toy. He can do it for a while before getting completely distracted though there was nothing to distract him this time.

Trek and I then went over later to Krusi. By this time we had the place almost entirely to ourselves save for one friendly Labradoodle who went over to the other side of the park after saying hello. I had forgotten our usual harnesses, so it was just us and a leash (which I didn't use) and a kong dumbbell. It was heaven. I carried her from the car to the grass and we walked to the center and played fetch for quite a while. Then sat and rested and did a  little more fetched. Rested some more and then we walked/ran back. She's moving quite well on her 3 1/2 legs (possibly from her acupuncture and PT) and didn't need the harness at all which was good because I didn't have it. I think resting is all she needs. We had a very nice time.

Fri May 20

Trek acupuncture and PT.  This time Jorge put electricity on the needles. Don't know if that will help, but she's moving around ok later.

Yoshi had the day off.

Thu May 19
Trek walk. Krusi Park. This is what we're going to do for a while I think. The grass is short and there's usually someplace we can fit in. It was breezy and this gave Trek extra energy. We actually walked/ran all the way across the park, then played fetch until she was tired and walked (actually ran) back to the car using the rear harness. I figured out a way to lengthen the lead on the Walkabout by using another lead to make it longer so she can run ahead of me some.

Yoshi walk. There was a school event so he and Terri were fording their way through lots of school kids which is always fine with him. Our neighbor's Corgi Shelby was in the mix so they arranged to be on other sides of the street.

Wed May 18

Yoshi didn't finish his breakfast and I was concerned. Terri took him to see Dr. Wydner and she told her that Tramadol has a bitter taste, so it's not a surprise that he didn't want to eat it (you could see white bits of the med.) This has never been an issue with Trek because she eats so fast. Good news is Yoshi's eye has almost healed and the cone can come off. Hooray.

Trek walk. This time we went to Krusi Park and played right in the middle with all sorts of activity going on in the fields but no constant bats hitting balls. We ran/walked to the center and played some fetch until she got tired, then I put the Walkabout rear harness on her and we walked to the far fence. Touched it, and ran all the way back to the car. This worked out much better than the previous days. Fun and fetch first, then walk.

Yoshi walk. Three dogs. Medium sized. Two across the street. One on Gibbons that crossed towards them, but Terri was able to back off to make everything ok.

Tue May 17
Dragged Trek around the Shoreline Park at Bay Farm I feel like such a tyrant. They we played some fetch which was much more fun.

Yoshi walk. No doggies at all.

Mon May 16
Today I dragged Trek from Crab Cove to the duck pond in her rear harness. Once she gets used to it hopefully we'll argue less. She has much more freedom compared to her cart, but she's not convinced yet. I let her run some without it and she gets tired fast and then seems to more readily accept the harness.

Yoshi walk. Pit bull mix across the street that decided to just hang out for a while, so Terri had Yoshi continue walking by which worked fine.

Sun May 15
Taking a look at Yoshi's cone. They've given him a 8"/20cm one which is intended for a Boxer/Afghan. The one he should have is 6"/15cm, so I'm going to go to Pet Food Express to pick one up for him. His neck circumference is 13".

I really can't complain though. Bay Area Vet Services saved him from a night of misery, pain and further eye damage, and no sleep for us, and BAVS is closer than Sage in Concord, and I have no experience with the ones in Berkeley since they are on the other size of The Hwy 80 Maze which is a show stopper when you're in a hurry.

Sat May 14
Went to Walnut Creek and picked up a Walkabout rear harness. We went over to Larkey Park in Walnut Creek off Larkey Lane which is a beautiful park with luscious grass. I think it's going to work well. I can hold her rear up and steer with a regular leash. She can even run some with it. Though we did stop and play a little fetch instead with her Kong Air dog dumbbell toy. The hard part of this was the kneeling which is hard on my left thigh. This will make our park walks easier.

Yoshi walk at Bay Farm. Foxtails are loose and out in force now. We've been dodging bullets for a while now and I thought I was being careful, but I let him roll on the grass near where some foxtails were and they not long afterward him started rubbing at his eye. I couldn't see anything in his eye or nose but took him home with that inevitable feeling of knowing that my evening was just about to be rearranged. After some consultation with Terri and watching him continue to rub his eye and calling the ER clinic to see if they were busy (they weren't right then), off we went to BAVS in San Leandro. There was a foxtail in his eye underneath the lid and it had done some damage to his eye which she tells me will heal in a week. He's in a ginormous cone now and we're rearranging the house some as he's bashing around the house with it. Sigh, all this because I wanted to take him to somewhere else he liked. It was gorgeous--right on the water.

Fri May 13
Trek acupuncture session with Jorge. She's showing less stress about it, and she was up on all fours in the backyard later.

Trek and I went to Washington Park and played some fetch which was fun for both of us. The grass isn't as nice anymore, so we may have to start regularly heading over to Bay Farm Shoreline Park but even that grass is having trouble. There is the grass over at the Bay Farm Ferry Building which is still ok. We're going to go pick up a rear harness for her tomorrow I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Yoshi walk. No dogs, no drama.

Thu May 12

I had a Peet's meeting run late, but still had enough time to wrap Trek's feet and make her walk a block in her cart feeding her a treat about every driveway. She still doesn't like it, but she can move along when she chooses to and her feet are protected. She still gets more exercise flailing around on the grass in the park, but it's becoming diminishing returns and increasing frustration. On Sat I'm going to be picking up a rear Walkabout harness that worked for her pretty well in the tank treadmill so it's worth trying.

Yoshi walk. Went fine. there was someone running with his dog. Yoshi barked, but Terri had his sit for a bit and fed him treats and moved one. This is great.

Wed May 11
Terri walked Yoshi. One dog across the street. She had him sit and she fed him some treats. After the dog passed, she released him and Yoshi did say a few snotty words over his shoulder but it was fine.

I took Trek to the dog park and we played some short distance fetch. It was ok, but I think it would go better on the main park's grass rather than the thrashed dog park grass. I can't wait to pick up the rear harness on Saturday and see if I can get it to work for her.

Tue May 10
Trek had her treadmill session today (Terri took her). Emily tried a Walkabout Rear Harness to help steady her which seemed to work better that the sling. I want one, so we'll probably buy the one she was using. I can try her at the park, and then wrap her feet for a concrete sidewalk.

Yoshi walk. He does really well if I coach him through dog sightings. He still barks at first, but then pauses to listen to me. First sighting was a neighbor dog. The other was us getting out of the way of two dogs running at us - we went a very short way down a side street.

Mon May 9
Trek and I finally ended up at Washington Park as there was too much sports bouncing ball activity at the other two we tried. the length she can go is gradually reducing. If I could convince her to walk in her cart for a longer period of time she would get more exercise, but one reason she didn't want to is that it made her feet hurt and now I know to wrap her feet in ace bandages, so she might be more ok with it. I have a lot of booties too, but the bandages stay on better even if it takes more time.

Yoshi walk. Terri says it was uneventful. She's amused that he walks right by a cat that hangs outside his house. I told her that Yoshi charged up to that cat once before I could pull him back and the cat did nothing. The owner assures me that the cat is not ill, but very brave.

Fri May 6
Trek Hydro treadmill. They had her do it without the sling for a while. While not pretty, she was able to do it.

Thu May 5
Trek acupuncture with Jorge. She seemed to not mind it so much this time. More relaxed, no shaking

Yoshi walk with Terri. No dogs, no drama.
Trek and I went to Krusi and she was amazing to watch run around on all four legs. We went to the center then around the tennis courts back to the main field, went and touched the far fence and we headed back. Acupuncture seems to be definitely helping her which is nice to see. She still drags around in the smaller backyard but that's understandable.

Wed May 4
Terri and Yoshi had a nice walk. They did come across one surprise small dog and had to cross the street but Mr Y went willingly along fine.
Trek and I went to Krusi Park to walk a little and play some fetch a chase another dog just a little. There wasn't much softball hitting going on and we just picked a spot far enough away that it wasn't a problem. She actually seemed to have a nice time. Lincoln Park was full of soccer games so we didn't try there.

Tried a Walk-About compression sleeve on Trek's right leg. I can't get it to stay on even with taping it on because she drags it so hard. Fortunately a wide self-sticking ace bandage works fine.

Tue May 3
Terri walked Yoshi, and Trek and I went to Bay Farm and played a very short game of fetch.

Mon May 2
I dragged Trek out to Washington Park again. This time she really didn't want to go far, though she got all the way across the first field, but quit at the beginning of the second one.

Sat Apr 30
Trek and I to Washington Park.
She didn't want to go far but I got her to the trees and we hung out and watched geese.
Yoshi walk was uneventful save for some dog avoidance maneuvers.

Thu Apr 28

My first day of work. My dog walking time will be greatly cut short, but Terri is going to help walk Yoshi now.
Terri walked Yoshi and I took Trek over to Bay Farm where we walked the length of Shoreline Park and back once.

Wed Apr 27

Took Trek to Washington Park for our last weekday visit. We sat by the duck pond and it was really nice, then went over to the beach bluffs for a little while. I wrapped her right foot in an ace bandage and even though she had a harder time using that foot it was well protected.

Yoshi walk went very smoothly right up until he spied the [formerly] reactive white dogs across the street. I reeled Yoshi in while he was yelling at them and then I had a hand on his harness and started to talk to him. He settled down and other other dogs hadn't reacted at all (they've been working with a trainer). Once it was clear that Yoshi was calmed down they walked by and I kept talking to Yoshi telling what a good boy he was being and no dog reacted. Amazing on all counts.

Tue Apr 26
Yoshi walk went smoothly.Ms Trek was a complete I don't want to do anything pain. I hope our game of fetch yesterday didn't have any adverse effects.

Mon Apr 25
Yoshi walk. Everyone seemed to be out walking their dog. I lost count. I was talking with the JRT owner who says his dog gets him into more trouble by charging up to big dogs. Yoshi doesn't like her either but her in her owner's arms is fine with Yoshi. Bummer is that another dog came and we had to go hide though that worked out. In fact we did a lot of pause and let the other doggy go by for the whole walk. For a while it seemed like we'd never get anywhere. I finally got a good opportunity to talk him through a dog passing when a dog approached across the street but a ways a way. The dog had suddenly appeared and Yoshi had stiffened and inhale to throw some canine "Go Away" insult. When I reached down and touched him saying, "Yoshi, co'mere, you don't need to do that. Come over here. That's a good boy. See? that's better." Amazingly, this actually worked.

Trek and I played a cautious game of fetch in the back yard. Only one complete end-over-end flip which scared me but she seems fine.

Sun Apr 24
Trek to Washington Park. She did really well. We walked most of the way to the duck pond. I carried her over the asphalt paths and the rocky bits to the pond where we hung out on a bench and watched the birds. Then she ran back with me filming some of it. She's moving surprisingly well. I'm going to stop making her use the cart while she doesn't want to (she wants to run(!),) though I should carry her backpack if she truly can't go further. I keep thinking I should take her to the lower part of Redwood, but she might poop out very quickly and it's a $5 parking fee and Washington Park, the old Naval Base, and Bay Farm are free options much closer.

Sat Apr 23
Yoshi walk. Just as we hit the driveway my neighbor walked by with his very young Boston Terrier and we did a U-Turn while Yoshi barked like a fool behind my car in the driveway. (He can't even see the dog from here.) I made him sit and he seemed to get ahold of himself but he was still glaring at the dog who was way down the street when I finally said we could go. I hope these dogs never meet.

Fri Apr 22
Trek Rehab. Emily spent some time on her feet to see if wrapping them would work. Sort of. Then she started looking into hock coverings and she emailed Walk About in Santa Cruz to see if they had something that would work for her. Then she did her treadmill session which went ok.

I then went to Walgreens and bought Yoshi's Prozac and some first aid wrap and tape for Trek (also vet Wrap from Park Centre).

Thu Apr 21

Yoshi walk at Krusi went fine did some time roaming around and sniffing. Avoided a couple of dogs but he barked at a close-by dog on the other side of the fence. I tried talking to him with no effect until I poked him and he paused and I said "Good boy" which interrupted him.

Took Trek to Bay Farm Sea View or Shoreline Park. We walked the length of the park and back and then a little more. She wasn't into it, but would go along when I begged. Not fun for either of us, but she got some exercise.

Trek's hocks are all scuffed up, but her toes are looking better since I stopped having her walk on concrete or go up stairs.

Wed Apr 20

Trek saw acupuncturist Jorge Nunez Alder, who is very competent and nice. Trek tolerated the needles fine and didn't give me that "I hate this look" which was nice. He placed a series going up on each side of her spine from her hips to mid back, then he placed two where her shoulder blades met her spine and one each on her rear legs. Then I got to sit with her for twenty minutes. My job turned into keeping her from rolling on her back (not too difficult once she started to relax). We were seated on some cushions on the floor.
He says we should try around 4-5 sessions and see how she does.

Yoshi walk. Fairly straightforward. He's been on a test course of Rimadyl and I'm not sure if it's making any difference. He still doodles along and then speeds up when he wants to.

Trek walk. She would not walk on the concrete at all even with some Paws bootie like things (they look like balloons). i took her to Washington Park and she didn't like the soccer game at Crab Cove so we went over to the main section and we got some running time in with me holding her up by pulling up on her harness. Hard on me, but she can get some assisted running that way. She needs motorized wheels or I should set up something with the small bike.

Tue Apr 19
Took Trek to Marina Village. Their grass is slowly being invaded by some plant from the lagoon but it's ok. She chased around a small friendly 9 month old dog named Manny who wanted to play. We walked to the center and she was able to walk herself all the way back with my carrying her across the asphalt though I was carrying the cart.

Mon Apr 18

Trek Bay Farm walk. Went some distance but then she couldn't get all the way back and I had to tie her to a tree and go get the car.

Yoshi walk. We went by a couple of dogs without him noticing.

Sat Apr 16
I was at a large dog show today (sans my dogs) I'm really curious about the very low level of dog reactivity at dog shows. They're all intact and crowded together, yet for the most part it works which I find amazing. It might be the outnumbered factor.

I took Yoshi to Washington Park and he was definitely reactive to any dog that got within 50' even with me talking to him. I could get his attention and he's react again. The only way to really chill him out is to increase distance. Then we went on a nice walk around the park. I'm tempted to walk him around outdoor obedience trials because that outnumbered factor does work on him some.

Trek cart walk. I put booties on her and ace bandaged them and walked/begged her down the block and then let her trot back. I think I'm going to switch to the booties that have a covering over the top of the foot so her foot dragging isn't a factor. She gets better exercise on grass, but I don't always have time to take her to grass.

Fri Apr 15
Took Trek out to Bay Farm. My continuing thing is to let her walk out as far as I can nag her to go and walk back in her cart. She didn't want to walk much in the cart even with returning and I figured out the front chest strap was bothering her so I removed it and she instead relied on the part that goes around her chest. I may have her wear her harness and incorporate that as she doesn't mind the way that harness fits over her chest. I could attach clips to the harness and the could clip into the cart.

Walk for Yoshi. Quite a bit of dog avoidance. Some barking, but nothing terribly serious. Fortunately I saw the dog-person running at us well ahead and was able to cross the street ok.

Thu Apr 14
Yoshi walk. Took him to Krusi Park which was very nice until I nearly walked him into another dog. That dog immediately steers away and I got ahold of him. He did some nice rally work for me before that point.

Trek. I put booties on her feet and begged her to go part of the way down the block. I really hate this. Of course as we turned around she went much faster. Grrrr. She doesn't like walking on the concrete. She may never like it when in the cart. I could do it on grass, but she can run in the grass. I think I'll keep her on grass and carry the cart and have her use it going back. I've done this once before and it worked out ok. The bummer is that I'd like to be able to take her on a short walk on the sidewalk every so often as I won't always be able to take her somewhere.

Wed Apr 13
Yoshi walk. Nice and peaceful since it was in the early afternoon. He's been on rimadyl for a couple of days and he's still slower than me mostly, but he may be a little happier.

Trek went to my own chiropractor, and got an adjustment with that small thumping device which she thought was odd, but then he gave her a massage with a nice Rapid Release Technology massager and, not only did she not freak out, but she seemed to enjoy it. https://rapidreleasetech.com/. She started running around his office a little.
So I took her to the small dog park and we walked around on the grass there. The small dog park is the one one with any grass to speak of. We walked up and back a couple of times and then played a short bit of fetch with one of the many tennis balls.

Tue Apr 12
Took Trek to her eye exam. Poor kid trembles for the first five minutes she's there, then she's ok. I do carry her around a lot to avoid her struggling with the slick floor. Her left eye tear production is still a little low (as always), but her eyes look great under examination. She's due back in a year (the requirement for her doxycycline Rx.) I did remind them that she's not exactly young, but they were ok with that.

I had to mention how odd rectangular goat eyes were to Dr. Friedman and she said that llama eyes were truly strange as they have this squiggle on top and bottom to protect their eyes from sunlight.

Yoshi. We did some fetch with his small ball in the yard. He really likes me talking with him excitedly when we're doing it. I give him a treat about every 2-3 retrieves. He's no longer that thrilled about carrots.

On his walk I tried just talking him through an easy stressor of a cat on the lawn, and then a dog walking by on the other side of the street. It works pretty well. I keep it a happy voice, but not excited. If he gets distracted or winds up to react I says "Hey you. You don't need to do that you silly beast.' Sometimes I put a hand on him. This seems to work ok.

Mon Apr 11
Today I need to do dog nails and futz around with a booty for Trek. Good thing I have a lot of them to try. People have been very generous loaning things to us to try and I'm very grateful.

But we instead skipped all the wrapping business by just sticking to grass (the best when I have time).
We went to Washington Park. I put her in her Ruffwear Webmaster harness with a flexi and we ran (she does run still in bursts, I have to run to keep up) around and with encouragement ended up at the duck pond which we sat and rested for a while on a bench, and then we ran back. I deliberately overshot the car to get a little more exercise in. Running in a park is better than on the concrete which will only be possible when she's wearing a boot and will be less exercise. She is 0.8 lb. overweight so I have to really keep an eye on her weight.

Yoshi walk. Stopped for a while to discuss someone's irrigation project. No dogs at all which is a little puzzling.

Sun Apr 10

Need to wrap Trek's rear feet, so I can get her out walking in the cart on the sidewalk.
We started Yoshi on a test week of Rimadyl.

I dragged Trek down the street and Court and to a little of Johnson. It took a lot of begging and besides the fact I wrapped her foot the one bit that was exposed shows a drag mark. Argh. She's going to have to use a full booty on that foot.

Sat Apr 9

Walk for Yoshi. I am getting concerned about him walking behind me. I think we're going to give him a week of Trek's rimadyl.

Fri Apr 8
Trek to Canine Rehab. The Ginger Lead helps get her in and out the door.
They're using a belly sling similar to the Ginger Lead but it can get wet, to help her walk in the tank and it helps her be successful at it.

Yoshi walk. In the sprinkling rain, so we kept it short. He is dragging behind me again.

Thu Apr 7
Trek walk at Pt. Isabel. We stayed on the grass and went up and down the grass a couple of time. The quality of the grass is not as good as anything in Alameda, but I can have her off leash. Given that she only goes 15 feet at a time I'm not sure if her being off-leash is much of an issue in a public park.

Yoshi walk. Corgi Shelby and her mom and dad were out front, so I walked up carrying Yoshi who was yelling at full volume. Shelby yelled back. This went of for a few seconds and then poof they were done and I put Yoshi on the ground a few feet away ask we talked. Both dogs glowered at each other but that was it. I did have to cross the street for another dog but Yoshi did very well with that dog passing by.

Wed Apr 6

With effort and concentration, Trek can carefully walk and not drag around the house. I should try wrapping her right leg.

Tue Apr 5

Trek walk at Bay Farm. Went ok. Lots of begging, but I got her about 0.45 miles to the alleyway past the first tree after the park.

Yoshi walk. Nice walk. No drama.

Mon Apr 4
Trek walk on the old naval base. There is a large grassy area that we walked around and around on to the point that I got her turned around which almost never happens. We went about 0.62 miles. she was tired. I'm having to be a bit of a slave driver but I need her to get as much exercise as she can while she's on her feet.

Yoshi walk. Went fine except for having to steer around two small dogs by crossing Gibbons. He didn't react to them. It's possible the harness pressure may have felt reassuring him.

Sun Apr 3

Yoshi walk. Just avoided a couple of dogs without issue.

Trek. Bay Farm walk. Less enthusiastic than last time. We got maybe 0.4 miles but good exercise for her. We got from the restroom to one of the big shrubs after the park ends.

Sat Apr 2
Trek PT Treadmill this morning. She did great with the belly band support sling.

Standard Process has a list of supplements they think helps DM dogs. given that the only thing that actually helps is exercise, I may as well try some of it.

I have one bottle of Neurotrophin PMG that we'll try for a week or two. Allegedly this "supports the nervous system." I hate, hate, hate not knowing what it is, but it's plant-based and unlikely to hurt her. I feel better about it than what Dr. Roger Clemmon's was pushing, and It's not like I know exactly what Rimadyl is. I just have a lot of data about it.

The list is
Canine Immune Support/Immunoplex - "general immune support" [whatever. her immune system isn't the issue here]
Gotu Kola Complex - for "microcirculation" and connective tissue
Neurotrophin PMG - "support for the nervous system"
Cardio-Plus - "supports muscle tissue"

I think the order we'll try things are Neurotrophin, Gotu Kola Complex, and Cardio-Plus. I think 1-2 weeks would be a good first test. Can't decide whether to just gradually stack them on each other or do them individually.

Took Yoshi on a walk at EBMUD. It was a bit warm for him, but we made is 2.2 miles. I should have let him cool down in the shade at the park first. Instead I wound up pulling into a service station and bought a large water for him. He didn't want to drink it, so I put it on his paws and worked it into his head. He didn't like me trying to put the bottle beside him, but it all got his panting under control. The only dog we saw was at the park at the beginning, but other than that the main issues was cows. Yoshi barked at them once but fortunately that was it.

Fri Apr 1
Took Trek on a longish walk at Bay Farm starting at Shoreline park (Sea View and Brunswick) and I got her all the way down to the next little park. I nearly had to carry her back but we stopped to rest every so often and she needed a lot of encouragement at the end. But she is capable of getting some real exercise without a cart. She starts out great then gets tired but we pause and go further pause and go even further, etc. We went nearly 0.87 mile which is further that a regular walk (0.77 mile), and even slightly over an extended walk (0.82). Yeehaw. She may be tired tomorrow and has a treadmill session. It's nice to know she can still get some real exercise and I see that I don't have to get her all the way to the second park. She does better on grass where she doesn't have to stop and start and her leg drag doesn't hurt her.

I worry that the time it takes to get her to grass where she can walk) she doesn't like to walk on concrete anymore) will take away from Yoshi's walks, but Terri assures me that he's very happy to check out his usual smells on the normal walks. I keep wanting to talk him further, but he doesn't seems to be that interested in going further though yesterday we went past the house and came back. I'll try an extended walk and see how he does. He did great on it. No speed issue at all, just happy to go along even did some out and back recalls with the flexi. Nice to see.

Thu Mar 31
Walk with Trek in Washington Park. She still does very well without the cart. We went all the way from Crab Cove to the tennis courts, and came back in the cart. Then I took her out of it and let her walk around some more and she still moved fine. I think I'm going to take her for more grass only walks and just let her rest every so often. I can carry the pack or the cart as backup.

Yoshi walk at Krusi Park. A dog was approaching right as I got him out. I told him he was being silly, but he didn't really hear me though would break away while grousing - I had physically turned him. The rest of the time was us roaming around the park keeping a distance from the 3-4 other dogs in the park. He didn't seem to mind one dog playing fetch at full speed because they were not close to us.

Wed Mar 30

Trek is so much stronger in the morning. She can go down and up stairs and poop/pee without anyone holding her. She's better about thinking about how to better manage her disability too. She doesn't always charge into something like trying to go up stairs but is learning she can make better progress by going slowly. I watched her do this up close while I was sitting on the steps. I'm realizing it's better to let her work through the difficulties rather than jumping in immediately.

Took Yoshi on what I hoped to be a longer walk but it turned into an average was plus a little distance. He moved very slowly to start out with only speeding up after 3 blocks on Central. If it was Trek I would think it's her faster on the return to home thing but that's not as typical of him. It may be environmental or the wind. When we got back to the house I kept going to see if his speed continued. It didn't. He slowed way down again. It could be that he needs to check out every smell on every bush and tree and there are a lot of choices and fewer on Central.

Behavior-wise we had one good and not so good moments with the same type of dog. The good one was a small white dog who was just standing still. The other time the dog was in motion across the street and the dog appeared suddenly. Yoshi started barking and tried to charge the dog and the flexi didn't engage for half of a second meaning he nearly got to the corner. When it did that, I grabbed the cord too to make it stop. (an annoying thing about flexis). After I stopped him his brain engaged and he can right back to me. I was a little irked that the situation had taken me by surprise, but I waited a moment to make sure he was really focused on me. Then I started interacting with him.

Trek yard cart walk. I've figured out that she can get great cart mileage while just walking the length of the property back and forth. I put Yoshi in the house and open up all the yard gates so we do a loop around the backyard then down the side yard and do a loop around the front yard with a little down the sidewalk though the concrete is harder on her feet.. We do out and back twice which is a good work out for her.

Tue Mar 29
Walk through the Fernside with Yoshi. Of course right at the pinch point along a short section of busy street a Newfie shows up and then follows us down the side street we had retreated back on, but we crossed the street and everything was ok. No drama fortunately. I don't think he really ever saw the dog. I'm taller than him and can see further.

I figured out that Trek just needs to walk around in the yard for good cart exercise.
So I put Yoshi away in the house and opened the side yard gates, and then I got good treats out and asked her to walk down into the side yard. At first is was "Woe is me, I can't move." but then she decided the treat was worth the effort and started moving to me. I would have to call her every ten feet or so but she's getting it.

I'm considering covering the side of my driveway with either indoor/outdoor carpeting or yoga mats. That way we can do entire loops around the house, instead of just out and back.

Mon Mar 28
Going to try Trek on an ordinary walk in her cart. Had to nag or beg her every 10 feet, but she's getting it. I adjusted the saddle higher which will help with her foot placement now that she knows she can walk in it. Went down to Court and just around the corner before turning around.

Yoshi walk. Another local walk. I'm learning that a short guttural growl is just him talking/muttering or grousing slightly. He saw a dog, made that sound as he was turning back to me. It may be excitement, but he's doing the right thing so it's fine. Saw a pair of dogs with much the same reaction.

Sun Mar 27
I'm going to take Trek to Washington Park. Let her walk as far as she wants then use the cart to return in (I carry the cart). It worked pretty well. We nearly got to the duck pond and then I put her in the cart. At first she would only move for a treat. It was Easter Sunday and the park was busy and she doesn't like chaos. Then I put her on leash and funny enough, she started walking right along with me though would get tired and stop every so often. But! When she got near Her Car she started to run(ish). To get to the car we have to go down a curb and cross into the parking lot. No only was the down curb not a problem, there was an island in between us and the car and I was going to go around, but she climbed right over the curb. I was pretty surprised.

I keep thinking that I could take her to the grassy area of Pt. Isabel, but dogs are not very tolerant of differences, though people are pretty good about watching their dogs and I would be right there and Trek would be very popular with the people.

Relaxing uneventful neighborhood walk with Yoshi.

Sat Mar 26
Trek cart walk at Sea View Park in Harbor Bay (Sea View Parkway at Brunswick). She's getting it, but she pauses a lot and she throws herself into making the cart move which tires her out very quickly. Went through a lot of treats. I did take more video.
Yoshi walk at Krusi Park. I love that park because it's so spacious especially when there's not a lot of softball or baseball going on. We walked down along the fence, which he loves I think because all the other dogs pee on it. Then we ran across it, then looped around the tennis courts and back across.

Fri Mar 25
Trek Treadmill. She did surprisingly well. She was struggling and Emily put a sling around her belly and she did better. I was going to stop doing the treadmill, but if she can still get exercise in the treadmill, it's worth doing.
Basic walk for Yoshi.

Thu Mar 24
Trek to Dr Troy this morning.
I'll bring both carts so they can have a look at them.
The main question for this morning is will the treadmill still help her?
Expected bad news, and some unexpected good news. Obviously she is worse mobility-wise, but the good thing is that she has much less pain and stiffness which means the Assisi loop is helping her [as well as Ziji]. Dr. Troy says to ask the people about battery replacement. They may be ivvivihealth. (Actually I think that's a different group. Assisi is at http://www.assisianimalhealth.com/)
Dr. Troy says the Eddie's Wheels and its still frame is good for dogs with no mobility in the rear, and this Dewey's is better for dogs with some rear mobility.
Terri does note that Trek saw Ziji 8 days ago which can be a factor in her increased flexibility, so I let them know that.
Dr. Troy did send me the Standard Process DM protocol and I sent it on to Park Center saying that I wanted to try it if it wasn't too cost prohibitive.
I need to lookup Dr. Steve Marsden about his DM research. Some research indicates it might have more to do with axons (the actual nerves) instead of mylin.
The new Dewey's Wheels cart saddle came in! I tried it out with Trek at Marina Village. It's going to work. https://youtu.be/zS4RzhuKb7k

Wed Mar 23

Took Yoshi on a walk out to a new housing area on Bette St. near 5th that has a really wide bike path. He loved the smells and the fact that it was mostly deserted.

Gave Trek the day off waiting for her new cart saddle.

Tue Mar 22
I had come up with a walker idea for Trek putting a belly band on a wheelchair, but it put too much pressure on her back. Any support has to span the vertical supports and that's too far back to be a good belly support. She would need 4 wheels which is a little silly for a dog that can still run. I think she gets to get used to the new saddle in the Dewey's Wheels. Hopefully that will be here Wed or Thur.

Trek walk. We went all the way from Crab Cove to the duck pond and they she ran back. I do have to nag her to move sometimes, but never had to carry her.

Yoshi walk. Some dog various sightings. I'm trying to figure out what threatens him the most. He was surprisingly ok with a German Shepherd being walked by a bike rider but the dog was not moving very fast. He did not like the bully breed across Court the that's a smaller street and he most definitely didn't like a neighbor dog walking by on the other side of the street while I talked with my next door neighbor. For the last one I wound up picking him up and facing him away as he kept working himself up. I do wonder if I had given him something to lick if that would have given him something else to focus on. I carry treats but I don't carry anything to click like a "lickey stick."
Mon Mar 21
Break in the rain and coaxed Trek down the street about 3 houses in the cart before she asked to go back. She wants to run in it and is kind of sort of successful at it. During walks I will have to remember to take her out of it every so often to pee as she's not used to peeing/pooping in a cart. Hopefully, I'll remember at the beginning.

Sun Mar 20
Improvised attaching the old saddle with some of Terri's old-school camping straps that she had in her camping box - it will work for the short term.

Where to take Trek for her wheel chair test? I want to get her to Point Isabel but not for this time. Some place where she can stretch out and try to run. Probably Washington Park. Actually it's rainy today so we just worked in the backyard: https://youtu.be/1WnEQwDUkgA

Sat Mar 19

I finally made it to Cataract Falls. Which was just lovely. Dogs got to see Jan D. at noontime, so they got a lot of attention.

Fri Mar 18

I wrote Dewey's wheels about ordering a saddle for the wheelchair that Bobbie loaned us.
These photos on his website helped me figure it out. The extra black strap in front goes around the chest. Red padding goes on top and on the front of the chest.

He wants the circumference of one thigh. I chose the bigger left one: 8.5".
Saddle is $30 plus $5 shipping. Didn't hear back again, so I'll call him Monday to give him a credit card. His name is Dewey Springer: dewey at wheelchairsfordogs.com.

Walked Yoshi around Washington Park this time on the upper level. The baseball diamond was open so for the first time we did a circuit of that. On the way up barked at a Husky and I told him he was being a silly boy while I dragged him further away. Then later we did a trip around the dog park and he did great eating treats while a small to medium-sized dark colored Tibetan terrier went by and then decided to bark mid treat at a small white fluffy dog. I made the point of putting the treats away, but that never seems to have any effect.

Thu Mar 17
So Trek and I went to Krusi park. She was instantly stress panting because there was an aluminum bat hitting something with that clang sound that she hates. I made her walk into the center and then let her go back to the car. Then we went over to Bay Farm to the park at Sea View Parkway and Brunswick/Aughinbaugh where no baseball bats exist and we had a very peaceful walk all the way down and back. I had to semi-drag her to the very end, then she was able to make it back to the car ok.

Wed Mar 16
Trek saw Ziji at Sharon's. In addition to use usual work on Trek, Ziji worked with her using some tuning forks which she tells me can loosen up tight muscles.

Tue Mar 15
Yoshi walk at Bay Farm. This time I went from the bridge side of the path. It's narrower and he has more issues here but I just deal with him being barky. If there's nowhere to go I just pick him up and face him out to the water or just cover his eyes. We went all the way down to the first park so it was a nice walk.

Trek at first didn't want to go on a walk at all, but once I got her out there on the sidewalk she was fine. This time I put her in her Ruffwear Web Master harness and when she needed support I pulled up on it. With that she did great! (I wrapped her right rear foot.) We went all the way to Central and she wanted to continue, but I turned us around. What's cool about this is that she is getting a cart that has a Web Master harness worked into it, so it could be a big win once we get it adjusted for her. It's still in the mail, but I hope it comes soon. We've been giving her Assisi loop pulse treatments twice a day, and I can't tell if it's making much difference, but maybe it is.

Mon Mar 14
Nice day today. Partially cloudy.
Trek and I need to go over to Washington Park to work with her backpack.
She did great in it. We walked/ran over to near the duck pond and then she got tired. Fortunately there was a picnic table there so I finished setting it up and adjusting it. I was concerned about hooking the adjusters directly to her collar, but it was really easy attaching them to her new harness. She only looked concerned briefly, but didn't freak out at all when I put her on my back. I had already put her up on the table top which is the same height. Walked over to the dog park to get another person's opinion who was impressed and said that she was just chillin' fine.

Walk for Yoshi. No dogs, no drama. Though after we got back he was a barking fool in the front window.

Sun Mar 13

Rained until 2pm and I walked Yoshi which went find until a very slow moving overweight-lab-like dog just stared at him while his owner shatted away. I would let Y bark and then call him back he can learn to ignore this staring at there is not threat.

Started to rain again, but I got Trek over to Krusi park and we ran the width and back which was good exercise for us both.

Sat Mar 12

Took Yoshi on a basic walk. Grumpy at our mail carrier, and barked like a fool at a large German Shepherd that appeared sort of suddenly, and I just pulled him far enough away so he regained his composure (no treats, no time to set up properly). Then after that he did great letting a large overweight Lab walk by. (We had retreated a house width down a side street.)

Trek to Krusi Park. They mow the grass close (easy for Trek to move around on it) and with the threatening rain there was only us and another dog person - it was nice I could take her off-leash which is always much more helpful with her running with her erratic gait.. We ran (both of us) all the way across, cut diagonal to the next fence, and then went all the way across the park, and then diagonal back to the car. It's a largish 4 baseball diamond park so it's good exercise for her.
I can't wait for her modified cart to appear so we can find out if it helps her.

Fri Mar 11
I was too busy with appts to do anything useful with the dogs.

Tue Mar 8 - Thu Mar 10
I was in Seattle Terri had dog duty.

Mon Mar 7
Walk for Yoshi. Small neighbor dog passing by on the other side of HIS street. He would bark. I would pull on the leash enough to get his attention. I would ask him to sit. He did so I rewarded that. Then we repeated the whole sequence. When he yet barked again I told him to knock it off and he actually did but the dog was nearly past. Later on, There was a Shar Pei starting at us from across the street (not barking.) Yoshi took two steps towards the dog and then right as I was about to call him back, he Turned Around and walked back to me. Good boy! Many treats.

Trek walk, this time just on a basic leash. Got her to go as far and Johnson (it's dinner time) then we turned around. After dinner I put her in her cart and let her try walking very slowly on the concrete. She so wants to go fast and her way of going fast doesn't work in the cart. She's in the awkward in between stage. I need to find her something I can use as a walker. She wants to RUN.

Sun Mar 6
Supposed to rain some today and really rain tonight. It didn't rain during the day much at all.
Walk for Yoshi. One brief barking dog sighting (Yoshi doing the barking), but that was it.Trek to Washington Park to work some on the cart. She was in good spirits, so actually got some exercise before and after the cart session. She is improving on the cart, but is still fighting it too much and wanting to do her bounce step in it which doesn't work well.

Sat Mar

Played beat the rain on a Yoshi walk. We started to get wet half way through. Ah well, we're all dried off now, and he's had a walk today.
Submitted a VPI claim for Trek for the PT consult and Assisi loop on Feb 29th. It's nice that I can download a pre-filled in form, finish the details in Acrobat Reader, print it, sign it, scan it and then mail it and the already scanned receipt to submitmyclaim@petinsurance.com. This means they can send denials faster.
Walked Trek. It wasn't supposed to be raining but it pissed on us the whole time. I got her to go as far as Santa Clara this time with treats and a wrapped right foot.

Fri Mar 4

No PT for Trek today. We're just using the Assisi loop for 3 weeks. Feels weird not to be going.
Walk for Yoshi. I found the other kids Birkenstock on a trashcan, so we went and found the other one that I saw a couple of days ago, and reunited them and took a photo. It had just rained and all the smells were up and he was thrilled.
Trek walk. I wrapped her right foot and we just went down the sidewalk. She charged right along for half a block and a little past that, and then got tired, but I got her to finish out the other block and then we returned. She copes with the ataxia by running, but it's pretty tiring for her.

Thu Mar 3
Basic walk for Yoshi. Said hi to Alan of Ray and Alan, also greeted crossing guard Tara.
Took Trek to Lincoln Park to try the cart out. We're going to need a lot of practice. She's not very thrilled with this thing following her around, but it will earn her lots of treats she'll figure out. I'm wondering if I can get her to use it well enough to compete at Wendy's next ADPT/WCR Rally competition at the end of April.

Tue Mar 1
Yoshi and I went to Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland for a lovely walk. It's huge with wide open spaces and easy parking.
Trek and I went to Krusi park. Less busy that the last time so we had a nice time.  I took her off-leash. We walked (she ran) across, then diagonal to another side of the park, then across again. She then asked to head back to the car.

Mon Feb 29

Trek to Dr. Troy for a re-eval. The question is is the treadmill still helping as she now looks worse in the treadmill than on dry land. Dr. Troy tells me that DM dogs often do better in the take than on dry land so this is curious. We're going to give Trek 3 weeks off from the treadmill and instead try an Assisi loop 15 min twice a day which is a pulse therapy intended to reduce inflammation and see if that helps. Trek has around a 3 or 4 indication of pain in her quads and psoas. (when the muscle is palpated, she stops panting, the tense muscle quivers, and she looks at me.) Trek has another appt with Dr. Troy in 3 weeks on Thur at 9:30am. Terri will likely have to bring her, as I won't have any paid vacation time for a while. I hope this anti-inflammatory treatment helps her.

Dr. Troy refers to Trek's DM as little d and little m. Big D and Big M dogs usually only live three months or so. She clearly has something wrong neurologically, but it's progressing very slowly. She can feel in both back legs and one leg has nearly normal reaction time. I can think of other Corgis where this happened, so she's not unique, but I and grateful for it.

When we got home Trek went running across the yard. I had her repeat it so I could video it as a reference.

Took Yoshi to Washington Park. We went all over the bluffs and played dodge the dogs for a while but then we set out on a further walk but it was warm and he was lagging so we walked back along the mostly empty dog park and went home.

Tried to take Trek to Krusi Park but it was before 5pm and practices were in full swing with lots of bats hitting balls which Trek hates, but we did a full circuit and then tried to go to Lincoln park which also had bats hitting balls. We ran the width of the park three times and then went home.

Bill and Diane gave us this really nice grooming table. Yoshi was less than thrilled but tolerated it quite nicely. Trek too. There is now a large pile of dog fur in the yard and I'm thrilled to think it's not going to be in my house.

Sun Feb 28
Walked Yoshi at Krusi park where he got a lot of petting from 3 preteen girls. We walked all the way around the park. It was quite active, but only one dog so no challenges. He had a nice time.

Later I took Trek to Lincoln Park, but it was too busy, so I took her to Krusi also. I say one of the girls who had said hi to Yoshi. The park was nice and calm by then with one dog playing. We walked to the end and back, then walked over to the dog and person (Karen and CollieX Derby or Darby). As we talked Trek started getting interesting in Derby running around chasing her toy and Trek would chase after her a little from time to time. It was pretty special to watch. Other dogs appeared but Trek was only interested in Derby. I think I'm going to regularly bring her over there to get more exercise than she would by herself. It was after 5pm.

Thu Feb 25
Trek walk to Krusi Park. It's an athletic field and closely mown which is excellent footing for her. Some bouncing balls to avoid. But her walking was good. We did one circuit around the tennis courts and back. No walk for Yoshi because I was finishing up a document for a work application.

Tue Feb 23
Long nice walk for Yoshi through the Fernside different way this time. Down Versailles to Fernside and this time didn't get run over by the running Brittany, but nearly got pinned by an approaching Labradoodle while we waited for them to run on by. But it worked out without too much drama.

Trek walk. This time I wrapped her foot in four wraps of self-sticking Ace Bandage. It worked! It didn't move. It didn't come off. It protects her foot when she drags it. AND it gave her more support than any bootie would. She still prefers the grass to the concrete these days which is a bit of a hassle.

Mon Feb 22
Struggling with Trek and something to protect her feet. I like the socks, but she doesn't, I tried to tape on one of her booties, but it still slipped down. I also have some self sticking wrap that can probably work too. Took it off and got her to Santa Clara and back.

Regular walk with Yoshi. The off-leash Lab appeared right as we were walking out and I asked him to leash him dog since my was reactive. He held the dog by the collar to get past us. I let Yoshi yell obscenities at the dog who admittedly was very well behaved.

Sun Feb 21
I went on a hike in Redwood, but I got back in time to do a simple walk with Yoshi. I was watching a distance neighbor pull up and didn't notice the across the street neighbor there standing with her dog. Yoshi barked but seemed fine with just moving on. We later successfully let some calm dogs walk past across the street without incident.

Sat Feb 20
Ordered Trek's Doxycycline refill.
Terri had a Ukelele gathering at our house so we segregated the dogs. Yoshi was, of course, put out with all the people in HIS house.
Very nice walk on Bay Farm for Yoshi.
I put a sock bootie on her right rear leg and it was ok for about 3 houses then it was like: "I can't go on like this." I eventually pulled it off, but I'm going to have to tape, booty, or vet wrap that foot to protect it or just only walk on grass which is a hassle. I have a lot of booties. We walked to Santa Clara and back.

Fri Feb 19
PT Treadmill for Trek. It's getting harder to watch so I'm going to stop videoing the sessions as there are no subtlies to keep track of anymore. Emily reminds me that she will always look worse in the water than on land which is small comfort, but a little.

Thu Feb 18
Yoshi and I went for a nice walk on the base on the estuary side. The tide was low so we were able to walk on the little beach area that had formed which made it a unique experience.
Trek and I went to Lincoln Park to give her some time on grass without concrete. Her way of coping with grass that is not super closely mowed is to run, so after one walking up and down, we did three running up and downs (the width of the park) which tired both of us out.

Wed Feb 17
Regular slightly extended walk for Yoshi which was uneventful till I was talking with my neighbor who drove up with her dog. Yoshi groused at one passing dog then he really got up set when she got her dog out. I finally just carried him away since the other dog is a puppy and doesn't need to deal with Mr. Grouch.
Yoshi is going slower on walks I'm noticing at least at the beginning. Then he seems to warm up and move along ok.

I took Trek out on the sidewalk and she really wasn't that interested in walking on the concrete, but kept walking on the grass. Within a few houses I turned us around and went home and then took her out to Washington Park where we had a really nice walk and watched the kiteboarders trying to catch some fun before the storm moved in. She walks best on the short grass or dirt without a lot of rocks or packed sand.

Mon Feb 15
Busy day for me. Just an out and back dusk walk for Yoshi.

Sun Feb 14
Regular walks for Yoshi. Trek now just wants to do out and backs.

Sat Feb 13
Took Yoshi to Bay Farm. This time we went over to a smaller park called tillman Park. I was hoping we could also walk thought adjacent school but it was blocked off though we still cut through for some of it. Most fun was meeting Lee and her two Pems Goldie (red and white) and Kevin (tri colored fluffy). Yoshi, of course, said some unkindly bad words at them but after a tempter tantrum (I was holding him) he settled down and I put him on the ground a distance away from them. Then he proceeded to bark at all the passing dogs. After we parted company we steered around a few other dogs and then headed back.

Just an out and back walk for Trek.

Thu Feb 11
Washington Park where he saw a pet pig named Winston from a distance. I don't think he knew what he was looking at, but he was well behaved enough. Nice walk in the park and beach bluff. No dog encounters at the fence this time though we walked along it some. I did reward him for being able to watch a dog run. It was tough for him but he got through it.

Tue Feb 9
Regular walk for Yoshi. Experimenting with his good response to harness pressure. It's mixed. He'll immediately refocus on my then immediately look back at what is upsetting him. In his case it was a German Shepherd trotting by with a bicycle. He did refocus well with two small dogs but they were clearly going in the other direction. We did see those dogs again and he wanted to charge after them and I spent a fair bit of time working on recalls.

Trek short out and back walk at dusk.

Mon Feb 8
Lincoln Park for Yoshi, then back down Garfield. Nearly walked him into a Labrador but he recovered fine. Then successfully let some other dogs walk by him without any issue. Right at the end of Garfield I pulled him back with his harness and he seemed to refocus on me very nicely with the side pressure of the harness. Had to wait a bit for dog and car traffic to clear so we could get back across the street, but it worked out fine.

Sun Feb 7
Yoshi and I out at the ferry building and the ferry dog park, only one dog there. I shot some video seeing if I can hold the flexi, and camera and give rewards. Not that successful of results. Complete barking meltdown when the one dog in the park came running up. Though he did recover and I could then watch a huge container ship get turned around in the estuary which is a huge production.

Trek walk at Lincoln Park. did some rally work. She, of course, gets tired easily, but she seemed to like the work and definitely the treats.

We had Bill over for our usual Sunday gathering. Yoshi (in a crate) lost his mind barking at the "intruder" but when I had Bill just start feeding him from the top of the crate, he started to settle down. After we had all sat down, I let Yoshi out and he did really well. Even soliciting attention from Bill and didn't freak when Bill stood up and moved which is what usually happens when someone he doesn't know moves in *his* house.

Fri Feb 5
Trek to PT in Walnut Creek. Struggling more but she's still getting through 11 minutes.
Terri took Yoshi on a walk.

Wed Feb 3
Yoshi slightly longer basic walk. We nearly got run over by a running Britany and her person. We retreated to a lawn and I just hung on to him while he barked his justified objections. He recovered quickly.

Trek and I went to Krusi Park since she seems to like being on grass. We did one circuit walking mostly on the grass with some groomed baseball diamond dirt and a little concrete. She isn't too fond of aluminum softball bats, but she coped ok.

Tue Feb 2
Trek and I went to Bay Farm and made a walking video.
Yoshi had a regular walk.

Mon Feb 1
Yoshi and I walked through the Fernside.

Sun Jan 31
Walked Yoshi through the Fernside. Fine except I had to help him through when a starting dog across the street slooooowly walked by. I would feed him and them tell him to leave it and feel him again. I was right down there with him.

Trek walk. Her foot drag is worsening and I need to find the thin booty that I have. I think that will work and not get in her way. I have to be careful of street crossings and rough asphalt.

Sat Jan 30

Basic walk with Yoshi. Watched a fluffy white dog go by across the street with no issue though I was feeding him.
Trek was running around the back yard like a fool squeaking away and having a grand time. She even took it back in the house. I was so amused I made a video.
Tried walking Trek with a boot on her right foot. It definitely gets in her way. I took it off and sheís carrying the foot ok. I think the scrap was from going upstairs, so I should carry her up for a little while. I have several different boots I can try on her.

Fri Jan 29
Trek treadmill session. She having more trouble walking in a straight line in the treadmill tank now, even after doing so well on the concrete. Much more ataxic in the water. Apparently a dog with neurologic symptoms worsens in the water (where an orthopedic injury improves in the water). This is a shame as she had been doing so well on the treadmill but unlike swimming I think it's a good reason to keep her doing it. She did treadmill sessions for a year and it only helped her.

She does have an scrape abrasion on her right rear (her worse foot). We're supposed to treat it with neosporin and have her wear a booty on walks.

Thu Jan 28
I went to Abagail's Moroccan cafe and then Yoshi and I went on a long walk in Washington Park. We ventured out onto the beach bluffs and then cycled back by the dog park. No issues at all, even beside the dog park.
Trek walk. She's folding her right rear over and she'll probably have to wear a boot if I'm going to keep walking her on concrete where she walks the best, but she did a regular length walk.

Wed Jan 27
Basic walks for both dogs. Yoshi did fine until an approaching dog came too close to fast approaching him and I wasn't fast enough to get out of the way. It was classic. Bark Bark Growl "Get away" stuff. I picked him up and carried him away. His heart was pounding. He genuinely felt threatened.

Trek's walk was more sedate, but she did the whole distance. Her left rear leg (the one that works better) is noticeably larger than the right one that doesn't track as well.

Tue Jan 25
Yoshi and I walked along the shoreline at the base of High St. It's Alameda's only dirt path save for Harbor Bay or Washington Park, but this path is less developed and feels like a secret in a way. We then continued along Shoreline Drive. You can actually get a fair ways off the asphalt path and there's an informal path that's great right now and a disaster when the foxtails are out. There were a couple of dogs on the paved path and Yoshi did great ignoring them and eating treats while they walked by. If a dog had show up on the path near High St, I would have just had to have picked him up but didn't need to.

Dusk walk for Trek. We just looped from Court over to Fountain and back.

Mon Jan 24
Trek to walk alongside the USS Hornet. They have a lot of smooth concrete there. I filmed it for a status video. Trek moves the easiest on concrete. Emily thinks it's good exercise for her. Obviously Trek needs to work on grass too, but it's nice just to let her move along fairly quickly on concrete.

Sat Jan 23
Washington Park for Yoshi. We were going to go to Crab Cove, but just as I was able to get out, a dog pulling his owner around by a harness appeared, and I decided that it wasn't worth the stress, so I went over to the other entrance ,and we watched kite boarders and then walked along the dog park gate. It was windy and he was pretty reactive. He would want to chase a dog, ignoring the "Come" until stopped by the flexi, then he would get a hold of himself and come back. I didn't reward that, but did reward better attention. Kind of middling. We'll have to try it without the blowing wind.

Trek walk. She's still doing ok at speed but she relies on momentum a lot. I want to keep her on her feet as long as I can.

We had friends over for dinner (one man, one woman) and this time Yoshi was fine. He usually worries about strangers in his house, but this time he followed them around but didn't bark and growl at them every time they moved.

Fri Jan 22
Water treadmill for Trek. She's struggling some. After video review she's hyper-extending her left foot more. We're concerned that it's from the pulling up in the water from swimming so I'm taking her out of swimming but keeping the treadmill. I'm bummed about this.

Thu Jan 21
Trek and I went to Lincoln Park which is close by and actually the 3rd largest park around (after Washington and Krusi). We did a fair bit of rally work which she loved doing even through it's hard for her now. She can't back up at all and to stand I have to help some. Then we did a couple of circuits around the fields.

Long walk (nearly 2 miles) for Yoshi that I kept extending until it was clear he wanted to go home. I have to remember that he's 12.5 now and has some arthritis in his elbows, so I can get him tired - never used to happen. Though his is still barking like a fool in the living room window now, though the second I went into there with treats he refocused. Not much dog drama. One harmless barking U-turn, and some hiding behind car and a hedge, and a couple of going down a side-street waiting for the other dog-person to choose a direction.

Wed Jan 20
Took Yoshi on a fabulous walk at Harbor Bay from the unnamed park at Seaview and Aughinbaugh to the bridge and back. Steered around some dogs mostly successful, some not but recoverable. In other words it didnít break him for the rest of the walk. He recovers quite well these days.

Trek went for a walk at night by headlamp and streetlight. I donít like doing it because itís easy to trip over bits of the sidewalk but we did fine.

Tue Jan 19
Walk for both dogs. Regular one for Yoshi. Shorter one for Trek. I usually donít walk her on swim days, but she has a lot of energy and didnít swim much during the session.
Her swim was just ok. Her head is too low in the water and I don't seem to be able to easily fix it. She did ok When Joy help her to hold her head up. I think I can refit her vest on so that her hips are lower in the water which may cantilever her head up. I wrote EllenD and Joy asking for thoughts on it. I watched video of a different corgi swimming and he can hold his head up. It's possible that Trek isn't strong enough to hold her head up, but that corgi's vest stops at his chest which might be a factor.

Mon Jan 18
Trek and I went out to the aircraft carrier the Hornet to walk beside it because it's a large, mostly smooth area of concrete and I wanted to view the Harbor Seals that hang out near there.
Regular walk for Yoshi where he got to greet a couple of shy children and he got to practice his recall with a dog across the street. He's grouse a little about the dog, but still come back  to me fine which is ok.

Sun Jan 17
It's pouring buckets and buckets and I had to drag Yoshi out on a leash and I used an umbrella over our heads which he doesn't like but he had no choice because of the leash. He was miserable because he was in 3" of water. I tried to explain to him the rest of him was dry but he didn't seem to hear me. Trek, of course, was fine as she loves puddles.

I missed our swim session, so rescheduled it for Tue.

Fri Jan 15
Treadmill for Trek. She is getting less stable, but hanging in there.

Thu Jan 14
Squeezing in dog walks between rainstorms. We escaped dry and when I'm wearing my red rain jacket traffic stops for us. No dogs, no issues.

Mon Jan 11
Early morning walk with Yoshi which was uneventful save to the dog standing two houses down. We just stood there and waited for dogster to move one. (Bark, Bark. Bark)
Trek walk. We went to Wind River and walked the path by the waterís edge around the buildings and back to the car. she split her time between the grass and the path. Sheís ok on the smoother asphalt, just not the rougher type.

Sun Jan 10

Basic walks for both dogs.

Yoshi and I had two different dog sets coming at us from both 90 degree directions. We finally just crossed the street diagonally. He enjoyed barking like a fool at the Boston Terrier, but then got a hold of himself to sit a focus and earn some rewards. We then did a lot of recall work with the harness and flexi which he did very well with even with other dogs being around, but not close. He then charged up to within 2 feet of a neighborís cat which should have earned him a swat on the nose or at least a hiss, but the cat didnít even bother to respond at all. The owner Melanie assures me the cat is not ill, but very brave.

Gave the dogs greenies. I need to do that more often. Yoshi also needs his nails done.

Sat Jan 9

Took Yoshi to Harbor Bay for a nice, long walk along the shore line. It was cloudy and a little cold. No dogs and very few people. I was distracted noticing the landing traffic at Oakland airport was reversed and Yoshi rolled his neck into something appalling which earned him a partial bath.
Trek had a regular walk. Her walking hasn't gotten too much worse yet for a while though she is asking for more help going up and down stairs.

Fri Jan 8

Regular walk for Yoshi in the early morning. We wound up parallel walking with a dog that was similar to a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Trek and I went to Washington Park and walked along the beach bluffs. The sand was wet and nicely packed which made for easier walking for her.

 Thu Jan 7
Yoshi and I took a very nice walk in Leona Canyon Open Space Preserve, once I finally found the gate. Another dog walker clued me in that it is part of a house's driveway (there is an East Bay Parks sign on it.) It was lovely. Definitely a hidden gem. Might be more difficult on the weekend since it's an off-leash area.

Trek had a nice basic walk. Her walking has not gotten any worse. It's possible I'm just used to seeing her wobble around, but the PT, swimming, and walks may be making a difference. The swimming does adversely affect her front foot, so I canceled this Sunday's swim but kept the week after. It may just have to be an every other week sort of thing.

Wed Jan 6
Things weren't looking good for walks because of the rain, but it relented and both dogs got basic walks. Trek's was a reverse, so she could greet the crossing quards without a large passel of children storming by and the requist whistles.

Tue Jan 5
Yoshi the rain-wuss refused to go out this morning so I dragged him out after a bit and it had stopped raining, so we did a basic walk. Had to steer around two sets of dogs coming at us at the same time which was a little tricky, but by waiting just long enough it worked out. This was just before 8am. when I take him out just before dawn there will be fewer dogs. The harder part was the trash truck right by my house. We snuck by them while they were paused but it's still kind of scary for doggies when the truck starts moving again.

Once I start working again I may or may not have enough time in the morning to walk Yoshi as I need to leave by around 7:15am. So we may need to have a dog walker do it during the Winter. Trek I can walk in the early evening. I don't like walks at night as I miss too much, but she'll be ok under the bright streetlights.

Trek and I went to Washington Park and walked along the bluffs later in the afternoon during a break.

Mon Jan 4
Walked Yoshi through the park. Steered around 2 sets of off leash dogs, one I picked him up, but none of the dogs approached. Did some more recall exercises.

Trek walk. We got lightly rained on but she doesnít care. Itís the middle of the day so we went out and back to avoid the crossing guard whistles.

Sun Jan 3
Yoshi walk. Working on the recall basics on the harness and flexi. He did great. Multiple times and even recalled when a dog was around.

Trek swim at Rex Center. This time I used the neck bouyant Sea Dogg collar along with the lifevest. It still doesn't keep her nose entirely out of the water. Next time I'm going to try a different neck collar they have there. We kept the session shorter, she seemed to do well.

So for fun we let her herd ducks for a very short while at Linda's. She seemed to like it but ran out of steam very quickly. I think we'll invert the herding and swimming time. I still have to decide whether to keep her swimming once a week or every two weeks. She's been doing it every couple of weeks for the last two times and she's not worse which is encouraging but I'm not sure if she's getting the full benefit of swimming either by only doing it every other week. It's tricky as we need her front leg to work well.

Sat Jan 2
Yoshi walk. Took him on a longer walk to make up for him having it off. In light of his worsening behavior when he sees dogs approaching him, we worked a lot on basic recalls while he was off a ways on the flexi (on a harness). He did this very well and it was getting boring until we nearly walked into a dog sitting on his step on his house. We crossed the street completely without incident. We crossed again for another approaching dog and we went back to working on him giving me attention after looking at the dog and getting a reward for it. He did great.

Fri Jan 1
Happy 2016. Dogs had the day off while we went to watch the salmon returning to spawn in Lagunitas Creek.

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