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By Ellen Clary (Copyright 2004-2018)
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Sat Jun 30
Yoshi walk. This time for both walks I carried the cart and when he got tired, I put him in the cart so he could get some real exercise. He had a walk at 7pm and 9:30pm. He actually ate the Hills K/D with a little Prairie Salmon with me just holding the bowl a little higher for him. I didn't have to hand feed him this time.

Fri Jun 29

Yoshi walk. I've started having him walk using the cart. He can poop in it and he gets more exercise though I worry if his gait isn't thrown off from it.

Yoshi's kidney values are elevated so we're trying to switch him to Hill's K/D dry and he won't eat it with out some Prairie Salmon mixed in and hand feeding it to him. He likes the canned K/D better, but it gives him terrible breath and nearly black stools.

Tue Jun 26

Yoshi had his teeth cleaned today. He has gingival hyperplasia, but fortunately didn't need any teeth extracted. Dr. Applegate is consulting with Katrina Hall-Essoe who is a canine dentist in Walnut Creek.

Facebook post

I'm so short-sighted sometimes. I've been putting off getting Yoshi's teeth cleaned for a few years because I don't like putting under anesthesia even though he's never had a problem with it. (One of his brothers passed away during a dental resulting in some significant adjustments in how Yoshi's drugs are handled.)

He just had his teeth cleaned today because he's been having trouble eating and I/we were worried about his teeth. The good news is that no teeth needed to be extracted. The bad news is he has gingival hyperplasia, which is where the tissue in the gums starts to grow and swell in reaction to gingivitis. Cleaning his teeth and antibiotics might not be enough. He might need gum surgery. Our vet is consulting with a nearby canine dentist.

I wrote Trupanion asking if a medically necessary dental cleaning was covered under his policy. Didn't hear back.

We also picked up some dry Hills K/D.

Evening walk at 9:30pm. Didn't want to walk. Then he did. No poop. He's back and panting a lot.

Mon Jun 25

We took Yoshi into therapy early so we could walk around on the Canal Trail so he would poop. He poops a lot on the K/D cans as he pooped even before we drove over.

I'm hoping to buy some dry K/D tomorrow when I pick him up from his dental.

Evening walk. Took a while to get him on his feet. I might want to check into getting a boy Ginger Lead for him.

Sun Jun 24

Yoshi walk at 6:30pm. We got part of the way to Fountain, but he turned around. He was pretty exhausted from yesterday. Terri has him mostly eating the K/D. His breath is terrible, so we need to get the dried kind which should come in a Tuesday.

9:45pm walk. Evelyn and I met up with Judy for a little bit. She was walking back from Christina's where she is taking care of her dog. (He spends the day with her but seems to prefer to sleep in his house.)

Sat Jun 23

Yoshi walk. I walked him over to Jill's house just to see if he could get there. He did and then kept going all the way to the end of that block and we then came all the way around the block and returned via Court. He's pretty exhausted and I had to prod him to wake up enough to eat later on.

Sun Jun 10

Yoshi walk. Got around the block slowly. No doggles this time. No dog drama either.

Took him back out at 1015pm. He lost a bootie, so we had to repeat the entire walk and he didn't seem to mind at all. I think the joint supplements in the Wellness Complete Health are making a difference.

I wrote this to his vets.

Hi Park Centre,

I was supposed to let you know how Yoshi did on his NuLo Trout food. He didn't like it and was always ravenous.

We've switched him to Wellness Complete Health Chicken which has a bunch of joint supplements and he seems to like it, and is acting a little more spry (which is why Canine Rehab is cc'ed). It's 14% fat which is lower that the Prairie Salmon (16% fat), but still a little high, so I'm trying to cut it with some Nature's Logic Sardine (8% fat).

It that doesn't work then we'll cut it with pumpkin. He is still 2 pounds overweight at 24 pounds.

Sat Jun 9
Yoshi walk. I put doggles on him to see if he would be less reactive. Not much difference and it's just with the "smoke" lenses. The blue mirrored one might be a little darker, but they don't fit him nearly as well as they did with Trek so I'm not sure.

Fri Jun 8

Yoshi walk at 4pm. We went slowly around the block. He's less steady and losing some muscle but Ziji says his hamstrings are in excellent shape.

Took a lot of effort to wake him up for the 10:30pm walk. Cheese helped.

At 10:30pm we went up and down the full block.

I have yet another food for him to try Wellness Chicken. This is also with the Nature Logic and a little bit left of the Prairie Salmon.

Wed Jun 6

Yoshi saw Ziji. His back end is getting weaker. She encouraged us to hold up one of his rear feet and then let it go to exercise his fast twitch response. She also showed us how to uncompress his spine by running our hands down his back in opposite directions.

Tue Jun 5

On our evening walk, Yoshi, Evelyn and I came across Jim (of Christina and Jim) working on Stephanie's car. Apparently her alarm is going off all by itself.

Mon Jun 4
Yoshi doesn't really like the Nulo dog food so we're going to switching him to good old Wellness Chicken and Oatmeal. The regular one at 12% fat. Their
senior one is only 10% fat and he'll gnaw off a leg out of hunger. The Prairie Salmon is 14% fat.

Sun Jun 3

Walked Yoshi around the block at 4pm. It was hot today so he moved slowly but we got all the way through it.

Later on at 10:30pm it was much cooler and he walked the full length of the block, but it took him a while to warm up.

Sat Jun 2

Yoshi evening walk. Took some effort to get him to wake up enough to walk but once he got out into the night air he was fine. Went down to Fountain and back.

Fri Jun 1

Yoshi walk. Went around the block. Allison and a friend said hello to him.

Evening walk. He went down to Court, turned around and went all the way down to Gibbons.

He seems to have more energy these days.

Wed May 30

Yoshi acupuncture with Jorge.

I had a hair appt with Veronica today. She and her twin sister America just had a 40th birthday surprise party in San Francisco, which is admirable that her husband pulled off.

Yoshi walk - all the way around the block with no cart though he did have a boot on his back left foot. That boot is wearing out, so I hope his new ones show up soon.

Sun May 27

Walked Yoshi down the block and back just before our dinner of fajitas and other goodies.

He's going back out again around 9:40pm.

We all went down to Fountain and back this time.

Sat May 26

Yoshi bath. He was smelling pretty rank. The trouble with bathing him is he stays wet for hours even with blow drying, so we have to wait for warmer weather. I actually blew him dry again hours later because he was still damp.

I'm on a campaign to not let him sleep much in the early evenings as he keeps me awake late at night with his pacing. So I keep him out of the bedroom them and let him doze near me where he doesn't sleep as deeply I hope. Of course he's passed out right beside me right now so i'm not sure I'm winning this game. I gave him some extra bits of cheese too hoping that would stay in his tummy longer.

Yoshi walk. At 6pm after a hilarious few moments of trying to put booties on him while he was in a cart we went down Lincoln to Fountain. I didn't think he would get all the way around the block which is why we didn't try it.

This is all ironic as at 10:30pm he was rarin' to go sans cart and with only a boot on his rear back foot. We got down to Court and back and he still wanted to go so we went all the way to Gibbons and then back to Evelyn's house and then back home. He was still bouncing. Maybe he doesn't need the cart so much but it seems to be heavily temperature dependent. The night air agrees with him.

I ordered more Ultra Paws. The boot with traction is listed as a "close out" so I'm glad I did it.


Order number: 12667  ($18.46)

Wed May 23
Crab Cove First Real Cart Walk
Took him out to Crab Cove for an actual walk in the cart to see if it would help him walk further. It worked better than I hoped for.
While we will keep him on his own feet for as long as possible it's good to see he can get more exercise this way.
We went over to the duck pond, walked over the bumpy wooden path/bridge and nearly ran back.
Bobbie suggested separating the leg rings to see if that helps or hinders his leg movement. I will try that later it's just a velcro strap.
He was so happy.
We started on the grass not in the cart just to let him walk some then we soon switched to the cart on grass, then the path (with booties on).
Later one we lost a bootie that I went back to get on my own (it wasn't far).
Glad this is an option for him.

Tue May 22
Yoshi didn't get Prozac this morning as he's going to get it in the evening, so see if it helps him sleep better. It's not a sedative, but it can help with anxiety some. He keeps moving around as I sit here working at my desk.

Yoshi first time in the cart to try to get more exercise. No problem. Zoom. Walked to Court and Johnson and back. I put some light weigh dog booties on both his rear feet.

10:30pm walk. Just us this time in a light drizzle. I had him walking this time with a good on his left foot (the one that always drags.)

Mon May 21
Yoshi had a re-eval with Dr. Erin Troy the rehab vet. He's stable and not getting any worse which is excellent news and the best we could hope for.

We are going to move his Prozac to the evening to see if it helps with his sleeping.
After his senior blood test, we are going to get a four week supply of Rimadyl to have on hand and try a two week course to see if if makes any difference in his movement.
The Adequan shots (which is officially a drug and not a supplement)  help with rebuilding his joint tissue that he's likely losing from elbow arthritis, but it is not a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID).

In general, he seems quite happy. Dr Troy says that Corgis never seem to give up on life. It's just their personality. It's nice that he's mellowed with age. Other dogs don't mellow as they get older, their behavior gets worse. Let's hear it for small favors.

I did make mention of him wanting to chase two Huskies down the street and after a couple of barks and two seconds of fake running/charging, he gave up on it as not worth the effort. His hearing is not that great, but that's expected. I've been trying to teach him handsignals and to recall to the sound of hands clapping. It works part of the time, but he doesn't always put together that I am asking him to do something. (Some cognitive issues.)

He is going to continue with weekly hydrotreadmill and cold laser sessions. Thankfully Trupanion is paying 90% of that now.

She did say something interesting. We are looking for a way for him to get more exercise because he's gaining weight because he can't walk as far. Apparently a cart where he can still have all four feet on the ground will help (as long as he wears boots on the feet that are dragging (important to avoid infection). His acupuncturist was concerned about him giving up on walking if he started to use a cart and she referred back to Corgis not being the type to give up and she's not that worried about it.

We also discovered quite by accident that if your dog wears a hole in a boot, it's a great diagnostic tool for figuring out exactly what part is dragging.
I could put sturdier boots on him, but he walks better with the less butch ones: the Ultrapaws that do not have the hard plastic covering.

7pm walk. Seeing other dogs gets him excited and he gets more exercise. Hmmm.

10:30pm A neighborhood cat keeps cornering us in the driveway. Not Zachary this time. Yoshi would not move off of the lawn while the cat was staring at him. I finally put him in the backyard to pee, but a few minutes later carried him out to the sidewalk to do our little mini walk. The cat followed us to the sidewalk but stayed out once we move down the walk some. My poor neighborhood. Bark Bark Bar.

Sun May 20
I was out walking Yoshi up and down the street during all this. Met Becky who lives on Lincoln more towards Broadway. She had a Corgi who lived to be 18. I told her I was impressed but she said that he wasn't in the best of shape.
Then we did our evening walk with Evelyn at 10:30pm
He's walking mostly ok though not perfect. He wears a boot on his left rear foot. He has a re-eval with Dr. Troy tomorrow, so I'm uploading a video from 2-26 for comparison.
I uploaded a video from Feb and there's little difference between now and then.

Sat May 19
4pm Yoshi walk. We went around the block on Johnson.  He sped up to bark after a couple of Huskies ahead of us which was entertaining, but it didn't last that long. It did shorten his walk time.

10:30pm evening walk. when I was getting us ready, I stepped on Yoshi's back foot and it didn't seem to bother him much which is a concern.
Evelyn and I paused for a moment to chat with a neighbor Tom who scared me when he emerged from the shadows. I was wearing a headlamp and he said he hoped we'd find the coal mine we were looking for. I usually see Shideh his wife instead, but I see him from time to time.

Fri May 18

Yoshi's sister Ashi has passed away. She was probably past her time. Now there is just Dylan and Yoshi left.

Yoshi is basically okish, but sleeping a bunch. I am concerned about him, but he's not a young man anymore. He is due for a senior blood test in June. We probably should go ahead and do that. When I get him out into the night air, he perks up, so it is partially a temperature thing. he was moving right along at 10pm.

His food claims he can have 1 1/2 cups of food a day which is an insane amount given that he was fine on 2/3 c of food a day of his higher fat food. He will probably be ok with 1 c a day, so tonight he's going to get a full third for his evening snack and then we'll try 1/2 c each meal for a little while. The only issue with the new food is it has more fiber, so he's going to be pooping more. Hope he makes it through the night.

Thu May 17

Yoshi Adequan shot this morning. His calming cap worked great in the vets office. Walked right by another dog.

We are switching Yoshi's food to Nulo Freestyle Senior which is trout and sweet potato with turkey and some chicken and a lot of pea flour. 12% fat as compared to Prairie Salmon's 16%.

Yoshi evening walk did ok. Using a boot on his back left foot.

Wed May 16

Yoshi acupuncture. We tried the calming cap to see if it would make him less nervous but I didn't see any change and took it off. He's generally ok just figity. The calming cap helps with his reactivity when he sees other dogs but probably isn't necessary in this case.

Mon May 14

Yoshi PT. Just me and Tech Jenn working with Yoshi. He actually did quite well.

I recorded it to show Dr. Troy who he's going to see next week. also made on on land one pacing around the therapy room.

Yoshi evening walk. After sleeping all afternoon and through a 3.6 earthquake, we went on a brisk walk up and down the block twice with Evelyn. the only trouble is I forgot his boot.

Just before that he was hanging his head over the side of the snuggler and started gacking and then threw up some. Then got up and peed (my fault as he hadn't been out in a while.) Yoga mat is outside after being hosed off.

Filed Yoshi PT claim. I need to record them in Shared expenses.

Thu May 10
Lori Drouin passed away this morning at 4:30am. Larry told me yesterday that she was mostly unresponsive, so I knew it wouldn't be long, but I'm still pretty torn up about it. She was my obedience trainer since Cali was a puppy. She has helped me teach every one of my dogs. I'm feeling at sea about this. I miss her.

Yoshi walk 5pm. We walked down to Fountain and back. He was moving a little slow, but ok.

Then at his 10:30pm short walk he was moving right along. He knows he gets a treat at the end of that one (it has his medication in it).

Wed May 9

Yoshi peed and pooped in the house because I wasn't paying attention to his pacing with intention. He kept me up part of the night with his pacing which is different, so I was deliberately ignoring him which wasn't a wise choice.

Yoshi walk. At 5pm we were on our way to Bay Farm Seaview park, but I decided to just try walking from Veterans court. The tide was really low so we were able to walk a little bit on the bit of sand that was briefly uncovered which gave him a nice chance to get some good smells in.

Evelyn has been sometimes joining us for our evening walk down the block which makes it much less of a chore at 10pm.

Wed May 2

Yoshi to Jorge for acupuncture. Terri gave him Pet Calm which may have taken the edge off his stress but he still nervously panted the entire 20 minutes with the needles inserted. It doesn't hurt him, but every so often one will zing and how do you explain that to a dog that it's ok and it's not going to get any worse?

Tue May 1

Yoshi Krusi Park. The park was very busy, so we didn't walk in the field area at all but walked past the kids play area and then walked all the way around the tennis courts. He's dragging his left rear foot and has a sort spot on one of his pads so he needs to either wear a boot or walk on grass. I carried him around the asphalt pathways. Walking across on the fields is preferable. For his evening walks, he'll have to wear a boot.

Mon Apr 30

Yoshi PT Appt today at 10:30am.

There is a drag sore on his rear left foot so he needs to wear a boot when on pavement. He can also wear a Pawz bootie.

Of course during his night short walk I completely forgot about the bootie so we only went part of the way and I carried him on the driveway.

Sun Apr 29

Walked Yoshi around the block on Johnson.

Sat Apr 28

We are dropping Yoshi off at Park Centre for the day and evening and racing off to catch a 11am SouthWest flight and then we'll drive to Jack Peterson's stopping at Whole Foods.

Thu Apr 25

Went over Yoshi's PT video of him walking in the hydrotherapy treadmill from Apr 23. He consistently holds his left foot up longer than the right one. They tell me this means that the left leg is weaker than the right and he can't hold the right foot up as long.

I bathed him today finally, and we need to remember to put his flea stuff on tomorrow.

Yoshi walk. We just went all the way down High St. and back. He seems to know where he is more if I just go in a straight line.

Sat Apr 21

Filmed Yoshi frapping in the yard which was a lot of fun and cool to see him moving freely unleashed.

Yoshi Krusi Park. Avoided one shepherd mix who was barking hungrily at a small dog. We went around to the other entrance and didn't go anywhere near the dog, so neither dog saw each other. Remarkably, right as i was taking him out of the car a very small dog walked behind us with their person and I managed to not let Yoshi see the dog until later.

The park itself was really nice. We walked in a loop behind the backstops and then out onto one of the baseball diamonds and then worked out way back to the car. His left rear foot drag is really obvious in the ballfield dirt. It was a relatively longish walk for him, but it didn't tire him out too badly.

Fri Apr 20
Yoshi walk at 8pm. I love that we're getting long days now. We went around the block. No dogs no drama. He's walking slow, but he's ok.

Wed Apr 18
Yoshi acupuncture. He doesn't like it, but if I just hold his collar he'll just sit or stand and even though he's panting the whole time, he doesn't shake his head. Jorge is happy with his condition not worsening. I think we're going back to giving him some Pet Calm as the chamomile in it takes the edge off. I didn't use it today as I wanted to see a comparison. I covered his eyes to get him past the next dog without issue. It's a little scary how well this works. It works in the Muller/Canine Rehab office too. It doesn't matter that he can smell the dog, not knowing where it is makes him not bark.

Yoshi walk. We went around the block and he's walking fine which is so cool to see. He does pause every so often but he's doing remarkably well. He hadn't pooped all day but did on his walk. Which means that he didn't need to during his 10:30pm walk. He kept wanting to turn around early to hurry up and get the rest of his dinner and treats (which are his medicine.) He sleeps better at night with something in his stomach so his dinner is divided into two parts.

Tue Apr 17
Yoshi looks enough like a cartoon dog, I can use his image in a logo, so I am creating a drawing of him happily working on a hydro treadmill and I'm going to use it for my writing logo.

Mon Apr 16

Yoshi PT. It was too close to his hydrotherapy last week so we just did cold laser only this time (There weren't any available appts later this week.)

We actually missed our 11am appt thinking it was 1:45pm (wrote down the wrong time.) so we rescheduled for 2:30 and went over to Sprouts to get some food and headed over to Lakely park which is a really nice park to just sit near and walk Yoshi around some. I tried to take a few photos, but he mostly wouldn't hold still, but I did get one finally.

Sun Apr 15
Yoshi walk. I didn't want to be around the block and get caught in the rain, so we just went all the way down Lincoln to High St and back.

Fri Apr 13
Yoshi PT. He walked 15 minutes in the hydro-treadmill and then paced more around the room before we captured him for his cold laser therapy. Then he got home and crashed on the bed for hours even skipping his dinner until I took him for his evening short walk to take care of the usual bodily functions at 10pm. He seemed to be walking ok even kind of quickly because he realized he hadn't eaten yet.

Thu Apr 12

Yoshi and I went to Crab Cove and had a fabulous time. It was windy and we walked all the duck pond and then we circled back.

Wed Apr 11
Yoshi and I continue to take a late night walk and then has the rest of his dinner with 4 pieces of string cheese. He sleeps through the night for the most part. Sometime he wakes up and paces for a while, but stops after a few trips back and forth. One time a couple of days ago, he didn't stop and we just put him on the bed. He is usually sleeping in one of his snugglers or his crate as he gets too hot when he's on the bed when we're in it with him.

Mon Apr 9
Yoshi walk. We slowly went around the block on Johnson. Barked at a couple of dogs but I was able to get his attention though if I'm too slow he'll go right back to barking. He also barks at people, but he's clearly not being threatening.

Fri Apr 6
Raining all day today. No walk for Yoshi. Fortunately there was a break in the rain at 10pm, so I could get him out to poop without him getting soaked.

Thu Apr 5
Yoshi Krusi Park we had the place mostly to ourselves save for one group, and a Mom and her small kid. Mound St. entrance again and we went all the way across to touch the tree then walked over to a couple of the diamonds to run very briefly on the dirt. He enjoyed it.

Wed Apr 4

Yoshi to Krusi Park.
It was starting  to get cold so he was in good spirits. Went all the way across the park and then on to touch a tree. Then we went back in a short curve. Barked some at the carts used to transport softball gear like the bases.

Tue Apr 3
Yoshi Krusi Park. We walked all the way across it and back. There were a couple of smaller dogs off to the size but he didn't react to them at all. He only briefly growled at a Golden walking by, but then decided that his time was better spent eating treats. Good boy.

Fri Mar 30
Took Yoshi to Crab Cove. It was enjoyable for both of us. Lots of space around him, only the occasional dog. Got his toes on the sand of the beach bluff. I took more duck photos. We walked from the parking lot diagonally to the water and then looped slowly back while taking in the geese coming in for a landing.

Sun Mar 25
Yoshi slept all night and let me sleep in too.
Yoshi walk. We went to Bay Farm because Krusi was too busy. It was windy and cold, I was freezing and Yoshi was in heaven. He even ran part of the way back to the car.

Sat Mar 24
Yoshi slept all night again. I did let him out at midnight right before I went to bed.
I am feeding him 1/3 c kibble twice a day and 3-4 pieces of string cheese. Dinner is split in half, so he gets cheese twice in the evening. That will change to once in the late evening.

Fri Mar 23
I walk Yoshi at night around 9 or 10pm to get him to pee/poop.
Evelyn tells me she would be happy to join Yoshi on our late night walks, so I have her cell phone. It would be fun to have company. It was raining tonight, so I told her to skip it this time.

Yoshi acupuncture. Tried not holding his head and he didn't shake his head.

Sun Mar 17

Finally, finally went back to Guerro's Taqueria in Pacifica off Reina del Mar to get a veggie burrito. I took Terri, and Yoshi went along and we went down to the state beach and walked Yoshi a while there letting him enjoy it, and bark at everything and nothing. The burrito was every bit as good as I remember it. There's nothing exotic about it, just great ingredients.
Pinto beans perfectly cooked, very yummy Mexican Rice, salsa, cilantro, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole.
Yoshi had a lovely time walking on the beach at Pacifica State Beach. Got his feet a little wet.

Thu Mar 15

Yoshi barked and barked again at Rudy the heater guy, then got better when we just put him on the floor.

Mon Mar 12
Yoshi PT at Canine Rehab in Walnut Creek.
He is not showing signs of worsening. It's not clear he has DM at all, though he likely does.
Sent off his Trupanion claim form. They've been so terrific at covering his costs once we met his deductable.

Wed Mar 7
Yoshi Krusi Park.
It was nice there wasn't any baseball practice going on. We walked out on the infield and I could see his right rear foot dragging, but otherwise he was walking ok. We walked all the way across the park in a curving manner. Touched the back fence, and then walked back across. Trek and I used to do this a lot. It would be good to do this with him fairly often too.

Yoshi did ok with Jorge and acupuncture this morning. Terri gave him some Pet Calm which has chamomile and other things which took his nervous edge off a little. He didn't shake and fling off the needles quite as much.

We've been having a heater installed and Rudy the installer had to be in house to work on the inside vents. He used to have a pit bull mix so he wasn't intimidated at all by Yoshi doing his "intruder" growl. "Co'mere you let me rub your neck." It was hilarious. Growl growl growl hmmm mmmm.

Later on we took Yoshi to see Ziji his chiropractor for a tune up. She says that he's doing surprisingly well and says to keep him active and on his feet. She did do a large adjustment in his mid-back.

Tue Mar 6
Yoshi is getting antibiotics for his eye twice a day for 7 days, so until next Monday.

Mon Mar 5

Yoshi's eye look swollen and reddish. He skipped his water treadmill at Canine Rehab and just did cold laser and went to Park Centre to see Dr. Levin. We now have eye antibiotics to put in his eye each day.

Feb 26
Yoshi PT at Canine Rehab in Walnut Creek. Jenn was his therapist today. We have him walking in a hydro-treadmill and then he gets cold laser treatments. He is now walking 15+ minutes which is terrific. Pretty good for a dog that will be 14 years and 7 months on the 28th. He slept for most of the rest of the day, but he kept us company in the evening and took a very short walk in the evening to pee and poop.

Feb 23
Yoshi walk.

We went over to Crab Cove and it was really nice. Almost no dogs around. Some people came by to say hello to him. We went on to the beach bluff for a bit. Maneuvered around some of the local water fowl - mostly geese. Yoshi really isn't a fan of geese, so he doesn't bother them at all.

Feb 19
Yoshi PT this morning. He did well. It's cold this morning and he's loving it while we all shiver.

Feb 18
Yoshi walk. He really didn't get a walk today. Just the 5pm and 10pm one to poop. He just wanted to sleep all day though he did join us to watch Olympics. I try not to let him crash in his crate all day (I want him to sleep at night), but encourage him to join us even if he is mostly just sleeping.
For the past month he has been waking Terri up in the middle of the night because he is hungry. I am trying to add 1/4 cup of rice to his evening snack. He slept through the night yesterday. He was gaining weight but it may have stabilized.

Feb 12

Yoshi PT. He did fine, but he gets tired about 10 minutes in. They have him doing 15 minutes.
He also got his second flu shot so he's done with that. The only thing he's due for is bordetella (kennel cough) and they can give it to him when he goes in for boarding on April 28.

Feb 9
Yoshi has an infection under his arm. Vet (Dr. Wallace) thinks it's a staph infection. She gave us a mousse to try for 5 days which might avoid needing oral antibiotics. He was so not happy to be at the vets. He had an acupuncture appt, so he'd kind of had it with being messed around with. He got his adequan shot today.

Feb 8
Yoshi walk. First time outside in a cart. He did pretty well though I will have to go somewhere where we're not steering around baseball practices.  It seems to help his side to side stability. And he has no issues with the cart which is amazing.

Yoshi evening walk. I've cut his melatonin down from 6mg to 3mg, because if you get too much melatonin you sleep soundly for a little while and then wake up again which is exactly what's happening.

Feb 7
Yoshi walk
Went to Lincoln Park and watched some soccer practice and steered around a couple of dogs (no problem.)
At 10:30pm took him out to poop. I'm always dragging him down the street as he wants his evening treats which are meds. He gets a snack then too.

Feb 6
Yoshi midday walk. He doesn't see as well so he barks at people too, but he's easy enough to manage.

Yoshi evening walk. He met my neighbor Evelyn who was working on her daffodils in her front yard a little, and he greeted her nicely and didn't bark at her. He still is waking Terri up at night so he's getting his meds in pill pockets, a snack of kibble, and a few cubes of sourdough bread.

Feb 5
I've been working a lot and that's changing for a little while so I'll have time to catch up here.

Yoshi treadmill. He does very well in the water. His walking looks much better when he's in it. He went to 14 minutes. Jenn was the tech with Sherrie there doing paperwork.

Feb 3
Yoshi got up at 3am last night. I didn't get back to sleep until daylight.

Yoshi walk. We went to Washington Park but this time we parked closer to the water and not at the dog park. We had a lot of space around us so we slowly wandered around that field and then crossed the path to go over to the next one. I tried to film him walking, but he just looked at me which is what he's trained to do. His walking is very unstable to begin with and then improves with time and usage.

Feb 2

Yoshi walk. I'm off work for a little while, so I get to do a lot of Yoshi's walks again. He is 14 1/2 so his walk are very leisurely but at 4pm we did manage to get all the way out to Santa Clara and around. I also give him a short evening walk around 9:30/10pm for him to poop. He also gets his meds then so he always wants to come home for his treat and evening snack.

The evening snack is that he's been walking Terri up in the middle of the night around 2:30am because he's hungry (she takes him out to pee also.)

Last night I feed him most of his midnight snack at 10pm and he slept till 5:30am.

Tonight I gave him all of his midnight snack at 10pm. His meds also include 6mg of melatonin which stops his night pacing and helps him sleep better at night.

Feb 1

Asked Dr Joan Coates for Trek's DM pathology report results. She sent them.

24 Jan 18:

The spinal cord has severe thickening and fibrosis of the arachnoid, with proliferation of arachnoid cells The entire spinal cord stains poorly with LFB. The white matter appears condensed with a few interspersed dilated axon sheaths. Motor neurons contain scant lipofuscin. Neurofilament stains demonstrate a drastic reduction of axon diameter in all funiculi. There are numerous tiny axons present, even in the ventral white matter, and interspersed axons are enlarged in caliber. There are blank spots in the dorsolateral white matter. There is strongly increased GFAP staining circumferentially in the white matter, particularly the peripheral white matter. Gemistocytes are locally evident.

Severe DM

Yoshi walk. We wandered around Krusi Park which he seemed to enjoy.

Jan 30

Yoshi status

We put him on Melatonin yesterday to hopefully help with his night pacing which is common for senior dogs to do.

His days look pretty similar except for when he goes to Physical Therapy or Acupuncture or to the vet to get an adequan shot (once a month). Terri walks him mid-day.

He is walking Terri up in the middle of the night because he's hungry. She makes him go outside to pee also.

Jan 29

I asked about Yoshi's night pacing and Kathy Carlsen suggests Melatonin and Dr. Applegate agrees suggesting 3-6 mg dosage, so I ran off to Walgreens and after some Prius arguments I have some 3 mg tablets.

Jan 10
We're keeping some of Yoshi's kibble back and feeding it to him at night in hopes he'll stop waking Terri up to go out and pee and come back in wanting a snack. He won't settle down without it.)

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