Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - June 2009

By Ellen Clary
(reverse date order)

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Tue Jun 30
Walked both dogs and uneventful for once.

David Wong put those cute photos of Trek and is up on his site.  I'm going to be buying an 8x10 of this one:           
His website is: http://www.photoshelter.com/user/davidphotos
This is in the Bayteam USDAA May 2,3 Prunedale collection - in the Candids area.

Mon Jun 29
Trek dog walk.  Windy so it was a bit challenging for her (lots of random noise) but she's getting used to it and learning to cope very well.

DVD night with all 4 dogs (ours and Cathy's two) started out all in crates and then 2 out and then three and then four.  It worked great.  Yoshi who was on leash and attached to me the whole evening did very well and was completely relaxed for most of the evening only bristling when Abby started to hop up and down (because she needed to be controlled in his mind)

I think his calming supplement is starting to take effect again.  I'll know more on Wed during his Rally class.

Barbara's daughter Bre took photos of Trek from last Saturday at Willowside Ranch.  For the most part she just looks like a hang dog who'd been dragged to a place she considers a mild hellhole "Please send help - Wait, what's that smell?" but the last one is cute.


Sun Jun 28
Terri and I went horse riding at Garrod Farms which was fun.

Training walk for both dogs.  Trek was worried about a flapping flag, but seemed to settle after being fed around it.

Yoshi had more work to do as I waited till other dogs were out.  3 dog sightings all generally good results though when he's over threshold I pretty much have to force him to sit, but I have few qualms doing so now since we've been practicing this for a while now and he knows the drill.  However when I know he's going to be way over threshold (white fluffy dog directly across the street) I can feed him through it and he'll be ok.  For one of the dog sightings I went further away than I planned to (they had crossed the street), so I know that he definitely can hold it together for 1 street width and 3 house widths (it was 1 house length and one house width actually but that was a good enough approx.

He wasn't coming in for Terri tonight so I stormed out there saying to him "Yoshi HERE.  You are nearly 6 years old and I am out of patience with you."  He promptly came in.  Terri teases me that I may as well be lecturing him with his whole name "YOSHI HAYATE, you get in this house Right This Minute or I'll ..."

Sat Jun 27
Yoshi herding.
Today was a tough day for all but Trek and she would argue with that.

First thing was that the sheep were in the corner and standard procedure with a green dog is to walk the dog on leash to flush the sheep out of the corner.  Trouble is one of the sheep decided to climb over the gate into the next pen.  I broke off saying "Ok this is not going to plan." So we break off to regroup.
Then I was doing stay work with Yoshi on a long line.  He was doing terrific and the line was only 15' long so after a few reps I dropped the line to get more distance.  He broke the stay and charged the stock and evaded me.  Problem is the stock was small goats and he locked on one trying to grab it to stop it with the goat screaming bloody murder and me yelling at Yoshi.  Goat and Yosh slammed into the fence, both ok, but Yoshi broke off and I caught him and threw him into the car crate and got Trek out instead.

Then (yes there's more but not involving me) a sheep decides to go through a fence to get away from Cathy's Abby who's just standing there not doing anything pushy at all.  I wire the fence back together as best I can (someone else is holding Trek who's trying her best to completely disappear - not a shrinking violet, more a disinterested one.)

Then I get Yoshi back out but I am not letting go of the line any more.  I tied the 6' leash onto it which gives me 20' to work with.  He gets his stay back but he so desperately wants to work sheep but I'm not going to allow him to today.  So we walk the sheep around the ring with me keeping him 10+' away.  The cool thing is that The Sheep are Calm!  I tell him this is what we want.  He seems unimpressed but is still interested.  Lots and lots of Walk Stop Walk Stop Walk Stop Sit.

HTrainer3 said that Trek could go in and see the geese and we even helped move them to another pen.  She's still unimpressed but is a good sport about being dragged along - it's not like she's fighting to get away.  So much to her chagrin she gets to come along to herding.

I think Yoshi is going to start coming to agility as a tourist as long as the terriers don't join our class (they will eventually).

When we got home I order him a Ray Allen Grip It 30' tracking line from workingdogs.com.  It should come in before we herd again since next week is an agility weekend for Trek.

Fri Jun 26
No classes for Yoshi or Trek - though I still had the day off.
Went to Leiter's Rx to pickup another round of Trek's custom eye medication. 
It's a pain as they want you to keep it refrigerated but we need to put it in her eye.

Wed Jun 24
Yoshi Rally Class
One of the dogs has some anger management issues and Yoshi seems to be good at pressing that dog's buttons.  Yoshi snarked at her, I wisk Yoshi off into a crate completely out of sight, and she stays pissed and is looking around for another dog to blame.  Growls at Giles and another dog neither are doing anything but glancing at her but she's very much "What are YOU looking at?"  Fortunately her owner is pretty on top of things.

Later one I accidentally walked Yoshi near her and he's trying so hard not to, but not realizing the other dog was staring daggers at him I dragged him past (fortunately fast).  He got through it but wasn't happy about it.

He's having a hard time in the stays but copes sort of.  The problem is there is no place for him to do a stay that is out of the way or close to other dogs.

Tue Jun 23
Double checking the numbers
CPE hasn't been updated and I probably need to give them more money anyway:

Bayteam Results from Sunday:
Regular/Veteran - FullHouse Round 1 - Level 1
Judge: Dogs Entered
Jim Collins : 9
Point Time: 8" & 12": 35 Total Game Time: 8" & 12": 40

Armband Call Name Breed ID # Owner/Handler Time Points Q / NQ Place
8071 Trek Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 03558-03 Ellen Clary 35.00 29 Q 1

Regular/Veteran - Standard Round 1 - Level 1
Judge: Dogs Entered
Lee Ann Zerbian : 11
Yards: 136 Course Time: 8" & 12": 66 16"/20"/24": 61

Armband Call Name Breed ID # Owner/Handler Time Faults Q / NQ Place
8071 Trek Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 03558-03 Ellen Clary 50.18 0 Q 1

This means that even with blowing by a jump and fixing it, AND stopping to roll on the grass. we were STILL well under even the big dogs course time.  I think that's a little too generous even for level one. ;)

Canine Performance Events, Inc
    Member ID:03558   Generated On:01/07/2009
Qualifying Runs for Dog ID:   03558-03Trek
Show DateClub NameJudge Name  ClassHtCatLevelRndTimePts/FltsPlaceQ-Pts
03/22/2008Bay Team CATerry Scofield  StandardR11 31.37 0125
11/08/2008Bay Team CAJim Hibbard  StandardR11 40.02 0225

03/22/2008Bay Team CABecky Dean  FullHouseR11 40.5629220
03/22/2008Bay Team CATerry Scofield  JumpersR11 34.47 0220

07/19/2008Bay Team CADorris Wiglesworth  ColorsR11 36.09 93 5
03/22/2008Bay Team CABecky Dean  WildcardR11 38.04 0220

07/19/2008Bay Team CADavid Garrison  JackpotR11 42.2237125
03/22/2008Bay Team CAJacquelyn Oricko  SnookerR11 59.2833225

07/19/2008Bay Team CACandace Rapp  JumpersR21 40.30 1315
11/08/2008Bay Team CADavid Garrison  JumpersR21 45.26 0

11/08/2008Bay Team CAJim Hibbard  SnookerR21 54.1539425

Trek: Competitive Results Detail
Event Date   Club Name   Class   Judge   Q   SQ   Points   Place   Score   Time   Partner #1   Partner #2  
05/02/2009   The Bay Team   P1   100057            1    29.17   89.17      
05/02/2009   The Bay Team   R1   100336            4    128.75  
05/02/2009   The Bay Team   P1   100336            3    49.79   94.79      
04/26/2009   Salinas-Monterey Agility Racing Team   S1   100220   Y         1    38.00   64.28      
04/26/2009   Salinas-Monterey Agility Racing Team   G1   100220   Y         4    40.00   38.27      
04/26/2009   Salinas-Monterey Agility Racing Team   P1   100220            2    20.00   63.12      
04/11/2009   Haute Dawgs   P1   100130            2    25.00   58.35      
04/11/2009   Haute Dawgs   S1   100130            2    9.00   999.99      
04/10/2009   Two Rivers Agility Club of Sacramento   P1   100177   Y         1    0   54.21      
04/10/2009   Two Rivers Agility Club of Sacramento   J1   100177   Y         1    0   24.26      
04/10/2009   Two Rivers Agility Club of Sacramento   S1   100117   Y         1    37.00   55.01      
10/12/2008   Haute Dawgs   J1   100271   Y         2    0   34.80      
10/12/2008   Haute Dawgs   G1   100049            3    16.00   53.61      
10/11/2008   Haute Dawgs   S1   100049            2    32.00   53.71      
10/11/2008   Haute Dawgs   G1   100271            3    13.00   47.81      
10/11/2008   Haute Dawgs   P1   100271            2    3.10   74.10      
10/11/2008   Haute Dawgs   J1   100049   Y         3    0   31.31   

No change:

We did pick up a jumpers Q on Saturday.

Castell Christmas Gift - DN10071801

  Agility - Awards Processed Through 05-JUN-2009
Number Qualifying Scores 1
Number Different Judges 1
Number Qualifying Scores 1
Number Different Judges 1

Sun Jun 21
Bay Team CPE.  Trek is entered but likely to be just a tourist, if I can get her out of bed at all :)

She came right along enthusiastically and did well in the morning  for 2 classes before running out of steam, so that makes her half a tourist.

The first class was Fullhouse which is a game where you have to get three jumps, 2 round things (tunnel, tire, chute), plus a "Joker" which is are 5 point obstacles (in this case an A-Frame, weaves and a double).  In the process of completing the requirements you can add on as many obstacles as you like ( I think you can do each one twice though we didn't bother.)  When the buzzer sounds you have 5 seconds to get to the table and you get one point off for each second over, which means it's actually worth it to go do a far away high pointed obstacle sequence and risk the deduction.  Fun game but we were  just there to do some obstacles and weren't going for a win.  I designed a straightforward jump, jump, tunnel, double, jump, A-Frame, tunnel, tire, weavepoles, and then was going to just do jumps still the buzzer went off.  Things were going perfectly and we're in the weavepoles when I hear the horn going buzz, buzz, buzz which means there's a problem.  I'm literally going weave, weave, weave, WHAT?, weave.  There's been a timer malfunction.  Now we've done more than the essential parts of the course and were just going into to screw around until the buzzer mode.  She ran fabulously and I'm not going to make her do it again, so I'm out there saying Trek did great can we just take standard course time?  While we're talking, I take her over to the table to hop on it just to make it official (that stops the run).  Then it becomes "Well you might not have gotten enough round obstacles." to which I say that I can tell you our course (which involves 3 round things and you only need 2) and then the supervising judge who's been watching jumps in since he saw the whole course too.  So he and I recite our course to the actual judge  who fills in the rest of the scribe sheet and gives us an extra jump since we obviously would have taken one on the way to the table.

The timer is uber-competent and feels just horrible "Are you sure you don't want to rerun?  You only had half a run.  I assure her that Trek ran great and that it's completely fine.  Truth was I didn't even care if she Q'd, but since she obviously did, I was going to make sure that it was recorded correctly (she already has her title at that level and I'm just keeping her at the lowest level in all venues just to build her confidence.)  I'm just glad that it happened to me and not someone else where it mattered more and who may not have been as confident.  After all that rigmarole, Trek, no only Q'd, but won the class even though it was abbreviated since we did a lot of 5 point obstacles.

Sat Jun 20
Elk Grove Corgi Agility trial for Trek

Ran around the first jump and I got her back and restarted and she did great.  People are really impressed with her weaves with me at a lateral distance (in both classes).  She Q'd (95/100 a refusal ding for the rocky start) and won the class

Std class.  Had a teeter bail off, but did the other contact obstacles, it's the only teeter she'll see this weekend which is nice.
And she is a table sucker and ran to it when it turned up in her path even though it wasn't on course. (I did too good of a job reinforcing it - I'll take it considering the alternatives :)

Fri Jun 19
Trek Agility Class.  She did well.  No teeters this time.  Ran out of gas on the last run so I stopped her instead of begging.

Wed Jun 17
Yoshi starts Excellent Rally
A lot of the same dogs which is good, unfortunately there is the addition of one dog that he hates and the owner isn't that proactive so I'll have to watch him.  Actually Hazel talked with her and she's a lot better.  Patricia and Mr. Giles are in the class and that will be fun.  Hazel took a second to warn one new person about gettng too close to Yoshi which was fantastic.

Heeling outside into a Saxophone player - now that's outside the box.  I told Hazel that that was a little above and beyond.  She laughed and said he does good work though he does keep a distance from me even though she knows I don't go around kicking him.

Sits and downs were tough for him but he was able to cope after I turned him around (and he was on hist mat.  He struggled enough that I'm going to put him back on his calming supplement as even though he doesn't "need" it, it does help him.

Mon Jun 15
Yoshi Walk - no dogs.  Think it's time to have Trek do the noon time and Yoshi the evening.  There are plenty of sounds at noon, and more dogs after work and the days are long so no freaky evening to deal with.

Trek noon walk.  I was in no mood to deal with her being a wilting flower so when we walked her over to the school I just ran with her.  Perhaps not all that well thought out but she needed the exercise anyway and it gave me a chance to see how she'd be.  She actually quite happily ran and wasn't trying to hide or run erratically.  It's like it gave her something to do.  I don't like to run on sidewalks much myself so we won't be doing this much but certainly could do it for a block or two every so often.

Yoshi evening walk.  I even brought along the spray collar which is a lot to manage, but saw no dogs anyway.

Had an unsettling incident that could have gone really badly.  The dogs got out  (which almost never happens - the wind had blown a door open that I hadn't closed all the way) and Yoshi bit a dog but it was on the dog's collar.  The owner kicked at him and Yoshi came back at the dog and the owner kicked him hard in the ribs (good).  By this time I hear the commotion and the fact that I'm hearing my dogs not at all in the right places so I charge out yelling "DOGS!" (multiple times - the all dogs come command).  When I get out to the front lawn both dogs are on the front lawn and coming to me, but Yoshi is looking over his shoulder at a man and dog and that's when the owner told me that Yoshi bit him.  I told him I'd be right out once I put him away.  When I got back the owner said his dog was fine and that Yoshi had bit the collar.  I apologized and said he was a herding dog trying to control motion.  I'm just glad that Yoshi never, ever aggresses to humans and that by the time I had gotten out there he had retreated and was recalling to me.  It's all pretty upsetting, but could have been so much worse.  The owner said Yoshi might be a little sore from the kick in the ribs, I assured him that was fine.

The chompee was a sweet male German Shorthaired Pointer who looked similar to this one (2nd photo down) (http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/germanshorthairedpointerphotos.htm)

Somethings that I'm considering.

- I'm definitely putting a deadbolt on that door so it doesn't blow open.  I hadn't before because there's a window on it and I wasn't sure where to put one.  Now I've decided that I'm going to put in one that has a keyhole on both sides and leave a key in the inside one so it acts like a regular single sided one. When we go out of town for more than a day, we'll remove the inside key.

- I had been letting Yoshi watch out the living room window, but I don't know if that's such a good idea.  I had been letting him because I could control/suppress his behavior with the beeper, but during that time he was getting really stressed watching the kids.  Somewhere around there both dogs went into the kitchen and saw the open door, charged out started barking.  Actually it was Trek who was barking, Yoshi when he's doing what he did doesn't bark much.  Problem is I don't know how much time had past.  Enough for him to charge and chomp on a dog, get kicked back and charge in again and get solidly kicked.  Probably not that long - it doesn't take long for him to get in trouble.  Suppressing his bad behavior without giving a better alternative is sometimes an unfun game of Wack-A-Mole.  The frustration and aggression comes out in other ways.  The best solution is to keep working on getting doggy more comfortable in the world.

With that in mind I'm going to work more on relaxation.  The crates are great for that - our Monday DVD night with dogs in crates and rotating a couple out at a time is by far our most peaceful, well managed evening, but I'd like to do more with mats since I can have them anywhere.

 - I'm going to continue the sit and watch and eat while dogs go by.  I will still wrestle him into sits if need be, because I'm asking for a specific behavior as opposed to just suppressing an undesired behavior.  So it's providence smiling on me that we didn't see any dogs on this walk when I had the beeper with me.

 - I'd like to be able to give him a behavior he could do when in the window.  I can't figure out if he likes the window or just feels compelled to guard it.

 - I am going to price roll up shades - preferably one's that are washable or resistant to dog snot.

Sun Jun 14
Spent the day with my sister Anne and her husband Russ.  Dogs stayed with Terri.  Yoshi was generally an idiot around Russ (a MAN in HIS house), but we just managed it and it was fine if Russ didn't move and if he did he knew to just stop and let Yoshi grumb and then he'd be ok.  I mostly just kept Yoshi on leash.

YaHoo!  They're finally formally studying just how screwed up the dominance theory about dogs is.  My opinion is that the dominance theory is about as useful to dog training as a rolled up newspaper - even for wacking yourself over the head.  If you want to wack yourself on the head just use your hand as unless there's something wrong with your self control you should be able to properly self modulate how hard y ou wack yourself on the head. :)


Sat Jun 13

Yoshi herding.  Me handling.  Trek going as a tourist.

That was fun and certainly more successful than we've been in the past.

I set up a basic JHD like course and worked on that .  I kept losing the sheep just before gate 2 as one in particular wanted to run off to a far corner.  If I could get Yoshi to stay on the inside of the arena they wouldn't have an opening.  Clearly something to keep working one.  I need to keep moving  but reviewing HTrainer3's video I don't see her moving much faster but she's much better at walking with intention.

I am switching to Stop - much easier and just about all I need really - I don't need a full sit.

Switching to my older Asics Kayunos running shoes (no longer a running shoe - too worn out) was a big win as they have more lateral support than my Gel Cumulous's.  i probably really should have Trail Running shoes but I have these and they work great as I can really run and catch up to sheep.

I volunteered Trek to go into a pen full on 20 just weaned sheep to get them used to dogs.  Trek was very much "But there's this really, really important smell right here" but did allow herself to be dragged along on leash.  The idea is to expose the young sheep to dogs and to learn not to face down a dog but instead give way.  There were a couple of really brave stamp the ground and stare back ones that will make excellent school sheep if they don't get themselves killed first..

Arlene is getting somewhere in teaching her new Corgi Ben down!  and for the first time ever I got called a Rock Star.
(Silly since she's doing all the work - I just suggested an idea of putting a treat on the floor and covering with your hand and waiting and waiting and waiting....)

Subject: Ellen Clary is a Rock Star!

WooHoo!!!  We just had Ben's 4th 'down' session and he has it!

I modified Ellen's suggestion a bit.  Instead of just covering a treat on the ground I palmed it and made a show of moving my hand to the ground, a very exaggerated variation of my 'down' hand signal.  I wanted him to associate my movement with his action from the beginning.  A couple of times he lost interest so I just raised my hand to get his attention and repeated the motion.  The first two sessions the downs were all accidental.  I even gave it to him for a couple of play bows.  This morning, about the third treat, he looked at my hand, dropped and looked at my face to see my reaction.  That's when I knew he was really getting it.  This time I took him outside on grass instead of on the carpet in the garage.  He went down within 3 seconds of my hand hitting the turf. 

Our instructors will be amazed at his progress.  I'll tell them I owe it all to The Clary Method.


And life just wouldn't be the same without the nightly "that's my pillow", "that's still my pillow" conversation:


Fri Jun 12
Trek Agility.  For the moment, we have a working teeter strategy.  I'm done begging.  If she doesn't want to do it I tell her she can hop off ("You don't want to do it?  Ok." and I pull her off with my body language.  During training I make it abundantly clear that she could have had a nice treat (I usually have the treat in one hand and today without even thinking about it, tossed said treat into my other hand as if to put it away).  Usually we go through that once (this happen this class and last class) and then she decides that it's completely fine and does the teeter and gets a reward.  I don't pressure her, but keep around 6 feet away or more (she seems to like to work at distance on weaves and the teeter.

So now it's time to work on speed as she's getting slower.  I think I'll run with her off the line and maybe start running with her for fun away from the course as well.  I need to condition her more as we did a 21 obstacle course and she was pretty winded by 16, and we paused to let her rest.

Our class is down to 3 people (Trek, Charlie and Cash) so while Rachelle figures out what to do I'm going to bring Yoshi just as a tourist to watch.

Thu Jun 11
From a Coltsrunkids post of mine:

Maureen wrote:
> I didn't realize Trek has anxiety issues, too?
It's a completely different issue fortunately.  She's sound sensitive.  
First I thought it was from Idaho thunderstorms, but it's more about
percussive sounds like (ahem) teeters (drat), bouncing balls, and dogs
barking in enclosed areas (which echoes), and also metal on metal
clanging sounds like playgrounds (and the associated children's
voices). It's a physiological response: she pants, her heart races and
she shakes - which is exactly how a thunderstorm phobia manifests, but
we just had a very rare thunderstorm and she didn't care a bit. (Yoshi
did, not by freaking but by alarm barking at it - that's fine). Having
involuntary physiological signs really, really helps as I can instantly
tell when she's doing better, which is why I could tell that pressure on
her sides (either by hands or a shirt) helps her.

Trek's breeder Kathleen takes very good care of her dogs, but they are
crated in a side room which can get quite loud when a lot of the dogs
bark (and then a human shouts at them to shut up.) They also have a
duck hunting season which mean shotguns are going off though she's not
afraid of fireworks so I'm not sure how much a factor that is.


I did write to Kathleen saying that she did not have Thunderstorm or Fireworks Phobia, but more like some sort of fear of echoing or clanging sounds.

It's interesting to me that when she's afraid, the only place she feels ok is in her crate.  This is a relief as given that she was crated while listening to a lot of barking dogs she could have come to hate it but didn't.

We have run pretty much out of Yoshi's calming supplement (but still have the L-Theonine), I'm going to try him without it for a little while and see how that goes.

I'm having a time crunch today.  The dogs need to be walked, they need their nails done before agility or herding, and I need to get to REI to get low top Keens before we do herding on Sat and I was hoping to get to the gym.  Guess REI is going to win over the gym.  Maybe dog nails on Friday noon?

Wed Jun 10
Yoshi walk.  No dogs, but lots of practice sitting for passing people.

Trek walk.  I'm going to try taking her over to the school yard again if it's not too busy.
The Survior Buff came in so I brought it along. One quarter block away she stopped and started to look axious.  Looking up I see a kid in the house across the street from the school is bouncing a volley or soccer ball against his front steps.  This does not bode well.  I put the buff over her ears but couldn't tell much difference, she seemed to settle but only because I had my hands on her.  The kid went inside so I carried her over to by the playground, but not right beside it, more behind a portable building that is right by the playground.  She's uncertain but a little less shaky.  I put the buff on her head and don't see much difference.  I put my hands over her ears and still don't see much difference.  Noticing that my hands on her sides seem to help, I put the buff around her waist.  That helped.  Ah so we're back to the T-Shirt idea.  I let her walk some with the buff on but since she's not a human female it works its way down her waist which gets silly, but I have my answer - the T-Shirt is going to be the most effective, sometimes it's the experimental failures that teach us the most.  I take her back home to change.  She tries to drag me back, but I don't let her, instead stopping to feed her every so often.  Being a Corgi she'll eat no matter what.

At home I put Yoshi's West Coast Chomper T-Shirt on her (I have two so I guess one is hers - she uses it in agility class when its cold anyway).  We walk by the school and while she's not thrilled she's way, way better.  So we go off on a normal walk.  The weather is just slightly cooler, so it's interesting to see people's amused reactions.  I want her to wear a sign that says something like: "This is my security blanket."  Just wait till she wears it when the sun is out.

I'll keep the buff in the dog bag in case I do need to cover their ears for any reason - though I'm as likely to steal it for some mountain climbing thing.

Tue Jun 9
Yoshi walk.  One dog behind a fence surprised him but other than that he was fine.  Lots of people passing by and I have him sit as they walk by and he's really good about that now.

I have ordered a Survivor Buff to try putting over Trek's ears in hopes that will help her sound sensitivity.  Candy G. does this from time to time to her dogs though I'm not sure specifically why - I should ask her.  The buff ships from Elk Grove so I will get it tomorrow or the next day.  She can model it for her agility class.  If she likes it she can practice the tetter while using it.  Trek Survivor Tocantins does Teeters.

Mon Jun 8
Yoshi walk - 2 Yellow Labs, 2 different reactions, very telling.  The first lab was tied to his house's railing - he appeared to be patiently waiting while his/her owner ran in the house to get something   We watched us even stood and sat but made no real moves towards us.  Just sat there.  Yoshi had no issue with this dog at all.  On the way home, we saw a bouncy version of a very similar dog taking his/her owner for a walk.  Bark bark lunge. I wrestle him into a sit and he holds it there very grudgingly while the dog passes by.

Working on taking a treat politely like Yoshi does.  Hold treat but don't let go.  She tried to bit it and gives up.  I encourage her to just open her mouth and I can put the treat in.

Sun Jun 7
Took Trek for a hike in Redwood Regional Park.  Note to self and anyone who'll listen.  It's difficult to explain the concept of a loop hike to a tired dog.  I had blithely taken a route that was it turned out 3 miles long.  It appears that Trek gets tired after 2, so at 2 miles into the 3 mile loop, she stops and sits down and gives me this very clear "I want to go back" message.  Now just try to explain to doggy that it's much shorter to keep going and turning around is longer.  i sat down with her for a little while and then just carried her for a short way until we hit a semi steep downhill and it wasn't safe for me to carry her, then she came down the hill and after a while stopped again.  Repeat the same procedure.  Fortunately Trek has this amazing homing device in her head and even though we were a trail that she'd never been on, she knew when we turned in the direction of the car and she perked right up and led me all the way to the car (with help with the strange navigation up to the parking lot.) 

All in all pretty amazing and good exercise for both of us but I think we'll do Out and Back trips for the near future.

Just so I remember our loop route was.

Start: District Office Parking lot off Skyline.
Dunn Trail nice popular fire road
Graham Trail less popular fireroad nice feel to it
Montrios Trail  has some steep sections
Return on Golden Spike Trail - a favorite trail though has some poison oak.
Very last few feet are back on Dunn.  Don't forget to turn right to get back to the parking lot.

For the future I think we'll just do out and back on Dunn.

Thu-Sat - Up in Redding, never made it to Shasta because of nasty weather, but we went to Lassen for a day.  Terri walked Trek and had Yoshi run around the yard looking for squirrels.

Yoshi's window behavior continues to be stellar.  I did beep him once and the Whoa! look he gave the beeper was perfect.  It's tempting to find a way to take that on the road, but not sure how to make that work.  Maybe in recall training.  Too bad I don't have three hands as it would be a big help if he's about to lunge at a dog.

I'm now totally commited to learning to be the best sheep herding handler I can.

Tue Jun 2
Trek walk.
This time I took her just on a martigale and a std 6' leather leash just over my wrist and it worked fine.
I just walked fast which got her more exercise.  I just had to keep her from running.  I can keep up with her trot.  She did try to drag me on the way home but I changed directions which only helped until we again turned for home, but I called her back to me and said "don't pull" which worked for once.  She probably knew I had the GL in my pocket and would use it if necessary.  This means that Terri can walk her while I'm gone.

Yoshi Walk - fine.

Terri said yes to taking Trek to obedience class on Tue starting Jun 23.  Cool.

Mon Jun 1
Yoshi Walk.  I stopped to read a sign and right then a dog came around the corner which set him off barking and I can't say I blame him.  That dog crossed the street fortunately.

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