Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - October 2009

By Ellen Clary
(reverse date order)

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Sat Oct 31
Yoshi Herding.
My doggy has a Stop!  Hurray!  Not a perfect Stop but miles and miles different that even a few months ago.
And he is ready for his JHD test Nov 14-15.
Though we'll be going again Nov 7th.
We're still not great about walking a fence line for a distance but JHD isn't as large of a pen as AKC's PT and I was working in the pen that they're likely to have it in.  He still crowds the sheep too much and we will be working on that forever but during the test I'm not going to yell at him too much about it but instead let him circle if he gets too close to their rears and gets in between them and the fence and I don't tell him "back" soon enough to get him to switch directions.
Of course we did the course in less then 2 minutes and spent a lot of time working on penning.  He has a stop but his stay isn't great and when I move to the pen latch he was moving too.  I would stop and reposition him (sometimes having to recollect the sheep and try again.)  I'm really glad we did this as it gave me a lot of confidence.

HTrainer3 also had us work on taking sheep through gates.  By mistake I sent Yoshi into the pen with the sheep, but she said that a green dog should wait at the gate until brought in by the handler.  I was actually able to have Yoshi do a Stop. Walk (two steps). Stop. Walk. Stay. I open the gate, let the sheep through and stop Yoshi before going through the gate.  Then he and I go through the gate and we stop.  Then I sent him out to regather the sheep.  I was so proud of him.  We're doing real sheep work - such a difference to just keeping our heads above water.

Fri Oct 30
Trek Agility.
Took the telescope to show people Jupiter.
I need to work more on her driving forward so I can cross behind.  So I need to do more toy throwing as when I do that she does it great.

Various Training Walks
Yoshi is steadily improving and I feel like I can almost start over on his training (in a way) and treat him more like a normal dog to some extent.  I can pull on him more with the leash if he's thinking of something he shouldn't be, even give him a light pop (though I don't do harsh corrections anyway), as long as I don't yell at him which seems to increase his anxiety unless it's herding which he'll tolerate just about anything.  I can also physically reposition him and encourage him to do the more traditional watch only me routine.  Ironically the "watch me" stuff which is really hard for most CU dogs and why LAT helps them so much as they can look at what scares them, really does help Yoshi as he triggers so much visually.  I can also just cover his eyes if he's in a position where he's going to be overthreshold.  If I see a dog coming I can cover his eyes, let the dog walk right up, uncover his eyes, and generally he will be ok.  He's so weird. :)

Mon Oct 26
Dogs appear to have forgiven us starting around late yesterday.  They did get me up at 5:30am which was not fun and I think is Mark's fault in Trek's case and who knows about Yoshi, but he's such a joiner anyway.

Yoshi noon walk.  A bit anxious and sort of sliding off the rails, but not losing it at all.  He actually starts to do better when I lost patience and give him an occasional leash pop.  It appears that as long as I don't yell at him that physical guidance is helpful in most ways as long as he's not being hurt (being hurt increases his anxiety, being physically placed somewhere often helps.)  We see a lose dog and a neighbor dog starts barking like crazy.  The lose dog is no threat so I turn Yoshi towards me talking to him and aske him to watch and guide him back when his eyes wander.  Keeping my voice steady and telling him to watch helps.  We then walk off in the opposite direction of chaos.

Trek walk.  She worries about a football hitting the ground every so often on the street so I carry her past and she's ok.

DVD night.  Went well  even had all four dogs out. (Yoshi, Abby on leash)  When there was movement and Yoshi bristled I put a hand on his collar and told him it was ok (some times covering his eyes) and he settled back down.  I just have to help him with tranisitions.  If I can anticipate them we're ok.

Terri and I in Seattle.  Dogs at their respective boarding locations.

Sunday dog walks. They seem ok though they are a bit stir crazy.

Tue Oct 20
Trek walk.  Uneventful.

Yoshi walk.  Pivitol.
First of all it was starting to get dark which does increase his anxiety some.  Though he can see just fine so I'm a little puzzled, but maybe he's just sensitive to the day/night transition.
Saw 4 dogs.  He would look at a dog that was just across the street and bark.  This is actually a little close but I think it's something he can work through.  (Though one dog at 3 houses distance was fine.)  He would look and bark I'd give him a short pop which got him to look back at me.  I finally was able to get his attention with "Watch," but it took some effort to make my point even including manually turning his head back to me or flicking at his ear.  Then suddenly he seemed to get it.

[fill in more]
his anxiety was still up but he seemed better when not looking at the dog.  Maybe with him calmer now I can use the traditional only look at me and not the dog technique especially when the dog is too close.

Mon Oct 19
Yoshi walk.  Only saw a slow moving lab at the end.  The lab had stopped to take a very prolonged sniff so we stopped to watch.  Yoshi did well but kept locking on, but staying neutral.  I finally look up and see the dog is returning the stare.  Well no wonder.  I think Yoshi needs more leave it lessons.  Like leave it for longer than the time it takes to eat a treat.  Maybe I should go back to constant treat dispensing but I want him to get past this.  I think he can now.

Later on I got more frustrated howling from him when I told him to stop barking.  I'm learning to guffaw silently, so I can catch my breath and then tell him leave it, come again, because I just have to laugh.  He's so earnest.

Vet called about Trek's stool sample.  i had to write it down;

Isospora which is an Ovo Cyst
which is a protozoa thing
not worm, not a bacteria
1 to 2 seen per mircoscope field which is called "rare" (not dense)
Normally treated with Sulfa drugs but Sulfa drugs can make dry eye worse so
Leaving to see if it clears on its own
recheck in 2-4 weeks

The funny moment was; Vet carefully asking if there was a chance she might have eaten some dirt.  I laugh and say she's the queen of Dietary Indescretion.  Not as bad as Cali but pretty bad.  I also told her about my "I'm off to drop dog poop off at the vet" Facebook status update.  She laughed.

spent pruning, running, and some dog walks.

Fri Oct 16
Both dogs went herding today.  Yoshi was taking cheap shots at first but the second time he did great.  At frist we were trying the stomp your feel to make him stay out they she said let's change tactics and stop yelling at him entirely and just focus on walking she also had me drop the stick so I didn't use it inadvertantly to menace him (I sure do).  He did very well and we aced the course a couple of times.  I'm also thrilled that I can get him to stop most of the time.  I feel like we're actually working together some.  He also wasn't that dog reactive even though he wouldn't eat the offered Pet Ease (this makes me think he didn't eat it last time either - same exact motion pick it up and spit it out.)

I think I'm going to scratch him from the Bouv trial which I think he hasn't gotten into yet anyway

Trek got to work ducks.  At frist she had no interest but then engaged them more in a chasing sort of way but she didn't hurt them (I was worried about that).  She hopped into the water trough twice and I had to fish her out because she couldn't get out herself.  That was no doubt her favorite part.  I think I'm going to stop torturing her with herding as she has been given many oppertunities and just really doesn't care.  Though at least this time she would work the ducks.  We talked about amybe putting her on baby goats but I'm not sure it's worth the effort besides our own curiousity.  She'll get to keep coming as a tourist but unless she seems really interested I'm not going to bother.  Though when I take her out of the car she does excitedly drag me around but I don't know if that's about exploring or interest.

Agility tonight.  Both dogs going though I don't know how much Yoshi will get out of the car.

Trek did great.  Needs to drive forward over the jumps (funny she has no problem doing this at trials).  Throwing a toy makes a big difference.

Yoshi stayed in the car till class was over and he got to spend a little time with Rachelle.  He's so sweet with her, but he's sweet with most people.

Thu Oct 15
Yoshi walk.  Uneventful, save for nearly running smack into a Poodle.  We were working on not reacting to the barking dog behind the fence and he was doing great when a brown Standard Poodle appeared and Yoshi too exception even as we were backing off.  I got Yoshi to focus and he was able to concentrate on me while the Poodle went by across the street.

I'm thinking that now maybe we should work on the more traditional just look at me and not the other dog, but I don't know if that will do any good as the issue is his immediate impulse when he spies a dog.  I'm more thinking that maybe I should just outright dull his impulse response with Valerian.  But this week is supposed to be working with Pet Ease.  2 tabs 30 minutes before a walk.  This time I had forgotten and he did fine, but it's that impulse control that I really want.

Trek had an appt for an exam at Park Centre.  So I thought we'd just walk over which was ok, but she arrived stressed from the noise and traffic and her temperature was 104.5 which is high.  After the tech had seen her and Dr Grant had taken a look at her Trek had clearly relaxed so I asked Dr. Grant to take her temp again and it went down to 103.1.  What a difference I need to keep that in mind if I need to rush her to the hospital.

Wed Oct 14
Now that I recognize most ingredients in a Pet Calm lable I find I read them out of habit just to get an idea of what is what, and to see what people are doing in the name of keeping Fydeau calm.  There's one I found that has 400mg of GABA per tablet and recommends one to two which comes out to be 800mg (!) of GABA.  Given that I haven't been hearing of related pet illnesses or deaths I guess that under 400 is ok.

My favorite (not to use but to speculate about) is the Happy Traveler which has Valerian (100mg) Chamomile (100mg) Kava Kava (50mg) and St. John's Wort (50mg).  If doggy isn't knocked out by that they they're just not going to be.

Richard's Organics wrote me and said they didn't want to "divulge" their formula.  I told them that makes them unique among supplements (ok I just found one other like that, but in general), and that it was a disinclination to use them.

Oddly enough I haven't heard back from the Healing Barn.  I should let Hilton Herbs know about that.

Tue Oct 13
As promised we're getting the tail end of typhoon Melor and it's raining buckets.  The dogs wouldn't leave the landing this morning with out cajoling.  I find this hilarious as Yoshi has this amazing all weather coat and he doesn't really know he's wet.

At noon, feeling stuborn I actually took him out on a walk in the rain and he did great.  No dogs of course since no one else was nuts enough to be walking their dog then.  Not really a hang dog either.

After work the rain had let up and I took Trek out for a much drier walk.  This is also funny as she's the water dog, but there was plenty of standing water for her.

Trek's videos from last weekend have come in.

This is her qualifying PII gamblers run.  It's a little rocky but she's getting it.

This is her PI standard shade seeking run. The Temperature is 76 with no wind. The first part of the run is pretty good but anywhere near the shade completely steals her attention.  Leslie and I actually had time to discuss whether or not I was going to be able to call her back.  I just love how she runs off camera and the camera is stuck looking at nothing in a David Letterman or SNL sort of style.

Mon Oct 12

Jammed in both dog walks at noon because Bi-Friendly is tonight and it's supposed to start pouring rain tonight.

Sun Oct 11
Yoshi walk.  I gave him a calming tab just to see if it would make any difference.  I'll probably have to repeat it for a week to get any idea.
Today he was really not paying too much attention to me.  We didn't see any dogs on the normal walk, so we went over to the school which is usually a pretty reliable way to find dogs.  A black pug approaches.  so far he's ok but the pug wants to walk where we are walking so we cross the street.  We play look at that and things are ok but then I hear the pug bark and Yoshi lunges.  Drat and that's even with a calming tab though just one since he's already had two this morning.  Maybe it's asking too much for him to chill around a reactive dog.  I look up and see that further down the pug has crossed over to our side because a Brittany is approaching.  We play LAT and leave it as the Brittany passes not even noticing us.  At first I want to tail the pug but the owner is nervous and it's not fair to do that so we take of after the Brittany.  We follow the Brit for a while and they stop looking up Moreland and the continue up it.  There are two other dogs (whippet like) waiting to start on a walk.  We walk along Moreland passing the whippets on the other side of the street.  I'm noticing that he's doing pretty well.  We get to the end of the street and I see that the Whippets are now in motion so we cross Gibbons and on Lincoln dawdle a little bit across the street to let them catch up.  They get to the corner and Yoshi is doing fine.  I'm expecting them to turn down Gibbons and I should realize that I'm often wrong.  They stay on Lincoln and cross right by us across the street.  Yoshi watches carefully and I have the food right near his nose as I want him to succeed.  We that much care and feeding he does great and doesn't seem overly stressed by them.  So it seems like it's more the uncomfortable reactive dog that is the difference here.

So the plan is that before each evening walk this week he'll get two tabs (suggested dose) beforehand.

Just so he doesn't build a tolerance (not likely but still) we won't give it to him in the morning.  I'm not seeing much benefit from that anyway.

After that I want to do a week of one dropper of Richard's Organics (the one with Valerian).

Then I'm not sure - maybe try to isolate the effective ingredients.

I'm really quite fascinated that he's so very visual.  The fact that he can hear and smell a dog at agility (not at home, but that's at home which he guards) but not see them and be ok is just amazing.  It's bordering on pathological, but also makes him easier to live with too.  I am thinking that I want to see if having him wear doggles would help him or just make him completely paranoid.

Trek walk.  I'm happy that she seemed to tolerate the amount of noise on a street we were walking on pretty well.  It wasn't that much noise but it was more than usual and it would have bothered her in the past.   I didn't take her on High street this time.

Wrote Synergy Labs asking about the amount of Valerian and Chamomile in Pet Calm.  Hope to hear back from them.

Also wrote The Healing Barn (thehealingbarn@aol.com - the US Affiliate of Hilton Herbs) to find out if they sold L-tryptophan in small quantities.  I said I was hoping to measure as low as 10mg, but slightly higher would work.  Typical for a human is 500mg so Yoshi's dose could be anywhere from 10-100mg

Sat Oct 10
Trek got her first PII (Advanced) Gamblers Q today.  Guess we're committed now.  (I could have gone back to PI before we got that Q.)
The the temperature climbed to 76 and she started out ok on her standard run even did the weave poles on the second try but pooped out after running half the course (I'm happy she got that far), and ran into the available  shade twice.

Yoshi did surprisingly well.  As long as he can't see out he's fine.  This means he can pretty much routinely go now.

He did better than I hoped. Not perfect, but good enough that he can be a regular agility guest. He's so funny as blocking his vision of passing dogs is usually enough for him not to react (even though he can hear them), so he doesn't have to be strictly imprisoned in the car.

The most effective thing to help him behave when out of the crate and wandering around? Some of Danny the caterer's Turkey Burger. I just took a section and squished it into my hand and let Yoshi lick at it. Dog? What other dog? Though granted we didn't get that close to other dogs, but he certainly saw them.

I did have Linda give him a massage to see if that could help him cope, Yes, but no. He was completely relaxed and loved it, but just as soon and Blancette and Crimp walked by (and he had just seen them pretty recently) he reacted - jump up barking lunging and trying to leap off the massage table ( had ahold of him though). I think anytime he spends more that 5 minutes in a space he starts to defend that space. and I don't think his lack of impulse control stops to take into account that it's just a wee Border Collie who has no interest in his domain. Dealing with his impulse control is likely our last long-standing remaining issue.

And this is Trek's shade-seeking PI standard course:

Thu Oct 8
Yoshi doesn't like bouncy Aussies going by across the street.  He still needs one street plus one house width.

Wed Oct 7
I'm so bummed, Trek isn't ready to travel on a plane or more correctly isn't ready for an airport.  Even walking around an outdoor shopping mall after closing time on a Sunday was too much for her, even Petco was too much really.  The plane would likely be ok, but the airport - eek.

I am surprised at how disappointed I am.  I have these big dreams for her, but in that classic sense forget to check in with her about them (sounds like a NondogBlog entry in the making).  She's led a sheltered life up at the breeder's home in Idaho and she's kinda worried about the world when it's chaotic and noisy  (Terri jokes that she'd like to live in a monastery).  I have this idea that we can travel about the country competing in agility and we might be able to, but not without a lot of exposure first.  I can see us just flying somewhere to visit for a day and then leave, just for the miles and experience.

I've been so focused on Yoshi's dog reactivity that I've been sort of letting her just be her beyond doing agility training.  First obvious thing is to start taking her to drop in obedience class on Wed.  That's an indoor facility and is noisy and it can make her jump.  Terri and her went through a basic obedience class and did great.  I don't know how interested I can get Terri in the more advanced classes but I think Trek needs to do this.  I was going to take Trek or Yoshi to the airport Wed but that's just silly.  Trek (or Yoshi) should go to class instead sometime (probably not tonight).

I also started thinking about the trip itself.  The purpose trip is to say hello and help my parents see that they need to make some difficult decisions about where to live next.  A very steady, stable dog would be welcome, but both dogs are not going to be rock solid around Dad's shaking hands and sudden movements and he might be emotionally hurt by their hesitancy around him (though I know he'd love to see them.)

But poor Trek if my Dad and I get into a heated discussion where he starts to rant and tries to storm out of the room.  She'd try to run back to California.  So I have to remind myself that this is not about me and my dreams for my dogs and that if I want to do that I should do it at a separate time that I want to blow through $200 plus an airplane ticket for me, just for fun.  I suppose we could just take Southwest where her ticket would merely be $150.

Common sense suggests maybe trying out some of the calming supplements on her and then trying cheaper places like a shopping mall.

While it's tempting to take Yoshi (his boarding fee will be similar anyway) and I might someday, he's flown in-cabin before and I know his calming meds work well so flying him with me shouldn't be a problem (I hope).  Plus he likes where he's boarded and they like him.  The Corgi Nationals are going to be in Lancaster, PA for the next two years (2010, 2011.  The 2012 will be in Portland, Oregon, but that's a long time in dog years), so it's tempting to take one of them to PA depending on if I want to do herding or agility.

Sat Oct 3
Yoshi herding.  What a relatively awesome doggy.  First of all this morning he had 2 calming tabs and it didn't affect his herding at all.  Though I need to case the car in the chance that the second one didn't get into his mouth but instead dropped because I heard a ping right as I gave it to him, but I just looked again - no sign, so I have to assume he got it.  It was nice not have him be dog reactive yet quite capable of herding (he even saw a beardie and didn't freak out).  The first time he still didn't want to really stop so HTrainer3 got in there with a pvc wand with a bottle and pebbles in it that makes a noise he doesn't like and he was instantly not pushy and we walked the whole course with no problem at all.  The second time it was just me with pebble wand and it was still pretty rocky, but we muddled through with me running part of the course.  I still need to work on keeping moving yet keeping him at a good distance.  I think I'll get a water bottle with pebbles in it but I'll just carry it rather than have it on the stick (easier for me that way).  Oh and we successfully did a pen!  He stayed while the sheep gathered at the barn gate and he stayed put till I opened it.  Perfect!  So nice to have a dog that can stop most of the time.

And we got to go fetch our own stock from two pens away.  (We stayed on leash, for that but it was fun to do and surprisingly easy - just open the gate that you want them to go through and walk to the opposite side of the pen and then move closer slowly.)

Just heard back from Jill saying that she is concerned that her sheep are used to big dogs but Corgis have moved them but they were confident Corgis and she was concerned about setting him back.  I assured her that his issue now is being too pushy and that he'd probably be fine.

Talked to HTrainer2 about maybe bringing him up to work.  She said that would be great, but the ranch was closed tomorrow because there's a harvest festival going on up there and she's doing a demo.

So Yoshi's next herding is Fri Oct 16th unless he can go to HTrainer2's on the 11th.

I keep thinking I should give Trek another try at herding just to give her permission to enjoy it.  Given her personality she should love it,  slightly predatory and likes to run and very obedient, but she's allergic to someone yelling or chaos or something resembles real work (obedience work is fine).  I'd like to see her succeed at it without torturing her because she might actually enjoy it, though honestly she'd rather do agility and obedience.

In the Dog Geek Exposed category is:
I was at New Leaf Market buying some food for me before herding and I saw the exact type of empty bottle I'd been wanting to mix the salmon and the flax oils.  I was so happy (I'm easy to please sometimes) It has a pump on the top and is the exact type of bottle the Grizzly Salmon Oil comes in.  At check out the person mentioned that if I want to use it to buy scent refills just bring the bottle in and they'll weigh it first and then can subtract out the weight when you fill it. While I was happy to hear they have such a system in place it's not very relevant, so I said "Well actually I use it for mixing supplements for my dogs."  Now this is completely different than what she was describing, but at a Health Food market this more than fits in and of course the conversation instantly became about what kind of dogs and then herding.

So I now have a half and half mix of Salmon and Flax Oil that they get.  The flax is for Trek's eyes, but it doesn't hurt Yoshi to give it to him

So Yoshi's regime is now

Prairie Dog Food (just switched to salmon)
L-theanine 100mg
GABA 150mg
Pet Ease 1 Tablet (Then he can have one more for stressful situations)

Fri Oct 2
Yoshi Walk
I took him because Trek has class tonight and I wanted to get an idea of how he's doing.

Much better
No B1 and one tablet of Pet Ease

Didn't criticize the mail carrier's pith helmet though he watched him very carefully.

Saw two dogs both of which we had to run to catch up with.

First one was an elderly Boston Terrier moving very slowly which is why we could catch up from more than a block away.
With the Boston on the other side of the street we were able to side and let them walk past and then we were able to catch up to them and walk past.  Then further down able to walk over to the Boston's side of the street.  (Yoshi did give an alert but not threatened bark from that) and then we headed off.

The other dog was a Golden far away.  We caught up with them when we were at my house so after watching them for a little (Yoshi did tense up some here), let them go and went inside.

I hope no one minds our stalking them.  So far I don't think they've noticed.

Y's going to Trek's class tonight just to see how it goes.  Think we'll go early and get the lay of the land and bring the red crate.

Need to buy more Pet Ease since I'm now using it routinely.

Picked up Yoshi's food from Dog Bone Alley and we'll give him half and half for a little while and then switch him over.

This is probably too many changes at once but I think it will work and the Pet Ease he's had before and the B1 removal is just a subtraction so the only unknown addition is the food.

For herding I'm going to bring the Pet Ease with me to see if another tablet (2 which is a normal dose for him) screws up his herding.

I'm trying not to worry about the herding trials especially since I'll be on my own for the AKC one.
I'll have to check if JoAnn Rogers is going to be there since she's a part of Vaca Valley Stock Dogs who are putting this on for the Bouv people. 

I can't believe that the primary dogs that are going to be around him are Bouviers and Sammoyeds.  He's great around Border Collies and Corgis so I worry about my choices.  I'm concerned that I want this too much and it may cloud my judgment.

I just heard back from Jill Lockhart who is the president of the Bouvier Club and who owns the ranch in Patterson where the AKC trial is going to be held.  Patterson is the place where Mark, Patricia, Terri and I went to have our dogs instinct tested.  Yoshi was tentative the sheep didn't want to move and the Ram took a swing at Yoshi.  That was pretty much it for a year for Mr. Y save for more failed instinct tests (4 of them total), until Debbie P got him herding.  I'm hoping to take Yoshi to a trial there in Patterson for his PT in that full circle sort of sense.  Oh and those "mean little sheep"?  They are "no more."  Wow that's harsh.  I should tell Yoshi to be glad he's not a sheep.  "Bad" sheep are dead sheep. 

Thu Oct 1
Yoshi walk
This morning I increased his B1 to 50mg to see if there's a difference.  There is - he's worse.  Jumpier and sort of back to he old self, so the B1 is just going away and we'll see how he does.  I'll have to find a way to help him with his startle response.  I guess I could try chamomile et al (passion flower, skullcap, hops, ...) but we'll let the B1 dissipate back down to the RDA level in his food (shouldn't take too long as it's water soluble).

Dog Bone Alley has his Salmon food so I'll pick that up tomorrow.

Out the door saw a couple of off leash LWFDs across the street and he lept right into the end of the leash choking himself.  I picked him up by the scruff just to get a hold of him and get some food in front of him.  After that he was pretty amped for longer than I liked - for a few blocks.  Did see some other dogs and was able to sit and eat at a wide street width and a little more.  Able to do it again a little while later, but still up and having trouble managing being surprised.  The project now is to help him with being startled.  GABA is helping him recover but he's likely going to need something else and the B vitamins (which can have a real UP effect) probably aren't going to do it.  Things like chamomile or L-tryptophan are more likely.  Given that I'm having good luck with amino acids I think I'll try L-tryptophan now that I can get it again.  There was something like a decade long ban on it even though the issue was people over dosing on what turned out to be something that wasn't done quite right (I should get a reference for that).  Here's another interesting reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tryptophan which in the Function area talks about how it functions as a "biochemical precursor" to serotonin.  Now that's intriguing.

Pet Ease has 10mg per tablet and his dose is two tablets.  Now Pet Ease only buys me 2-3 hours but it's a really nice 2-3 hours.  I've been assuming that it's the 45 mg of chamomile (with tow tabs that's 90mg) that was doing it but it could be the Trypto.  A person would typically take around 500 mg and Yoshi is conveniently 1/5 of my body weight so I use that as a guide and would give that or less.  However 20mg to 100mg is a huge range and it's difficult to measure less than a 1/5 o a capsule, so I need to look around for smaller quantities of Trypto.  (Looking)  Can't find any.  Probably should just stick with Pet Ease since the ingredient list is nice and short (Chamomile, Hops, Ginger Root, L-taurine, L-tryptophan - http://www.nutri-vet.com/pet-ease-chewables).  We'll just give him one in the morning and we can always give him more.

Trek walk - uneventful.

There is an AKC herding event on Halloween that he could go to to try for his PT and it's not in Vacaville, but in Patterson at the original place where we took him for an instinct test and a Ram sort of chased him which put him off of herding for a year.  No Rams in PT tests so it would be pretty cool to go back there and succeed.  Instead of him being weird about Sammys he gets to be weird about Bouviers.  Oh great.  I wrote to the secretary, but haven't heard back so I may just write to Jill who is the club president.

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Yoshi Training Diary - Dec 2005
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Yoshi Training Diary - Jan  2005

Yoshi Training Diary - Dec 2004
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Yoshi Training Diary - Oct 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Sep 2004
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Yoshi Training Diary - July 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Jun 2004
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