Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - March 2007

By Ellen Clary
(reverse date order)

Feedback is welcome:

Sat Mar 31
Put teeter up on low stand.  Took her a few minutes to get used to the banging and now can't keep Trek off the teeter.
Trek at dog park briefly in morning.
Trek and Cooper at dog park (afternoon)
Trek and Cooper at Cooper's (wrestle wrestle wrestle)
Jan and Mark still want her around but will manage her carefully when birds are out and about.

Fri Mar 30
This morning featured far more excitment that I wanted.  Both dogs and both humans are fine.  One poor male Robin (bird) is not.  I was taking a shower and Terri let the dogs out one last time before we went to work.  I heard something of a commotion but wasn't sure what it was about, i figured it was Trek finding something disgusting in the yard to eat and Terri getting after her.  A few minutes later Terri comes into the bathroom saying the dogs got a bird and she shows me a Robin lying in her arms and going into shock.  I tell her to call Mark and Jan the bird experts but they weren't there so we were just about to head off to Park Center Animal Hospital, but the bird died.

What happened was that when Terri let them out the Robin was on the ground and didn't fly away when they were let out (the Robins here (unlike the squirrels) get a bit lazy which is to their detriment).  Trek raced over and grabbed it with her mouth and Terri grabbed her.  To her credit, Trek immediately dropped the bird and it was fluttering around and then Yoshi(!) picked it up which incurred Wrath of Terri prying it forcefully out of his jaws (and appropriately terrifying him).  Yoshi has such a soft mouth that I suspect that it was the Trek chomp that did the damage.

With the bird unfortunately dead, we decided that it was time to have a rather macabre "leave it" lesson and both dogs did well at it.  Yoshi initially didn't want to even look at the bird, Trek of course was all for it but eventually complied (after 3 tties to get the bird.)

I think this means that unless Jan really wants to have Trek around, when Terri and I go off on vacation as the last thing I want to hear is that Trek injured or killed one of their birds.  Yoshi will go to their house and Trek will get boarded.  While being boarded will piss Trek off, she's resiliant (much more so than Yoshi) and will probably start to enjoy all the attention.

Gave Cathy back the mini dog walk (didn't put Trek on it as she'll do fine with a full size one and I would have to reinforce that one to keep it stable.)  Got the teeter back.

Put the teeter board on the ground and clicked her for standing anywhere on it (just like the skateboard).  Oh she likes this game and was on her own running the board in a couple of minutes   I put a 1.5" piece of PVC under it and she was at first hesitant, but realized more goodies were in the offering so decided it was well worth getting used to the motion.  No word is associate with it and she's allow to screw around on it however she wishes.  This results in her running back and forth on it (and back and forth and back and forth).

Later when she was let out the teeter board is the first place she goes to check out to see if any goodies are around.

Wed Mar 28

Yoshi started back at the Oakland DTC Novice/Open obedience classes.  He did very well with one outburst which he was reprimanded for.  It really helped that there were only 5 dogs in the class and all the dogs he'd met before.  The first test was that there is a large beginner obedience class right before and we share sits and downs with them  I tethered him to the wall away from them and I stayed close (and we just did the sit portion).  He seemed concerned, but was ok with me near even when the other dogs would occasionally stand up.

His heeling was good.  His jumping was of course excellent (even while sporting a long line).  Stand for exam was passable but needs work, and he will retreve the dumbell.  Hazel noticed that when he comes near with the dumbell I tend to reach out for it, so my refraining from doing that is the next step.  I was doing that just to give him some success at it, but he probably can handle the additional deman now.  He's never been good about just holdi it so that will be the next lesson.

Tues Mar 27
Just as an experiment took one weave guide off of a set of weave poles.  Trek can weave without it at slow speed but if I speed up she pops out, so the guide went back on.  Then I started to speed up doing the weaves and she was able to do it and do it pretty well.

Ack and she really doesn't have a concept of stay except on the table and maybe in the office.  (Funny how one's trainigncan miss the obvious.)

I go back and forth on which signal I use for touch and which for stay and that's not helping.  I think I've settled on closed fist for touch and open hand for stay.  I was trying both open handed but one facing one way and one the other but that wasn't different enough.

Mon Mar 26
Cathy over to watch Queer as Folk.  She didn't bring her dogs as teenage Abby is still getting used to being with her and 4 dogs might be a bit much.

More weaves with Trek.  Also did a little work with having her sit beside me.  She's still unclear on it so it will take quite a bit more work.  And she's fuzzy on the concept of Stay (oops).

Put the skateboard on a blanket in the living room

Sun Mar 25
The Cyclosporine appears to irritate her eye as she was winking a lot.  I wrote Dr. Freidman email and I also added some more Optimmune.  Hours later she was still winking so when it came time for more medicine I decided just to use the Optimmune and also added in some human tears drops.  Now it's evening and she's not blinking nearly so much.

Doing some web research for Yoshi.
Checked up on Rage Syndrome which I was fairly sure wasn't his issue - it's not.  Dogs with this condition fly into rages for no discernable reason, sometimes out of sleep, and often injure their family members.  With Yoshi the target is obvious (even if the reason is murky), and my intervening with Yoshi is like an off switch for him (well sometimes he struggles, but never ever has even made an aggressive motion towards me.)
Looked up Dry Drunk - that's closer but obviously not really it since it's related to the effects of previously being an alcoholic.
Then I google anger management and that was very interesting reading: http://www.apa.org/topics/controlanger.html
#1 on the list was Relax which is what Trish and Rachelle want me to continue to teach Yoshi.

Sat Mar 24
Terri and I went skiing for the last time this season (well downhill skiing that is - the back country skiing will last through June (May?) likely.  The dogs were over at Camp Cooper today  We were a bit concerned as it would be the first time that all the dogs were over at Cooper's and we know that Yoshi is very jealous of Trek and reacts to Cooper paying serious attention to her.  So the plan was to just have 2 of them out and about at any time.  In general the dogs did find together, but Mark got sucked into the trap that we've all been lured to at one time or another.  "Oh the dogs are doing so well let's just let them all out at once in the yard."  Sure enough Trek takes off running and Cooper chases after her (in play) and Yoshi goes after Cooper (definitely not in play).  Yoshi latches onto Cooper's neck and a 20 second scuffle ensues between the two.  Poor Mark was already fighting a cold used up almost all of his energy for the day separating them (and spent the rest of it beating up on himself unnessarily).  No blood save for possibly a self bit gum on Cooper.

What's interesting is that Yoshi's behavior is so classic in a way.  A minute and a half later he was, what looked like, very apologetic to Cooper.  Such a stereotypical Dry Drunk.  Flies into rages, and then feels awful about it afterwards.  I think after I get further in paying off Trek's vet bills that I'll start back again investigating other medicinal solutions for Yoshi as the Shen Calmer isn't powerful enough to deal with it.  I'll likely consult with Sophia Yin who is a vet behaviorist who has office hours in San Francisco once a week.  It's either that or go off to Davis multiple times (and hand them $350.00).

Jan points out that it is to some degree that Yoshi would be defensive about another male dog interacting with Trek.  True, but his reaction was over-reaction as anoher dog woutl just bark authoritatively at Cooper.  I've seen him this way with Cali once as one time Cali was side swiped by a teeter that Jesse was on (and Cali was too close).  Cali did a corrective, barking (swearing) lunge at Jesse and then immediately broke off as her point was made and she was brilliant at dog communication.  Now a half beat later comes Yoshi charging in at Jesse and the fury  behind his charge caught us all off guard.

Wonder if there are anger management classes for dogs.  This reminds me that I need to write Puppyworks to volunteer Yoshi as a subject of the Aloff seminar.

I've gotten pretty good at predicting and anticipating Yoshi's reactions.  I can see his eyes harden and round or squint and his body stiffen and I know I need to get a hand on him or tighten the leash or head in another direction right then.  I think it was Friday that I got to him right as he was about to bark or lunge (one at Cooper, another at a coworker on the other side of a window walking by quickly).  I just with I wcould get far enough into his head to teach him that there are other ways to respond though this is clearly hard wired and going to be difficult to change though he's looking to me more for direction so I need to continue to micromanage as he very much wants it.

Fri Mar 23
Took the day off and had a very dog oriented day.  I take one Friday a month off so that Yoshi can go to Lori Drouin's once a month training class at ODTC.  Today was a bit different as I had to take Trek to Fremont for an eye appt. in the morning first.

Trek.  Her eyelid has healed and looks good but Dr. Friedman tested her again for Dry Eye and the results were exactly the same as before, so even though it appears that the Optimmune is helping it's not stimulating more tear production.  Fortunately there's a stronger version of her medicine that we are going to try.  This time it is drops instead of a goo.

Yoshi.  Trek and I got back too late for his regular class so I decided just to take him to watch part of the open and the utility class.  While I wrote down on the sign in sheet that we were just watching I went ahead and paid for the class as a courtesy.  Well it turned out that someone else put their puppy in the class so the class then had two newcomers and we found ourselves taking a utility class and having a blast.

First they did heeling and we just watched, then it was time to work on scent discrimination.  Lori handed me a yogurt container top and put a few others out on the floor.  She had me scent it and then place it on the floor with a treat under it.  She said that Corgis love this exercise and she was absoultely correct on that one.  We worked up to several more lids on the floor and she said that the indication that he was working was that he was sniffing the lids and not the floor or just randomly around.  The idea is that it will slowly occur to him that the one that smells like me is the one that pays off.

We worked on stand and return to heel (finish - which for him is a left hand finish).  also the go our portion of directed jumping and a junior version of directed jumping to where you have them sitting in front of you and you're flanked by two jumps one on either side.  You extend an arm towards a jump and say over and toss a treat at the same time.  Since Yoshi has had agility training he had no problem with this though I did keep him on leash but changed the leash from the gentle leader to his collar.

Behaviorally he had 3 attempts at lunging at dogs walking quickly by but I was ready for them each time.  The advantage of the utlity class was that there were fewer dogs, and he seemed less stressed and in general did very well, especially since he hadn't been there for months.

Tonight we're going to take both dogs over to Marks for a behavioral dry run as we're hoping to have them spend the day there on Saturday while we go skiing.  The way I've suggested they do it is to always have one contained or restrained and just run two at a time (this seems to work way better.)  We're also bringing a crate over too, and I need to remember to bring over some of Trek's food.

I've decided.  Yoshi gets an obedience career even if he never sees the inside of a ring.  We'll just consider this a benevolent military school - the structure is a good for him and he's now old enough to tolerate the demands of training that used to make him shut down.  And he's better about training on leash than off (weirdo).

Thu Mar 22
It's occurring to me that I really need to work on Stay with the Trek wiggle-queen.  It's so easy to overlook and will make my life such hell if I don't work on it.  I haven't been taking her to Oakland DTC as I don't particularly need to have her heel with attention but the discipline of the other training would be good for her, though ODTC is more Yoshi's domain.

She's really catching on to the weaving and I started sequencing it with either the tire or the jump.  Her progress is impressing me (unlike her stays :)

Another thing I've been neglecting is sitting beside me on either side.  She doesn't see that as a place to be so I'm been using hand targeting to get her into position.  I hold my arm out extended low behind me as a target "touch" and then move the hand to beside me palm facing backwards ("touch") and then I say "sit" when I think she gets the idea I'll add a cue word.  With Yoshi I use "by me" for the left and for the right due to a lack of creativity just say "side" (stand or walk on my right side) and then say "sit"  I also pat the side of my leg which is likely the main cue.

I've been thinking more about how Yoshi does better with the more guidance and management he gets.  To me this is so counter intuitive as dogs speak a language that I only barely get and I've been studying it for a while.  But this is how it is.  I can trust him to have good judgement around Trek and usually around Cooper if Trek isn't around.  Past that I have to keep reminding him of how I want him to behave.  Much as he doesn't like it I'm going to start walking him on his Gentle Leader again as I have more control over his head (leave it and pull gently but steadily on it to turn his head away from the dog.  I may even start verbalizing what I want him to do as it would help my thinking.  "Turn away from that dog.  Ignore that dog.  It's much nicer here anyway.  That dog is no threat to you. ..."

Wed Mar 21
Introduced Trek to the Tire which I finally got around to putting back in the mini PVC frame.  Got her to walk through it saying "yes" each time.  Didn't even have to lure her to do it though we walked around the tire a few times (almost to the point of racing round it.)  When she started to do it consistently I introduced the "tire" cue, saying it just as she was going through it.  Once she got the idea that the point was to go through the tire she didn't have any hesitation about it.  She's just walking through the tire right now (instead of jumping) as it's touching the ground.

Finished making another weave guide so all the poles have guides now and she's weaving through without hesitation now.  I'm trying to not get in the habit of saying "weave" at every pole as I run out of breath.  So I'm trying to say "weave" once and then just make a "weee" sound or something else.

I need to get the teeter back from Cathy - perhaps on Sunday.

I finally did most of Yoshi's Canine Aggression study survey.  The only part I have is a few pages just for me like am I or am I interested in becoming a breeder.  Answers: No and Definitely no (not able to take the heartache that comes with losing puppies.)

Tues Mar 20
Worked on the weaves combined with the jump.  She's jumping ok though a bit sloppily, but I'm not going to worry about it right yet.  Weavewise she likely needs the last guide as she tends to overrun the entrance and needs to more understand what her job is.

Sun Mar 18
Took the dogs out at 6am and then let them on the bed while I lay there.  There cetainly was lots of wrestling but there was the occasional quiet moment too which was a nice surprise.

I took Trek to the small dog park and, of course, she did really well. I think I'll make a habit of it.  She played very nicely with a mix named Sweetpea.

Now I have to figure out what to do for Yoshi.  I think I'll take him to the Main St dog park and if no other dogs are around, let him run around.  It they are there then we can watch them.

Went to the park.  There was a dog who showed up at the exact same time, but it was one of the hunt trained labs, so I put Yoshi on leash and we watched them work and Yoshi got to eat some canned dog food.  He did pretty well but did bark at another Boxer/Mastif mix that came by and started playing fetch so we went outside the park and the hunt trainer and I chatted for a bit.  The Innova canned dog food was a hit with Yoshi but it was a bit messy so I'm hoping that refrigerating it will help.  It's funny that if a dog is clearly under control then he's usually ok (though not always - especially if a place is making him massively uncomfortable.)  The Lab was under control, the Boxer/Mastif in him eyes wasn't.

Sat Mar 17
Skiing - snow's running out so this won't last long.

Thu Mar 15
Played fetch some in the yard with both dogs.  Yoshi is getting more tolerant of a dog racing past him after a ball though he still gives serious chase.  I had brought out both sizes of balls so Yoshi didn't have to struggle so much when he tried to pick one up, but the downside to that is that Trek likes to chomp down hard on them and they tend to crack open - oops.  Trek was even retrieving tennis balls, and in fact when I stopped to go get the squeaky ball she seemed to lose interest (fickle).

Took Yoshi to watch dogs at the dog park.  I took a chance and parked right beside the entrance and he did great though it did stress him (he was gobbling the peanut butter pretty heavily.  I should probably park a bit further away next time (like maybe not right beside the fence but in the next row over.)

Wed Mar 14
I cut the poles back down to 4 (all with guides) so I didn't have to do any entrance management and so she can learn more of what her job is.  She's getting more comfident with it though if she speeds up she jumps the guide and she's only just noticing that she doesn't get rewarded for that.  Wish I could remember where I put the rest of the guides.  I guess the surefire way to find them is to make more.

Tue Mar 13
Some weave pole and jump work with Trek.  She's getting the weavepoles though I really should put a guide on the first and last so she can get the physical feeling of running through them without me managing the entry.  What did I do with the rest of the guides?

Goofed around with her some just to see if she'd volunteer rolling on her back.  I lured her into the position a couple of times and said "yes" and rewarded her.  I then stopped luring  to see what she'd do.  She did try a couple of things including lying down (cool) but didn't get the roll on one's back so I did some more luring and then stopped and she came very close by lying on her side (jackpot).

Yoshi is asking for a job and I need to think of one for him beyond herding every couple of weeks.  Trek left a trap for him in the yard as she left the hedgie out and he charged at it full speed only to find it wasn't alive.

Mon Mar 12
Speak lessons continue to go nowhere.

Sun Mar 11
Poor Mark got hurt at work and is somewhat laid up, so we brought Cooper over to play.  Yoshi is still very jealous of Trek and still wants to jump Cooper any time he gets near her so Yoshi spent time on a leash with me or in his crate.

Trek and Cooper played like a house afire.

Sat Mar 10
Went skiing and the doggies harrassed Terri

Thu Mar 8
Did more work with the weave poles.  I went ahead and added the other two poles though it's a little soon.  The guides are on the middle poles and I just use my body to guide her in the 1st and last pole.  She's getting it but we're going to stay at this level for a while.

Another short weave pole session.  She's going over and standing at the entry now almost as if asking to do it.  I'm still luring her but will fade it eventually.

Also have been working on the jump.  She only rarely runs around the jump now and seems to understand "over"

Wed Mar 7
Finally filled in about Trek's eye appt on Mar 2.

Her stool continues to be so-so.  Generally pretty good but still softish.  I'll give it another week and then start adding the chicken EVO back in.

Worked in the yard on sits/stays around a jump and on the table.  Also did some basic jump work.  Was able to do this with both dogs which was entertaining.  Then I wanted to work with Trek on the contact trainer so I put Yoshi away.

I've put in guides of sorts at the entrance/exit of the contact trainer, which basically are vertical bamboo stakes with PVC over them.  This lets her know that I want her to go straight on and off of the contact trainer (she's had plenty of time just to play with it and get comfortable with it.  Now the guides wouldn't actually prevent her from jumping off but they make her concentrate juet enough that it hasn't occurred to her to try.

I still need to get the teeter back from Cathy.  And I get to put the weave guides back together.  The way I taught Yoshi worked so well I'm going to do it for her as well.

Well I only found some of the weave guide pieces - enough for 2 complete guides, so i put just 4 poles up and started clicking her for any interest in the entry.  She was quite intrigued though at first didn't want to cross the metal base but she got over that in a few seconds once she realized venison treats were in the offing.  At first she would go in and then hop over the guides but I didn't stress about it and I switched to just luring her since I wanted her to get the idea that moving through the poles got her more treats.  Once she figured out that she got more treats by staying in the guides she didn't hop out nearly so much.  Stopped after a short (3-5 minute) session.

Tue Mar 6
Eek, falling behind - will fill in as I get time...

In the exposing a minor to vice category.  I've been learning the strategies of Blackjack (Google: blackjack strategy - it's not as simple as we used to think - but the odds are much more close to even now) and been playing a practice version at Bodog.com  I find that I do better when I have Trek in my lap and I explain the move to her ("Trek, we may only have 15, but dealer up card is a 6 which is awful for them, so that's a stand for us").  I guess this is kinda like having a reading dog.  She doesn't even need free drinks - just belly rubs.  Now carefully we're dipping our toe into playing for real.  The one time Trek wasn't in my lap I lost money.  If she's in it I win (eventually)

Mon Mar 5
Cathy over to watch Queer as Folk.  She didn't bring dogs so it was a peaceful evening.  Trek demonstrated her sliding crash into the sofa version of indoor squeaky ball fetch.  Yoshi even joined in some though it was more to steal the ball and squeak it.  But he didn't do his usual ballistic go nuts when a dog is chasing a ball so I'll consider it progress.

There were at least two incidents that could have caused a fight between less compatible dogs but these two were completely fine.  Pretty much any time during the fetch session was one, and the other more glaring one was when Yoshi went into one of the soft crates and I gave him a bully stick and before I could close the door Trek went in there too.  I called Trek out of the crate and had her go in the other crate with a different bully stick.  Phew.

After a while I let Trek out to chew on her stick outside the crate.  She did so but then got tired of it and left it on the floor.  By this time I had unzipped the crate that Yoshi was in and he came out and got that bully stick and then went to the dog bed (instead of trying to hoards both sticks.).  Trek then when into that crate and started chewing the stick that Yoshi left in there.  Peaceful exchanges - what's the world coming to?  I could get used to this.

Someone actually put a dog toy on FreeCycle.  It's one of the Hide a Squirrel one's., so I went and got it.  Now we have two and Yoshi was amusing us by burying his entire snout in the hole of one of them.

Sun Mar 4
Herding day for the Yosh-man.  Behaviorally he was terrific.  Didn't lunge at anyone.  Thought about it a couple of times but when I told him to leave it he immediately reengaged with me.

 Herding wise he still of course doesn't want to stop but is more inclined to listen to me.  I asked Joyce what was next and she was telling me that his down (or stop or sit) had to be more reliable and immidiate.  I mentioned that he does pretty well at home but she didn't seem convinced, so I put the long line on him and demoed it.  He does it fine, but is hesitant and not very fast about it.  She thought he was just being insolent I wasn't convinced but let her yell a correction at him ("I said DOWN!")  He was definitely more responsive then, but he was clearly afraid of her then.  She thought I should be harder on him and I said (stealing a line from Rachelle) that: Surely there has to be another way of teaching him this.  Joyce surprised me by saying yes there is, and admited that when she was teaching her cattledog Jill, alternate methods like the clicker, didn't exist..  We talked for a bit longer and sort of compromised on rattling the clip of the long line against his collar (by shaking the line) as that's all the reminder he seems to need generally. 

We also agreed that around sheep he can take (and may even need) stronger corrections such as grabbing the collar (which in the grand scheme of things isn't very strong.)

We then went out on the sheep in the round pen (where we seem to live) for a third time.  He was certainly more responsive (although he was more tired then too.)  Initially we had the long line on him, but then took it off.  Then there was a moment when the sheep stopped near me and he stopped expectantly.  I was sort of flumoxxed and Joyce said to take the sheep across the ring.  Huh?  Oh yeah.  They call this herding.  It's more than trying to control one's dog racing around in circles.  Now I actually need to learn how to walk backward leading sheep with a dog trailing.  I felt like I'd walked onto a stage or something, but it didn't last long, but what a fun moment it was.

Sat Mar 5
Went skiing.  The dogs did yard slalom.

Fri Mar 2
This morning someone  put a large (3') plush toy dog on freecycle.  "To good home, clean, no stains, good for a kid." Drat, we're not a "good home" (can you imagine?) so I passed though what a great training toy it would be <g>.  If it doesn't disappear soon maybe I'll write the giver.

Trek eye appt.
The most notable thing today was that the Dr. gave her a tear production test which is essentially putting special litmus paper like strips in her eyes and then leave them in there for about 30 seconds to a minute.  I wish I had a photo of it as it was too funny seeing a dog with her eyes closed with two strips of paper sticking out.  She ws so good about it - didn't complain at all..  For such a simple test the results were very revealing.  The strips have marked guides on them that show how much tears were absorbed during that time.  Her unaffected eye was about 30 (don't know the units).  The affected eye was 5.  Nornal tear production would display at least 15.  So Trek has "Dry Eye" and this goes quite a way in explaining why her eye is bothering her though not all the way as then the ointment that Dr. Applegate gave us would have made a difference.

So we now have drops that we put in her eye that will relieve some of the dryness.  The name escapes me and I'll have to look it up but of course it starts with an O.  Pricey stuff too. $50 for a small tube mostly because it's a verterinary drug and not a human one.  If this turns into a lifelong commitment we'll have to investigate more affordable alternatives.

I asked what causes Dry Eye and Dr Friedman said it was when the gland that produces the tears doesn't work as well as it needs to.

Thu Mar 1
Trek has a follow up appt at the eye vet tomorrow.  The most recent scab just fell off and it's looking great (photos are on her webpage.)

I have switched her over to the Red Meat EVO and I notice that her stool is a little soft, but not horrible.  Will keep an eye on it.

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