Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Nov 2010

By Ellen Clary
(reverse date order)

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Tue Nov 30
Noon Trek walk.  A short one since I had a Dr. appt, but we walked by the school at recess.  Lots and lots of screaming children, metal clanging, balls bouncing.  She did great!  And I hadn't even brought treats.  What a good doggie.

Yoshi evening walk.  I had mean to walk him at 4pm but got busy at work  Only saw one dog right at the first.  Medium sized white that I didn't see first but Yoshi saw the dog stiffen lurched forward I pulled back on the leash (sort of automatically) and he came right back to me and switched into LAT mode just like that.  I was like all he needed was something to get his head back.  I don't thing a leash correction would do it but simple pulling does seem to get his attention. 

For the rest of the walk I experimented with what sounds get his attention the fastest.  Went through Yoshi Come Here Leave-It Yo Hey Walkies Stop Sit By-Me and some others.  What gets his attention the fastest is Here and Leave-IT, with Hey as a second  Makes me want to change his name to Ear-It or something.  Closest name I can come up with is Kir'an or Garret.

[a letter I just wrote]

Hi Tues night Power Paws folks,

Trek did a drop in at Sharon Freilich's last night she (Trek) had no problem at all with the teeter even though Sharon's teeter is just as loud.  Trek used to worry about Sharon's teeter, but managed to work through it.  Unlike at PP where even after weeks and weeks was just getting worse and Jim and I decided that it would probably be best to give her a break from class.

Such an odd doggy, but I think I'm starting to understand her.  What she fears is the sound wave that hits her when another dog is doing the teeter.  She physically jumps and trembles - even when we're further down the driveway.  There's something about how PP is laid out that seems to funnel the sound.  Must be a bummer to hear twice as much as humans.

Sharon's field is more open even through there are walls around it.  Here's a photo:

http://www.freilancedogsports.com/img/yard/pages/Agility yard 002_jpg.htm

This time the teeter was all the way in the back so a dog doing it was fair away from us.  But even when the teeter is closer she's less freaked out by it than at PP.

I think we'll keep doing drop ins at Sharon's and then decide what to do.  It's possible that Trek will rejoin a class there and then sometimes drop in to Tues to say hello to you all.  The bummer is me not getting to see you all on a regular basis, not getting Jim's insight, and not getting our toes on that wonderful grass. The good thing is not having a terrified dog what I have to beg and cajole to come out of her car crate, and not having a certain someone giving me hell about a moving front cross. :)

And I was so looking forward to having another PP Corgi Dynasty.

Ellen Clary
and Trek

Mon Nov 29
Yoshi morning walk.  He's so happy to be in his own space and neighborhood.  He's now totally used to the morning walks now and he offered heeling for a fair bit of it to earn some treats.  He wasn't anxiously looking around - though still keeping an eye out, but nothing like he was in Redding.  Only saw one dog from a distance though he saw lots of people and he didn't react to any of them save for wanting to go smell them and then turn back to me for treats.

Trek agility drop in at Sharon's.
She did the teeter no problem 2-3 times.  And she did some great weave poles at a 15' distance with me on the other side of a jump.  The teeter was idealy placed as it was all the way at the end of the big field so other dogs doing it didn't bother her.  I've tried being at the other end of the field at Power Paws but the sound of the teeter still freaks her out.  I'm glad I scrached her from Santa Rosa though I think I'll bring both dogs up on the Saturday just to do some training.  She is still entered in NADAC on Sat, but there's no teeter there so I think she'll be fine.  It was so cool to see her having a nice time though I still had to really cajole her out of her crate.  I think I'll have her do more dropins while I figure out what to do.  I was going to have her do a drop in with Rachelle, but I have to be at WAG very early on Sat so I think I'll pass this week.

She also did the weaves with me on the other side of a row of jumps.  Lateral distance was about 15'.


Did a drop in at Sharon's. Trek likes her teeter!

And apologies to the non-agility friends to whom this makes no sense at all. Translated - it's very good news.

Sun Nov 28
We're home!  Back to the usual bark at every noise for Yoshi.  I had them in the backyard and they tore around for a while and then Trek stopped and Yoshi kept going and going and going.  Wow he's been missing his regular walks and more.

Sat Nov 27
Took the dogs to the local dog park but it was essentially underwater, so we did some walking along one bank and then left, but we did do some training then and yikes switching locations has a huge effect.  There were only two dogs in the large dog park and we were off in the empty (save for us) small dog park.  When Yoshi would lock on to a dog visually his hearing would switch off.  Not even an ear flick at first.  He would lock on.  "Yoshi Come" nothing "YOSHI COME" and I would pull on the leash.  He would turn around "Oh you mean me?"  I'd tell him to sit and he would do it and then spring right up staring at the dog ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE!  If there's one thing he understands it's fences so I'm a little annoyed at this.  Trek (who is off-leash) isn't helping as she occasionally charges the fence barking

I gave up on the park and we then went to a nice, large, on-leash park: Caldwell Park.  Then I had both dogs yanking me around but no dogs at first.  Then I see one person just standing there and that means they have a dog around somewhere.  We stop and I watch and then a cute Beagle appears.  I go closer and she leashes her dog.  I explain that one dog is not friendly, but we go closer as Yoshi is usually fine with Beagles.  The Trek starts barking and charging.  Gee thanks Trek.  She's not being aggressive, more wanting to do the typical Corgi charge, but it's stressing Yoshi and I back them both off.  "Which one isn't friendly?"  That's just great Trek.  Good dog no longer acting that way.  I laugh and indicate that it's usually Trek but I don't know what's going on with her.  She said she admired walking them together.  I said that I hate walking them together as their behavior is worse.  We chatted for a bit probably at a distance of 20' and we walked on went down to the river and turned around.  Saw her again and then continued on to the car.

I'n not inclined to walk them together much more. :)

Fri Nov 26
Black Friday Shasta Snowshoe for me - dogs stayed with Terri and Treva and did ok.

Thu Nov 25
Thanksgiving.  Some chaos (9 people) in the house and neither dog was very happy about it.  Trek was a stress case and went and hid in the bedroom (we put a crate in there to help her stay more comfortable.  Yoshi was reactiving to people moving and we crated him eventually.  It was always motion and mostly about any of the men moving.  Same effect.  Someone could be putting him.  Leave for a minute, Reenter and he'd bark at them to stop moving.  I started picking him up with helped him some, also moving him at the same time someone else was moving though I'm not sure if this helped.  We just wound up crating them and worked on stuff later.

Wed Nov 24
Off to Terri's mom's for Thanksgiving.
Took both dogs for a walk when we got there.  They did fine but they really didn't see any dogs and even one they thought they saw they made up.

Tue Nov 23
Trek Power Paws class
I am SO bummed.  Her teeter phobia is just getting worse and the teeter was not near the hedge.  I don't know what her issue is besides being a freaky girl about the noise.  Maybe it's too close to her vs Sharon's where it's further away, but sometimes it's close at Sharon's and it doesn't seem to bother her as much.  Jim and I talked and we decided that we should take her out of class for a while and maybe do some drop-ins elsewhere.  I think next week she can go a couple of times to Sharon's one in one of Sharon's classes and one in Rachelle's.  Or maybe I'll just take her to Rachelle's and we can work on her teeter and then the week after that see if she can drop in on Sharon's class.

What's amazing to me is that there was one course that didn't have any contacts in it and she was the last dog to run so she hadn't heard any teeters for about 5 minutes.  She aced that course.  Then resumed being a basket case once the teeter started again.  Argh.

Mon Nov 22
Trek hadn't pooped in the morning so she got the morning walk.  I had to be at work right at 8 and was a bit late so this was more of a no-nonsense let's get it done walk.

noon - Yoshi walk.  I often don't see many dogs at all at noon so I was a bit surprised to see him stiffen.  If I had called him right then he wouldn't of even barked but I looked up to see a medium sized brown dog walking across the street and then I called Yoshi who desisted pretty quickly with the application of cheese.  I did pause long enough to see if he would bark or choose the cheese and he went for the cheese which was nice to see.  Of course it was obvious that the dog was passing by but they were still just across from us and in the past he would have barked more.

Wonder if class is going to be rained out or not tomorrow.  I work 7-4 so the noon walk will be for Yoshi again and with any luck Trek will have agility in the evening and Yoshi is going along to get more small dog manners lessons.  Need to buy more cheese.

Thanksgiving is this week and we all go up to Terri's mom's in Redding.  This means we have to pack for 4 days of dog food and medicine.

VPI bounced Yoshi claim again so I called them turns out old gastrious exclusion is still in place so I need to request a medical exclusion review with 1 year of medical records.

Dog next door was barking from time to time which was making Yoshi crazy.  I kept calling him back and was getting somewhere when I put treats by the computer.  Then when I was in the kitchen I had both dogs doing remedial sitting and looking at me.  This is easy for Yoshi unless a dog is barking.  Then it's really hard, but he mostly can do it.

Sun Nov 21
Took Yoshi to the dog park to do some intensive work on tolerating little dogs.  Mixed success, but to be expected since I was more or less insisting he cope.
We first walked around the edge of the park and went out to the part that extends into Ballena Bay, so I had him going over a doggy parkour course of sorts by walking over a lot of the boulders.

Two snark moments.  One was in the parking lot standing beside the car.  I had fed him a treats and as soon as he ate it he lunged at the passing big dog.  I was a little peeved and  pulled him back and tackled him.  The second one was a white dog who passed by him which he was standing outside the fence.  I picked him up by the scruff and carried him off further away.  I sort of knew there was a chance of him reacting from a distance of only 3' from the fence, but it was find until this dog ran by.

Earlier I had him in the park and had him standing on a table eating treats.  Except that doesn't stop the other dogs from bounding up too.  This was mostly ok but then the LWFDs started to multiply and they had to sense at all that Yoshi was not happy about their happy little faces crowding in.  So I finally picked him up and carried him out of the park, but not until we'd had a chance to say hello to a lab puppy though his walker/sitter decided that the puppy was being too pushy and asking for it (he was) and collected him.  there was also a pushy small black dog who Yoshi was actually tolerating but I picked Yoshi up as that dog wanted Yoshi's cheese and I knew that wasn't a good thing.

In general a good distance from the fence is a car length - though I often pushed past it when it seemed ok which was highly dog dependent.

Trek walk
Not much traffic on High St so we were able to cross it in the crosswalk and for the first time went down Xmas Tree Lane (Thompson).  It's the calm before the storm there right now.  The power company helps hang the high up lights and they were doing that, so Trek got to walk by a cherry picker in use.  She did ok.  We then came back via Lincoln Park and were working on some obedience exercises but there was a ball being kicked around and she wasn't very happy about that.

Had them both doing some nose work.  Put treats in a tug and treat and I would hide it and have them find it.  Yoshi did better than Trek as it was close to dinner time and Trek's not one to miss a meal.

Then later we were messing around with the Babble Ball and I was taping it and she suddenly was skittish of it and I wasn't getting it until I finally realized that the ball had clanged into the metal stove.

Sat Nov 20

Break in the weather and got both dogs walked before a big storm hit us.  Rain, thunder, lightning, and hail in other places of the Bay Area.

And Man Created Dog DVD viewing party gathering - Elf brought over her dogs I had crated Y & T while everyone came in and pretty much left them there initially
Yoshi being snarky at Boost and Tika while he was in the create.  I would get frustrated and yell at him and whack the crate and it did no good at all.
Reaching in and touching him made a difference.  Also feeding him
Had him out after a bit and would treat boost and then reward Yoshi for letting it happen without drama
AMCD - is a really interesting DVD with some unintentionally hilarious parts in the recreations such as the evil bearded man trying to steal goats until the boy herdsman's Great Pyr wakes up and chases him off.

Fri Nov 19
Without thinking I took Yoshi on the morning walk forgetting that he has herding later today.
Watched 2 dogs approach us but just as we retreated they turned the other way down the street so we hustled to catch up and walked along with them briefly.  The later had to steer around another dog by using our parked cars method.

Dog weights are great
Yoshi: 22 pounds
Trek: 24 pounds

Yoshi herding with Trek insisting on going along (since she usually is on a walk at noon.)

Had Trek out first and she wasn't happy about all the metal clanging (it's a ranch honey - you remember ranches clanging right Just like some agility? Pescadero clangs too).  She still wasn't thrilled so I put her away and got Yoshi out.
Who did great!  First run we had the whole length of the narrow pen, second run we were in the larger pen.  In the larger pen we were supposed to be working just a part of it but then I asked if we could do more and so we were able to work the whole pen.

Of course it's me who's always out of position and ineffectually waving the wand around.  Linda says I should keep it close to me until I need it as it's more effective to push with it and then release the pressure.  With me he's often too close (though even with me he's way calmer), with Linda he was wide and she said he was even making square flanks (which is a huge goal in herding that seems to have mythic proportions.  I'm just so thrilled that he's calm though he does start barking every so often and sometimes would splits them.  BUT he would stop when I asked him to and then we could release the pressure and the sheep would regather.  We were trying to take two sheep to the one but it just sort of happened anyway  Linda noticed that he seemed to want to do driving which is me and him behind the sheep and more advanced.

I still mistakenly send him after sheep and Linda doesn't like him to do that yet as he starts to split them and get riled up.  The cool thing is I can now stop him and calm things down.  Of course these are calm sheep and when we get to lighter sheep things won't be so easy.

When the sheep are on the fence it should be fence-sheep-me and then him quite a ways off.

I need to work more on remembering flank (go bye) and away.  Probably the easiest way to remember it is if the wand is in my eight hand then he's usually on an Away (think (Right Away) and if it's in my left it's an Away.  Of course now that I'm not so frantic I'm not running around switching hands but I think in general it's a good way to remember it.

Thu Nov 18
Yoshi morning walk
4 dog sightings.  All positive. I brought a clicker this time and it made a definite difference.  It also made a difference that we were in control of all of the encounters or they were at a distance.
1. Saw next door BC Darwin  We saw them in time and were able to just sit and watch him go by.  Then right behind us were two barky small dogs.  They turned up Gibbons so we did too on the other side of the street.  We are behind them and they are barking a lot.  I then see why.  There are two older larger dogs on our side of the street.  They are not moving so we approach closer.  I might have been able to just go around on the lawn but space was a little tight so we instead went into the street and around a parked car all while the two smaller dogs are barking.  Yoshi was a pro!  No problem and it really helped that the older dogs just sat and watched us.  When we got back to the side walk I stopped and had him sit and told him to Look at the good dogs.  He did a couple of times and earned cheese for it.  Good boy.  We kept chasing the smaller dogs at a distance and then when they got home (I think they live on Court) we then kept going and say a Cattle Dog  coming down Santa Clara at us while we were at the corner.  Not knowing which way they were going we backed off by one house width but I should have just asked as they turned down Court and went down the street right across from us.  No problem.  Yahoo.  Good Yoshi.

Trek noon walk.  She was way intrigued with an American Eskimo [Dog] who was walking down Lincoln.  It was harmless so I just let her start and I mentioned to the owner that she's rarely interested in dogs.  She said I was lucky and that hers was interested in dogs, cats, squirrel and everything else.  i mentioned that I had one like that at home.
Went down High St. and a running Street Sweeper was on it but she didn't freak out though we did hide behind a car until it went by.
I didn't bring many treats save for some dry kibble, but it didn't make any difference.  She seemed happy to be out and working.  I did so some name response treating on the way home.  She responds best to her Trek and also "Trek Here."  Come works but it seems to stress her out some as I use it when I'm stressed and need her to come and when I'm stressed it is precisely the time where obedient dog doesn't come. 

Wed Nov 17
Yoshi morning walk
He's still touchy when even a neutral dog gets too close.
Saw a mostly white small to med size dog and he was nervous about it but it went ok, then saw a hound dog across the street and watched them for a while went fine, then a fox terrier who we followed but that dog was nervous and the owner was keeping a distance.  Then we saw this really interesting Springer or BCx black and white and silver long hair dog that we've seen before.  They went by on Gibbons and we watched from a small island on Gibbons on Central (the smaller of the two islands that are there). The dog went by only 12 feet away but cheese saved the day and it's not a dog he usually reacts to.  However the dog went by again closer (I said it was ok, and he barked)

Trek noon walk uneventful.

Tues Nov 16
Yoshi noon walk he's still touchy at this new time and he even reacted to and started to charge at Darwin the BC that lives next door.  That one I felt he should have known better and I yanked him back grabbed him by the scruff with both hands and plunked him down into a sit.  His reaction was "Oh that's right. Sorry." and started to behave.  What's annoying to me is that I really want him able to keep his head with out my having to tell him what to think.

Trek agility class with Yoshi along too.
A two head-case evening.
The teeter was near the hedge and the moment that Trek say it there she was fearful.  I got her over it once and helped lower it so it didn't crash down but as other dogs started doing it she was seriously hating life to the point that she would leave the start line, so I just put her in the car and got head-case #2 out.

He's used to only being around herding dogs, I had him on [short] leash around 2 Paps, one Min Pin, and A ChiX. I thought his head was going to explode: "I'M SURROUNDED BY RODENTS!", but he just chomped on cheese (and my fingers instead.) I had him in my lap for a fair bit.  It didn't help that Zuma was squeaking and crying.  I think I'm going to make a habit of this, though it's such an over threshold situation I may have him further away.  A Pap weaving completely blew him mind.  He acts exactly like he's seeing a squirrel which helps my understanding.

Dragged (literally) Trek back out.  She absolutely would NOT do any contacts so we just did jumps and tunnels and weaves.  Jim had come up with a complicated gamble but part of it involved the weave poles so we did that part and instead of going on to the dog was we just turned around and did a layered set of poles with me 15' away on the other side of some jumps.  This was similar to us weaving on the other side of the A-Frame last week.  It was very positive and I was thrilled.

Fut! I'm pulling that Santa Rosa Entry.  NADAC is the weekend before, and I'll probably do that, and just work a day of Santa Rosa. 
OR I could just pay for jumpers at the end of the day and work most of the day and just do that class which if she Q'ed would get her into Master's jumpers.

Mon Nov 15
Yoshi walk
Walking in the morning is a definite win.  We have always seen dogs and he's up and very alert so it's a more challenging situation for him to work in.

GSDx at a distance fine.
Dobie across the street.  Y barked briefly, but with encouragement came back - still concerned though eating.
GSDx (same or similar) on a cross street coming towards us.  We paused to watch them walk by and they crossed the street and then started heading down the other side of our street.  Cool!  We parallel walked with them for 2 blocks.  Then a BCx who he is vaguely familiar (though he's never met the dog) with was in the front porch, so Yosh got fed while the other dog barked which didn't last long since the dog (who is friendly) saw the treats.
Rest of the walk was fine - lots of people walking around.  Good exposure.

Trek noon walk.
Kept it to the usual short distance because she had a big weekend and will train tomorrow.
Didn't even use many treats which she was fine with and I only used them when coming back home.

I think both dogs are going with me tomorrow.  Even though it's a pain dealing with both of them I want Yoshi to continue to have the exposure.

I need to keep giving him a lot of positive small dog park exposure - a lot of them look like prey.

Thinking about Bay Team Santa Rosa.  Since I have entry certificates I think I'll enter both days (just have to pay for Steeplechase then.)  If she's not happy she can hang out in her car crate all day and she'll be happy.  Jumpers is at the end of the day and there won't be any teeters then so she can do that if she doesn't want to do anything else.  It might be too noisy but it won't be too hot at least.

Sat Nov 13 - Sun Nov 14
We're back from Turlock.  Mixed results, but encouraging.

Looking back I have to remind myself that now she is willing to do a dogwalk and an A-Frame and that used to be an issue, so this is a huge improvement.

One fun thing is that we actually got into the final run of the Performance version of Steeplechase and we got 2nd place (ok there were only two of us who reached round 2), but there were other dogs in the 1st round.  It's not a qualifying score so there is not Q so it's more of a charity case placement, but we actually got a check which is nice, and it is Baby's First Top Ten point.

Here is the round 2 course.  If she hadn't have stopped short on the tunnel and if the cross behind on the poles had worked she might have won since Tater dropped a bar thus adding 5 seconds to his score,  Click for a larger version.  The indecipherable written comments are: "tried a XB (cross behind) @ poles didn't work" and "She stopped before tunnel had to run closer to help"

I'm wishing I could find my Round 1 as there were 2-3 near wrong courses in it and I think everyone laughed with relief when we finally got through the course clean.  It was like the old Disneyland Mr. Toad's Wild Ride where you come very close to hitting things but never do.

Elf sent me one.  Here it is with her path also:

Once I really started to focus on keeping her attention, we got a Jumpers Q and 1st place (course diagram is further down). 

The day started out with Trek being volunteered by me to run in Rally with Clark (I hadn't entered her figuring we'll move up in that when we get the starters std Q.  We only needed one and we have it.   I was a little concerned about her exposure to more contacts but she did great and ran her part cleanly (I specified no teeter), but alas Clark didn't.  Apparently if you run as an unentered volunteer they will enter you and you do get the Q which is a nice touch.

In that glass is half-full spirit, we didn't get 2 Snooker Q's  (The first one, she took a different jump in the opening and I have to instantly rethink the opening which was a great challenge. but I wasn't able to recover enough to keep her on course for the closing.

Sunday's Snooker was one of those "Oh it's too hot - I want to leave" and when I chased after her to get her attention she woke up and turned around and back jumped the red we had just done.  I was somewhat peeved as it was going really well.

And we didn't get the first jumpers Q because I wasn't doing a good enough job of getting her attention.  No course map as I really don't remember where we went off course.

The 1st Gamblers run had a teeter in it and we wouldn't of likely gotten it even if we hadn't taken the wrong side of the tunnel. 

The second one was way more annoying is that she by passed the dogwalk and we just missed getting enough points in the opening by a second.  She did get the gamble but the DW refusal not only cost us the opening but put us out of position for the gamble.  It's possible that I was timing it all just too closely also, but the refusal did cost 3-4 seconds.

After the jumper's Q I feed her and rubbed her belly and she's seemed really happy.  I also went her down which seemed to help and it had cooled down also (not that it was ever that hot.)

Now I'm thinking that maybe the USDAA in Santa Rosa might work because the teeters are rubberized and might be ok in the covered arena.  they might not because they still might boom underneath the covers, but I think I'd like to try.  I have entry certificates anyway so even if it's a disaster it won't cost me any more money.

I need to tell Debbie this as I said we were leaning towards NADAC in Dec.

Also spoke to Cathy about maybe running Koa the BC some.  I'd really love to try as Cathy is willing to let me try and Koa seems like a really nice dog.

Fri Nov 12
So I did get up and take Mr. Y. out for a morning walk.  It worked great!  Did a lot of work that we wouldn't have been able to accomplish as well at night.

4 dog sightings.  2 Central, 1 Gibbons, 1 Lincoln.

My theory was that there would be dogs going to or from Lincoln Park which used to be an unofficial dog park but I think they are more there from 6-7am as I didn't see any such dog traffic, just more the on a walk traffic which was fine.

Watched a medium-large sized black dog from 4 house width away.  No reaction at all from that distance.
Then while I was debating whether to follow that dog a smaller black dog appeared on the other side of Central and we watched that dog.  That dog was much more agitated and it took a repeated command "Yoshi" to get his attention.  But once I have it he was great.  This is now the issue - how to change that very powerful initial impulse.

On Gibbons I had some warning of approaching wee dogs, so we were able to do an open cheese bar while two small dogs went by.  One of them even barking at us which usually is a way to guarantee a reaction from the Y-man. 

The last sighting was a very senior slow-moving Golden with a bandaged foot.  they were on our side of the street and I was talking with Terri who was walking to work so instead of crossing the street I just moved us out into the street on the other side of a miata.  I deliberately let Yoshi see the Golden approach and he started to charge until he hit the end of the very short leash and then came instantly back and then started LAT.  That dratted initial herding impulse.  Leslie would say more mat work outside and that's probably a good approach.

Part way through I figured out that I can do a pretty good clicker-like click-click sound and that seems to get his attention.  It's a sound that horse people use all the time and it something that is very natural for me even if long unused.

Noon: Trek walk.  Went around the school but they were no longer on recess However there was a lot of activity as parents were waiting on their kids to get out.  So there was some chaos exposure.

She's offering heel a lot lately which is nice.  Must be the cheese.

Turlock USDAA is this weekend.  We're just doing the games. 
I need to double check where we are in terms of legs
Looking at Jul 8th
All in PII
Gamblers: 2
Snooker: 1
Jumpers: 1

Hope the gamble doesn't have a teeter.  Hope the trains take the day off.  The cool thing about getting into masters is the masters ring is further away from the tracks.

And we are in Steeplechase where there's no teeter.

Thu Nov 11
Took the early part of the morning off.
Did the dogs nails (they're both being a pain about this - maybe I should buy that top for the grooming table I was given - at least they don't scream, just wiggle.)

Trek got a morning walk  No treats this time more because I forgot but it was good to just have a treatless walk.  She gets so much reward for just being able to sniff or move forward that it's almost she doesn't miss it though she would disagree.

Yoshi took the evening walk.  Still managed to get some heeling work done.and working a lot on his attention and recall.  He's fantastic unless something grabs his attention.  I keep trying to figure out what makes his head turn the fastest.  Is it "Yoshi" or "Here" or "leave It" (Which is surprisingly effective when I think to use it.)

Trek and Yoshi were playing and playing today.  It's so cool to see as Cali and Buddy stopped playing around 4 years old and Trek and Yoshi are 5 and 7 and it's often Yoshi who initiates.  Expensive as it's going to be to have 2 senior dogs at once it really is cool to see them both still so interested in play.

I finally made a claim for Trek's Dry Eye and they paid it!  I was thinking they wouldn't cover it since it could be considered genetic and they don't cover that, but they explicitely listed it as Dry Eye (well it's actual name which I'm not remembering), and Conjunctivitis, even though all I wrote down was Conjunctivitis.  Now I feel silly for not claiming all her previous ones, but they had turned down the Entropia surgery saying they don't cover genetic issues so I'd been assuming that it wasn't covered.  D'oh.  Well at least this one has been covered and hopefully future ones will be also.

This weekend we're off to Turlock to compete in all the USDAA games (i.e. no Standard class and its teeter.)  Will have to prep Friday.  Pack treats, food, meds and a sheet to put over the hotel bed (and bring the hotel confirmation number.)  I'll have to get there early to show them her height card as they didn't keep a copy from last time apparently.  Oh and a camera and a notebook and pen too.  Consider getting a book from Audible too.

Wed Nov 10
Yoshi walk.  I hate Standard Time and no light after work.  If I were properly industrious I'd walk a dog in the morning.  I should think seriously about doing that. It would be good training for Yoshi as a lot of dogs are walked then and it would be daylight.  Since he doesn't see as well we don't get as much training done in the evening.

His stools look mostly ok and he's not barfing.  He got kibble and rice today.

Tue Nov 9
Yoshi threw up his dinner at around 6pm  I had fed him sub 1/2 a cup when I fed Trek at 4pm and Terri gave him his regular dinner around 5:30pm..  It's 9:30pm now and he's looking a little green.  We made him some plain rice and I fed him 1/2 cup of it.

Trek agility class
My dog is so weird.  All class she wouldn't do a teeter and then it started to rain.  Then she did a teeter and in between our class and the next she did 4 more.

We also did some gamble work with the weave poles on one side and us on the other.  The first time she missed the first and last pole.  The second time through she nailed it.

Mon Nov 8
Basic Dog walk for Yoshi - his stool was a little soft
Monday I had to reinstall some smoke detectors so no walk for Trek.

Wed - Sun - we're in Seattle
Yoshi at Park Centre
Trek at Mark and Jan's
Trek had a nice time they tell me.  No pouting and searching for me.  This gives lie to her tale of woe that she's now giving me.

Tue Nov 2
Yoshi is going to be boarded starting tonight so he gets the noon walk.  It went fine and we were all the way back home and I stopped to chat with Judy a neighbor and he started to bark.  We though on it's just a person across the street, but as the person came closer there was a medium size Italian Greyhound sized dog with her.  I have no idea how he saw or hear the dog.  I was out of treats so I just kneeled down and held him which he wasn't terrible happy about but relaxed.

Dropped Yoshi off at Park Centre Animal Hospital to be boarded till Monday.  He seemed to settle in ok.  I went back with him because I wanted to see how he was set up.  It's a nice kennel and they put his crate in it and he goes right in.  I do hate boarding my dogs but for him in particular it's a lot safer to have him in a structured environment and if something goes wrong they can patch him up.

Trek walk.  It's weird with Yoshi not here.  Trek was very interested in doing heeling work (she must have been hungry).  Worked on about turns and circles (did that with Yoshi too).  Also worked on backing up in heel position (both dogs)  Trek in particular goes way off to the side.  Hers I will have to fix because she will be in Rally Excellent eventually.  Probably backing alongside a wall is the way to do it.

At 6:15am I'm dropping Trek off at Mark and Jan's and then we're off to visit my parents in Seattle.

Mon Nov 1
Trek walk
OMG walking Trek after 200 trick or treaters have invaded is such a pain.  What's that smell?  And that?  Oh and that.  Walk dammit doggie especially since a lot of the stuff is chocolate

Yoshi walk. 
LWFDs!  One on the other side of the road off leash.  I was concerned but the owner was in front of his house working and said that the dog doesn't cross the street - he has but it's been awhile but I could see the dog considering it.  The dog would dash up and down his side of the street and Yoshi barked at him and it seemed completely appropriate so i didn't tell him not to.  I asked a neighbor about the dog and they pointed out that dog's owner and said that their dog would bark at him.  I didn't see "their" dog and didn't think too much about it until I realized that their dog was a teeny LWFD being carried to the car.

The person carrying the dog greeted Yoshi and I (surprisingly calmly) said "Er, he's not very friendly" [to your dog's kind in particular].  Yoshi looking up now and interested in that not so good way.  She then carried the dog to the nearby car and I had Yoshi sit and eat cheese while this was going on.  I then hear her tell her son "Don't put him down."  Realizing that this would be a Really Good Time to Leave we did just that, and the rest of the walk was fine.

Prepping boarding stuff for the dogs.  Yoshi to Park Centre and Trek to Mark and Jan's.  We're off to Seattle on Wed and I hope Trek is ok.  Yoshi will be fine.

Rite of Passage
I took off the Fail-Safe connection from Yoshi's leash to his buckle collar as Park Centre probably wouldn't know what it was for so it would be safer with it not there   It's been years since he slipped his collar so it's probably time to go without and I hope I don't regret that.  I adjusted his martingale collar so it won't slip off.  It helps my confidence having it there so I might put it back on when we're back.

Park Centre advertises that boarded dogs get walked 4 times a day.  I have to ask them what that means.  Do they really walk him?  I'm not sure that's the best idea but he's stayed there a lot so it's probably fine.

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