Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - October 2007

By Ellen Clary
(reverse date order)

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Wed Oct 31
Happy Halloween/Samhain
Normally Yoshi would have obedience class tonight, but my neighborhood will be mobbed by many children then so  we'll be staying home to hand out armloads of candy to the costumed masses.  It's actually a lot of fun..  We're a safe neighborhood so parents from Oakland bring their kids over here..  The challenge is that tonight now turns into dog training night of a completely different sort with all sorts of loud, weirdly dressed, weirdly moving small strangers coming to the door.  And this will be Trek's first Halloween with us.  While Trek's breeder Kathleen has neighbors I just don't think what Trek has seen of Halloween is anything like we get.  (We'll get probably 200 trick or treaters tonight - when I bought the house I was fortunately warned about this phenomena.).

I need to think of a strategy.  What's worked in the past is to leave the door open but have the baby gate up but let the dogs participate as much as they want.  I think I want to expand on this by playing look at the scary costume, look at me <treat>.  The only problem is that it's pretty tough to manage that and giving out human treats as well.  Of course I do worry about getting them too used to weird stuff but it's not like they're for protection anyway, and if something were truly wrong I think they would know.

Wow what good dogs.  Ok, I helped a little.

I had them in the living room crates where they could see the door and the people, but the people weren't coming straight at them.  We left the door open so there wasn't any knocking.  When someone came to the door and said trick or treat, the dogs got a treat (just EVO kibble) delivered through the roof of the crate There were two of us which helped a lot - one to hand out candy and one to give the dogs a treat.  Yoshi was initially growly but caught on to the game fast and Trek was never worried about it at all.  We had quiet dogs the whole evening even when we slacked off on giving a treat for every trick or treater as we indeed had nearly 200 kids.  Yoshi even had a happy relaxed look on his open mouthed face

Later on in the evening Yoshi did have a meltdown when a neighbor's dog started alarm barking.  He was racing around the room, just beside himself with anxious barking.  Terri finally crated him to let him chill out.  I'm now wondering if maybe I should try feeding him hen this happens.  Much as I don't like rewarding the barking, feeding him is like an instant off switch.  It's inheritly calming for him, and I'm wondering if I can use that to my advantage.

Sun Oct 28
Trek's second fun match
She did well though about what I expected.  Ran fast and carelessly.  Sometimes raced around a jump or inbetween the tire and the stantion, tried to skip poles or missed entrances.  Sound about like a baby agility dog.  She had a blast, but it needs to become more old hat to er as she needs to learn to rest in a crate at these things.

She did her first full height unassisted teeter today.  With effort I refrained from guiding the teeter down.  She did great.

I need to work with her on hitting weavepole entranes at speed.  When she settles down she does the poles quite well.  Tire is similar, and when she concentrates she can easily do several jumps with out much guiding beyond indicating which jump to take and I was able to do a two jump lead out.

They had a chute this time so I spent a couple of "runs" having Craig or Ann hold the entrance open and had her run through it.  First session she was having some trouble but second session I shortened the chute and she did much better. Guess I need to sew that chute I have up soon.

No issues with tunnels, dogwalks or A-Frames - that's a relief.

She does get distracted by good smells on the ground and my normally very attentive dog ceases to be until I leave and then she comes running after me. Good dog <treat>.

Oh and what a water slut we have.  After being introduced to the water filled tubs last time she was there she now seeks them out and jumps in them all by herself.  I can now say "Go water" and she'll jump right in.

Dumbell work
I'm unhappy that Yoshi doesn't seem to be progressing on the dumbell.  Hazel has been teaching him to hold it by putting it in his mouth and gently holding his mouth closed.  While it's only a gentle compulsion and he generally likes being told what to do I really don't see him getting that the hold is what I want.

So this evening I went back to the clicker.  Starting with just clicking for any attention to the dumbell and then for his mouth near it and then his mouth opening on it and then him picking it up briefly.  This is basically where we were before and I don't see him focusing on it with the knowledge that that's what makes the click happen.

Wanting to see how it would compare with a confident treat hound dog like Trek, I introduced her to the dumbell the same sequence.  Within about 3 minutes she was picking up the dumbell very briefly (that's all I wanted to see).  This is a dog that's never really worked with a dumbell, and I was just using her EVO kibble which she likes anyway.

Later I did another session with Yoshi.  I was just using Trek's kibble since that's what I had and was getting a ho hum response, so I went and got out one of the big guns - toast.  That got his attention.  So much that he so busy staring at it that he was having trouble with the concept that the dumbell is what makes the click/toast happen.  He did eventually connect the two and quickly progressed back to briefly picking up the dumbell, but seemed to hit a wall there.  Changing tactics, I picked up the dumbell and held it out to him, clicking initially for just touching it, then for putting his mouth on it, then for opening his mouth a little, then for opening his mouth enough so he could get his mouth around the dumbell.  Hurray.  We stopped there.

I'm hoping to grogress to him taking the dumbell and holding it - eventually calling it "take."

Watching the fun match I was wondering if it was an environment Yoshi could handle and I think the answer is: not right now.  While it's a lot more relaxed than a trial, there are a lot of young erratic dogs there that would just drive him to distraction.  I think the next atmosphere I should get him used to is a place where very experienced dogs are.  Best choice would be an obedience/rally trial (I hope to compete with him in rally anyway) and then maybe an agility trial.

It's also occurring to me that even though he's not very confident, he loves structure and knowing his job and may do very well in obedience.  Except for those long sits and downs. :)  In the meantime it's Rally Perma-novice.

Sat Oct 27
To the Control Unleashed yahoo group:

Greetings CU folks,

I swear I'm never going to finish the book if I keep stopping to write about it. :)

I notice that Leslie recommends Kathy Sdao's "Know Way, Know How" Clicker Training Seminar and DVD set.

I'd like to add another plug for it.  Yoshi and I attended the one in San Francisco (at the SFSPCA) and it was excellent.  Kathy excels at making the relatively dry subject of learning theory come alive with her real life examples of training both dogs and marine animals in particular a very aggressive, belligerent, and quite seriously dangerous walrus.  Her passion and dedication to what she teaches is both infectious and inspiring.

The DVD set is comprehensive and quite good though it's frustrating as my copy was not chapterized, so if you want to get somewhere on a DVD you have to scan through it which is quite maddening.  For example, Yoshi is on the DVD set demoing behavior chains and it took me quite a while to find it.

The videos that Kathy presented are also on the DVDs.  The one of her last day with the walrus (who was completely different by then and wanted to work) is very touching.

She is also on the Clicker Expo staff so if you can get to a Clicker Expo, you can catch some of her presentation, but be forewarned, as soon as I saw one of her presentations, I knew I just had to take a seminar from her. :)

EllenF is going to the USDAA Nationals with her dogs and she's in a team that's designing a t-shirt (her blog entry on it is here).  I was looking at the photos from past teams here and realized that I want a Prozac Kids T-Shirt (even though Yoshi has been taken off Prozac). I should make one on Cafe Press - that way I could get a dog T-shirt as well.  He could even use it as a calming shirt.  That would be a hoot.

I'm thinking of converting this diary to the Blogger format. The problem is that I like having more control than I do with the non-dog blog which uses the Blogger format.  I'll have to look into if I can do it without the template.  I like the face that you can subscribe to a blog and the new entries show up as bookmark links.

Fri Oct 26
Agility Class.
Both of them got to go.  Yoshi to watch the 6:15 class and Trek to attend the 7:30.
They both did terrific.  Yoshi in particular.  It used to be that we had to be quite a ways up the hill to watch and over time have gradually gotten close.  Today while watching a set of dogs that were completely new to him (he used to watch the 7:30 class that Trek is now in), we were able to be down at field level in and amongst the dogs.  Credit for this probably goes just as much to the ODTC obedience classes as much as the agility watching.  As soon as we got there he started to play the "look at a dog, look at me" <treat> game.  He did so well he had a second dinner worth of treats (good thing he was eating Red Barn which is actually a dog food).  He did react to one dog which provided the evening's comedy actually. 

Cash, the intact Whippet, who is in love with Trek, saw Yoshi and immediately started to act like Yoshi was Trek.  Staring lovingly at him etc.  If there's one way that's guaranteed to get a reaction out Yoshi have an obviously not very assertive dog stare right at him.  I had already been tipped off that even Cashes body language might be an issue as Yoshi wanted to lunge at him even when Cash started to move in that (dear/antelope) I am an animal that needs to be herded (hunted? - same basic thing really) sort of way.    One time after Cash was on a run, he started to wander right up to Yoshi in that "Hey baby" approach, and Yoshi lunged and barked some insults at him (something about "nose shortening" and "neuter on demand" I believe).  Cash perhaps realizing his mistake, slunk into his crate, and all of the humans enjoyed a few minutes of "The Crying Game" analogies.  And I backed Yoshi off from him.  What was funny is a few minutes later it appears that Cash had forgotten the whole incident and had reset back to "Hey baby."  (Testosterone addled Whippet brain :)  Either that or neutered males don't count as male in his mind.

Dogs there were Penny a Golden (which I'm totally surprised that Yoshi didn't react to), Charlie a Mini Aussie, Missile a BC, and another dog who was there for the enviroment too.  He did well around these other dogs, though I didn't have him interact with any of them but he was standing right beside Penny without issue.  and at the end he was able to walk by Kiki a German Shepherd who is in the 7:30 class without issue which given that we used to have to be 100+ feet away from her is very encouraging.  In the parking lot he did react to two beagles wanting to wander right up to him but they completely surprised him.  I'm sure if I structured it more it would have been fine as he's seen those dogs before.

Trek's turn.  She seemed a little sniffy before class started so I was concerned that I wouldn't have her attention on the grass.  Fortunately, that was way wrong.  Jump-Tunnel-6 Weave Poles-Jump-Table.  Perfect and fast.  Was I ever surprised.  On the upper field things did get more challenging but no major surprises.  While waiting for our turn, she did occasionally pull a Cali stunt of "This smells so wonderful, I can't hear you." but I went and hid and suddenly I had her attention. (Trish King calls this Abandonment Training..)

We had worked on weave poles at home during the day but we were still having problems with her skipping a pole.  One thing that seemed to work was to stop and reward while in the poles and resuming from that position.  I'll have to do more of this as she's only getting 12 poles correct about a quarter of the time.

Finally there was a chute on the course so Rachelle held it open while Trek ran through it.  That wents fine so the next time she held it open and when she was most of the way through it, dropped the fabric on her head.  Trek stopped, and then I called to her and she found her way through it.  Good dog.  I need to get this new chute put together so we can work on it at home.

She bounds right up full size teeters now though I do hold it to slow down how fast it comes down.  I don't think I'll need to do that for much longer.  Charges over dogs walks and A-Frames with great running contacts.  I haven't seen a tendancy to fly off yet but I still reward the contact each time.

She's still distracted by Sharon's tunnel since so much ot the field dirt is in them but it's becoming less of an issue.  She's also doing well with the tire now and has gotten the hang of doing a sequence of jumps without my having to stand and point out each one of them.

She was able to go over a jump and me rear cross behind it which is somewhat of a new skill for her.

And the big news is that she did her first lead out pivot today.  I was able to lead out 2 jumps and call her over the jumps to me while I completed a standing front cross and we went on to a third jump.  Baby's first lead out pivot.  Hurray.

Wed Oct 24
Obedience Class.  Again I took both dogs.  They both seem to like it but Trek seems a little intimidated at times  She actually didn't want to sit beside me and she didn't want Hazel to hold her for a recall (this is new - she's been multiple times before and hasn't had this reaction).  Yoshi did very well.  I can't decide whether having Trek around calms him but he seems to like trading off so he can chill in the crate.  He didn't have any outbursts at all, and played the "look at the dog, look at me" ("YES," treat) game very well.  Though there were some times when he was looking at a dog and I could see him starting to lock on and I called his name to break his concentration before anything further happened as I was thinking he might be stiffening which is what happens right before a lunge.

I spoke to Hazel about whether I could start working Yoshi on sits and downs again even though the potentially problematic pit bull is in the offleash control II class right before  She said that that dog has settled down a lot and it should be ok.

I think next week I'm going to just take him for comparison.  Mostly just to see if having her around is a comfort or doesn't make any difference.

I didn't get any takers on my offer to pay someone to sew this chute together for me so I think I'll have to just do it.  Terri who is much better at textiles has offered to help.  Phew.  I need to do it soon as Trek is going to need to learn it soon.

Trek's fun match is coming up this Saturday.  I worked with her some at noon and she is still popping out at pole 10  I'm wondering if she sees the end or something.  I'm careful with my body language and keep my shoulders rotated in towards the poles.  Wonder what would happen if I just put two more poles out there.

She gets to start the 7:30pm class on Friday.  That will be nice as I won't have to be late for it.  Rachelle has said that I can bring Yoshi to watch the 6:15 class.

Mon Oct 22
I am back from Seattle.
Took both pooches on a walk.  Generally it was fine with two exceptions.  The first one was just odd.  Across the street someone was mowing a lawn and Yoshi wanted to charge.  I think he thought the mower was a growling moving dog initially though I got him to chill out and just sit and watch it.  The next one was more typical but a much stronger reaction.  Coming up to a corner a Shepherd and people appeared coming the other was.  I turned my dogs around immediately and Yoshi didn't see the dog until we were about 100 feet away but that wasn't nearly enough.  Since he was starting to react I decided to stop and make him sit.  This was probably mostly counterproductive as we just wound up struggling with each other and it was not a calming thing at all.  He was majorly upset, couldn't focus, and I was making him more upset by struggling with him.  It would have been far better to work with him about walking away in an orderly manner.

Trek is generally unaffected by these encouters though she wonders what the fuss is.  Her presence doesn't seem to influence Yoshi either way, but I worry about him accidentally teaching her to be fearful so I may not walk them together much (though she's pretty resiliant and is fully aware that he's a little nuts).  I may still take them both to obedience class as in that environment they seem to calm each other.

While I was gone, "Control Unleashed" came.  I've only read the first few pages and it's like it's written for me.  It's about teaching confidence to fearful dogs.  The author's (
Leslie McDevitt) dog Snap sounds exactly like Yoshi right down to the preemptive strikes on unknown dogs.  I'm looking forward to this.  I've already sent her email saying "I have a Snap, and his name is Yoshi."

[intermission music plays...]

Wed Oct  17
There's a NADAC trial at Elk Grove Nov 10-11.  I think I'll enter her on that Sunday (Nov 11th).  We'll have to see if the trial has already filled.  I'm filling out the entry form and I realize that I've been so out of touch with NADAC that I have no idea what half the class names are of the skill level names.  After prerusing: http://www.nadac.com/rules-update-details.htm I'm a little less lost though not by too much.  Far as I can tell, Trek is in the Proficient (instead of the easier Skilled) category and we're entering Regular Roun 1 and 2, Jumpers, and "Chances" which is their name for Gamblers.  Even the Regular courses have a distance companent though in Noviice it's only about 4-6 feet away which is the  typical distance I work away from Trek anyway and it's not like I care about Qing.  Doing Gamblers courses is nice as you can make up your own course.  The judge is Matt McCarter from Kansas.  I've never met him so have no idea what he's like.

Yoshi has school tonight and i'll see if I can take Trek as well since she begs to go each time.  Maybe I'll have her do some more rocket recalls as those are always fun.  I'll do one with Yoshi and one with Trek.  Maybe we'll work on some heeling, though I don't want to intrude on Yoshi's time too much.

I'm going to be leaving tomorrow evening to Seattle to visit my parents.  Guess I should pack something.

School went better than I expected.  Trek seems to very much enjoy being there even though she spends a lot of it in a crate.  What's interesting to me is that  Yoshi actually asked to go in the crate, so Trek got more time in the class than I planned on.  What surprised me is that Yoshi was quite calm in the crate even with Trek socializing with the other dogs. 

Mon Oct 15
So since Trek is now a NADAC dog and there are NADAC trials offered at Elk Grove and Turlock, I may as well enter her just to train some more.  Also she is going to go back to a Jumpin' Java  fun match on Oct 28.

Sun Oct 14
(Human had to work.  Bummer.)

Sat Oct 13
(I didn't feel well so they were good sports about keeping me company.)

Fri Oct 12
Yoshi Class with Lori Drouin
(Trek's class rained out)
Yoshi attended the utility class though he really isn't ready for utility, so we focused on behavioral stuff while they did run throughs.  Lori and I had sort of decided this in advance and it worked very well.

So while another dog was working, We had him sit and stay and then direct him to targets with food on them.  One target on each side of him, both loaded with treats.  I did have to restrain him initially from going for the loaded target, but once he understood that he was on a stay, he would stay there until directed to one of the targets.  He was 100% correct on this though I had him on leash and wouldn't of let him fail anyway.

Then I had him in the same area that all the other dogs were waiting and he did fine though most of the dogs he likes, like Hank the Bulldog and Olliver the Cavalier.  Gracie a lab and a dalmation make him uncomfortable but he didn't do anything about it. 

At the end they did heeling with distractions and Yoshi and I were a distraction.  We had Yoshi in an Ex-pen and they would heel past him.  I had him do simple things like watch me or sit or down.  He did very well at this even when a dog was doing a fast right near him.  I also added distance and he was still ok.  In fact, the only time he barked was when I left to take Trek to the truck (she had gone long for the ride.)

Thu Oct 20
Turns out "Control Unleashed" is a Clean Run book, so I ordered it from them today.  Clean Run is on the other end of the country so the shipping is high, but I like supporting them.

Wed Oct 10
Yoshi Obedience Class
Yoshi and the Chessie (Freia - I may have the spelling wrong) were being snotty to each other from a distance in the parking lot (Freia started it, but Yoshi continued it by growling and barking back.)  We handlers both had it much under control, but the dogs were somewhat uncomfortable around each other though they were able to sit next to each other on leash.

Lori Drouin was there with her younger Sheltie Phoenix who Yoshi hasn't seen a lot of.  During a recall exercise for Yoshi he paused in mid recall the try to snark at Phoenix.  Hazel immediately got after Yoshi (pulled him back with the long line and scolded him) and took him back to try the recall again.  I started to help but Hazel said that she wanted to by the "bad guy."  She had me do the recall again and he tip toed by Phoenix and when he started to pause I did a whistle that I use in herding and at home and he happily trotted to me which was a nice surprise.

Lori told me about a book "Control Unleashed" that I just had to get as she does an excellent job of examining timing problems and how to approach clicker training and other operant conditioning in a step by step way.  Sounds like a definite win.

Tue Oct 9
Today Trek joined NADAC.  Guess I should learn the rules.  (NADAC rules being dog agility's fastest moving target.)  The one and pretty much only reason that I sometimes compete in NADAC is that you can openly train in the ring (you just take an "E" for the run.)  It's like a baby step up from a fun match as you can't have food or toys in the ring.  What prompted me going ahead and signing her up in NADAC is that you have to have a registration number to enter any of the trials.  Debbie, Porches's mom also really encourage us to try the ASCA one ring trials at Workin' Paws as it's also a great place to start a dog.

Anne Kajava just announced another fun match at workin' Paws.  Given the last one was so fun we should do it again

Sun Oct 7
Trek Agility Sightseeing

Took Trek to watch a little of the Haute Tracs USDAA agility trial.  This is a considerably larger event than what she's seen and while we did the same routine of having lots of people give her treats she went on overload pretty quickly.  In fact we had to go back to the truck to get something and she bounded right into the travel crate.  Which is actually good as that means she can chill in a crate at a trial which is an important skill that some dogs never learn.  I gave her a few minutes and then called her back out and we went on more adventures including Moe Toys to pick up more talking toys including a bunny with a great boing, boing boing sound and a bubbling fish too.  I just love the talking toys as they help dogs to become much more sound resiliant, and it teaches humans to be more tolerant of boinging sounds in the middle of the night even if it means waking up enough to help the bunny to hop to a high out of corgi reach perch.

I may start going to trials and setting up as if we're entered (we'll pick a non-prime crating spot so as to stay out of the way) just to get the feel of what it will be like.  Maybe I can start following around my former agility classmates. :)  I can also go to trials and work a couple of classes and just let her hang out.

I introduced her to the measuring wicket and sure enough she turned into the amazing melting dog with the rubber legs.  I got her to stand long enough to see that she was somewhere around 10.5 inches and no where near 11 inches so I decided to stop worrying about it as she is not near any crucial height cut offs so it really doesn't matter if I train her much to the wicket.  Though she needs to know that it's not going to kill her as she needs to be measured 3 times in USDAA and twice in AKC and I don't know how many in CPE and NADAC just uses premeasured PVC stands.

One concern is the sound of the chute does make her jump so I really do need to get serious about training it.   I'll go ahead and order more chute fabric (of course it's raining which will make it unuseable to train on for a little while.

Sat Oct 6
(The human went bike riding with legends.)

Fri Oct 5
Trek Agility Class
She graduated to the next level up!  (Ok, my terminology.)  She was able to show Rachelle a full height teeter (more than once) and after class she said it was fine to come to the 7:30 class.  We stayed for a couple of their runs.  Their courses are of course longer and that is going to be something for her to get used to but she did fine on the two runs.

One thing is that she saw a broad jump and immediately walked over it so we'll have to work on that.  (I've only seen it in AKC fortunately.)

Wed Oct 3
Yoshi Obedience Class
He's doing so well I'm getting worried I'll ease off on being vigilant and he'll backslide.  In the meantime we're able to make surprising progress.  During recalls I have been holding him apart from the usual line up of dogs waiting their turn but this time he seemed totally unconcerned about dogs being proximal so we joined the line and he was fine - though I still use the long line.  the long line is getting humorous as Hazel had us do a full length recall which meant that she had to run along behind him holding the line which was amusing.  Perhaps I should get a longer one - this one is a compromise length of 15' and there is a 20' available.  One thing I've started to notice is that his recalls are getting more enthusiastic which is a huge leap as for well over a year they've been tentative and fearful.  In fact it was his recalls that convinced Hazel that his aggression issues were fear based as a comfortable dog usually has a happy bounding recall.

What was also encouraging was that there were more dogs there than last week (6 or 7), and it's usually when the number of dogs increases that his stress level also grows.  This is obviously a very good thing for him.

Tue Oct 2
Trek and the teeter
Today I raised the 1/2 height teeter up a couple of levels.  After putting her over it it was clear that it wasn't an issue so I raised it two more.  Still not an issue but I decided that she should get used to it.  We also worked on it at lunch and during the evening she wanted to do it again.  I realized that it was only one level from full height so I raised it to the full height and we went inside to get more treats.  When we went back out Trek was so excited that she raced out ahead of me and while I was glancing down at the back steps to descend, I heard this "thunk" of the teeter hitting the ground and I look up to see that Trek has charged over it herself and is waiting near the end for a treat with this very silly grin on her face.

Somehow I don't think this particular teeter is going to be much of an issue anymore.  We did it a few more times and stopped though she sometimes does it on her own just in case the treat machine can be started again.  Sharon's teeter has more of a clang so that might still be a challenge.  Things are looking good for her to move up to the  next class.

The trick is that I usually have Yoshi watch that class and I'm wondering if I could have Yoshi watch part of the 6:15 class instead (the part that I can get there on time for.)  It's tougher as those dogs are more distractable but Yoshi is improving so I'm hoping he can watch Trek's class from a crate eventually.

Mon Oct 1
Well Sept sure flew by in a hurry

I just learned that the 2008 Corgi Nationals are in Georgia.  Too funny, because my whole family (except me) is from Georgia - though the Nationals are going to be in Atlanta area (the North) and most of my family is from South Georgia.  But, of course, there are a sizable number of cousins that are in the Atlanta area who I, as one might guess, have little to nothing in common with, but I wouldn't be able to go anywhere near there without my parents telling me that I had to visit cousin X who probably isn't remotely interested in a bunch of nutty Corgi owners.  Good thing I have a year to put this socially awkward decision off.  The Corgi Nationals agility trial would be a great place to take Trek as it's a pretty relaxed, Corgi's only trial and I would love to do well at it with Trek since Yoshi had such a debacle there at the agility trial a year ago.  There's also a posibility it would conflict with the USDAA Nationals in Scotsdale and that would take priority.

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