Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - September 2007

By Ellen Clary
(reverse date order)

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Sun Sep 30
Trek's First Agility Fun Match

I'm so thrilled.  Trek way exceeded my expectations today.  I expected her to be a little freaked out by the different location, and equipment and all the dogs and people.  She was certainly dazzled by all the hubbub, but I had lots of people give her treats and she thought that was exceedingly cool.  To my surprise she didn't have any issue at all with the new equipment at least any new issue.  She still popped poles every so often and tried to go inbetween the tire and the stantion, and of course ran around the occasional jump.  All things I've seen before so that's what we focused on plus a little work on the teeter.

This was at Workin' Paws Ranch and put on by Anne Kajava of Jumpin' Java Agility.  I really like the format that they're using.  Each dog gets 90 seconds at a time in the ring at a time where you can work on whatever you like (or you can follow a suggested course) then they go on to the next dog in the jump height.  When they finish cycling through all the dogs then they start over again.  The jumpers ring went small to tall (8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 26) and the standard ring went tall to small.

And she ran fast, outrunning me in places so she's really gained in confidence.  I still need to work on sending her over a jump and crossing behind, but she'll get it.  And what completely surprised me was her bravery with a completely unknown full height teeter.  I guided her over it the first time and each time I controlled the lowering of it, but later on she went and jumped on it herself and rode it most of the way down until I got there to cushion the landing which actually might have been superfluous, but I wasn't taking any chances.

Interestly enough she didn't have any issue with stopping in the tunnels.  I think that their are just really good smells in Sharon's tunnels since the dirt of the field gets carried into them.  Unfortunately there was no chute on the course (probably because someone needs to reset it each time and that's a hassle in a low staffed fun match.

Probably the most fun surprise was that there was a sandwich snafu and my veggie sandwich got picked up by someone else, so Craig made me a special veggie sandwich which was quite stellar - all the while saying he wasn't a vegetarian (well I'm not technically one, but I don't red meat and that was the other sandwich choice) and wasn't sure of what he was doing (liar).  This was no basic cheese sandwich: cheese, tomato, lettuce, mushroom, zuchini, carrot with mustard on whole wheat bread and several pieces of fruit in addition.   Yum.

I did have someone take a very basic video of Trek here.  Her enthusiasm is plainly obvious and is in dramatic contrast to Yoshi's demeanor in his video (see below).  There are numerous times where I stop to reward her and several restarts, but several excellent moments as well.

Fri Sep 28
It's agility class for Trek today.  Hopefully I can get my act together enough to bring both dogs so Yoshi can watch the next class.

One thing I'm hoping to do at lunch is put Quicktime on a work laptop that I'm babysitting, and after Trek's class, show Yoshi's "World's Shortest Agility Career" to Rachelle..  It will be interesting to see it again since he has come relatively far in 11 months, though he shouldn't be anywhere near the inside of an agility trial ring and this is likely permanent which is a terrible shame given his talent.  He's the fastest, most physcially talented corgi I've ever seen including Trek  who will be a star, but doesn't have the excellent form and collection and surefooted, deft, lightness on her feet that Yoshi has.  He's such an enigmatic puzzle.  Fundamentally a chicken, but will walk up on high narrow places without pause.

World's Shortest Agility Career is not on his web page, but his loyal readers can see it here.  What's not on camera is his jumping through the baby gate fencing to attack a corgi in a costume.  Bloodless, but still essentially an attack, even if it was displacement aggression.  If I had just caught him when he refused the tire the first time instead of asking him to do it again, this wouldn't of happened, but then I might have continued and not have done the very intensive behavioral training that this year has been.  What's amazing to me is that it's only been a year and he's so much better, though not trustable off leash even in obedience.

This morning, Terri was noticing his excellent conformation and that he stands like a show dog even though he was too small to justify keeping him intact.  Yeah well...  This behavor issue would have gotten him removed from the gene pool anyway.  Ironically any kids of his would likely have been fine, however the grandkids may have had issues (funny how things skip generations).

Back to Trek.  She still needs work on a full sized teeter and doing all 12 weave poles without creative additions or subtractions.  Sharon's chute is still AWOL and I'll need to email Sharon to see if she has one (I can find the base but not the fabric.)  Also 2 jump lead outs and if we're running a straight line of jumps that means jump all the jumps and not run around some of them (talented beginner dogs can be such fun this way.)

 Also the talent gap between her and her classmates is starting to get glaring, and I'm wondering how long she should stay in that class.  I don't want her other students to get discouraged as it's really not fair since Trek is my 3rd agility dog that I've trained, and they are on their first.  I'll have to ask Rachelle if we serve as a good teaching example or just an unattainable appearing standard.  Though it does help (if you will) when Trek does something really unexpected and creative. :)

I took both dogs this time.

Trek did well.  Going over a 1/2 height teeter unassisted.  the chute is back but it was windy so not good weather for it though I did bunch it  way up and got her to go through it once.  Still sometimes goes in a tunnel and comes out the same way (this time there was god in it.)  Still has trouble taking a tire at speed without running around it.  Oddly her weaves on my right are fine and on the left she tries to pop out at pole 10 and 11.

In general she's doing pretty well and once she's up to a full height teeter, she can move up.

Then it was Yoshi's turn and he did fantastic and was way beyond my expectations.  This time we watched the lower level portion of the course from behind a chain link fench  I twas like doggie TV.  Yoshi would look at a dog then look at me for a reward. He is able to do this consistenly and with a variety of dog breeds (GSD, Beagle, Shid Tzu.  Visla, Sheltie.  Then they move to the upper level and we watched a little and were near the debarked Sheltie.  He'd never heard a debarded dog before and even though he thought t that was way weird, he was able to tolerate.  I'm so proud of him - I hope we've turned a corner.

Thu Sep 27
They were in what seemed like non-stop play mode for quite a while this morning and evening.  No training today to speak of as I had to do a fair bit of work today and a workout too.  Though they did make me pay for it by not letting me sleep well last night.

Wed Sep 26
Obedience Class for Yoshi today.  Maybe we'll go early and walk around Point Isabel on leash.  Though that may be his vision of a personal hell.  Dogs running around off leash that he can't chase.  I suppose I could have him on a long leash (maybe not just yet) or stick to the outside bike path where there's a fence between us and the other dogs.  I should walk Trek at lunch.

I did walk Trek and she's improving on leash.  It's not like she was ever much of a problem but I was in danger of tripping over her and that's much less so now.  She now is more typical dog as she goes gonzo if I go near the leashes.  Though what's funny is leash doesn't necessarily mean walk as much as car trip.  Walk out the door with her on leash and she's aiming straight for the truck.

Yoshi obedience class.  Lori with Aussie Blue were subbing for Hazel. This is his first obedience class after being taken off Prozac and he did great.  It really helped that their were only 6 other dogs there and all of them he'd seen before.  No outbursts, save for one where one dog barked and he started barking too.  Worked on sits and downs, heeling, figure 8 heeling, dumbells, recalls, jumps, stand for exam.  His figure 8 heeling has gotten dramatically better as he no longer lags on the turn when he's on the outside.  His dumbell is incrementally improving, though Sharma noted that he spits it out to get a treat.  She teaches the dog to hold it and then asks the dog to give it and waits 2 seconds before treating.  His stand needs to be more solid as he does move some when the examiner approaches.  But I'm not going to get on his case about it as he's trying to be friendly.  His recall seems to be less worried too.  I keep him on a long line and the instructor holds it to keep it out of the way.  I had him stand near Blue and he didn't seem nearly as stressed by him as he was the first time he saw him.

Tue Sep 25
This morning, Trek is actually spliiting her time in the backyard barking at squirrels and barking at Yoshi barking at squirrels.  I think a squirrel has to be really obvious like the one on Sunday for her to notice or care.

In the eveing I took Yoshi on a walk. with his shirt on.  It didn't make any difference or it made him overconfident as he was still a dewb when we saw a dog.  Later on I took the shirt off and he was slightly better but I think that was more that he was a little more tired.  Clearly he needs a daily walk as even though wrestling with Trek burns off a lot of energy, it doesn't help him behaviorally.

Mon Sep 24
I had a Dog Bone Alley $10 customer loyalty certificate that was expiring soon so Trek got to go on her first Park Street adventure..  We actually shopped for Yoshi, buying him more Wellness Lamb and another one of his shirts, but we also got some EVO treats that they can both have.  The EVO treats are more of a pain than the Wellness Venison or the chopped up Red Barn, as they're a bit crumbly, but she likes them and they're not likely to upset her tummy and then I had something to give her as we walked up and down Park St. (Alameda's Downtown).  While she found it stressful and overwhelming she would say hello to the many people who stopped to say hello, after hiding behind me initially, and was always willing to eat the treats they offered, and she didn't foam at the mouth like she did at the dog park.  Something to be repeated on a regular basis.

Yoshi is doing pretty well off Prozac.  He's better when he's wearing his shirt, but I now have to start taking him out more often to see how he's really doing.  i probably should walk him with his shirt on and just deal with the funny looks of a full coated corgi wearing a shirt., though he might overheat walking with a shirt on.

Trek is now entered in her first agility fun match at Workin' Paws in Hollister.  Fortunately there are unlimited runs so my plan is to take her over a few obstacles and take a break and then a few more. and repeat as desired.

Sun Sep 23

Well life with Trek as we know it has likely permanently changed.  For the first time, she actually barked directly at a squirrel rather than barking at Yoshi barking at squirrels.  Now granted, this was one seriously loud squirrel, but I'm quite sure the game is on now.  I took a rather simplistic video with my digital camera.  It can be seen here if you listen closely you can hear the squirrel in the background.

Sat Sep 22
I took Trek to the dog park hoping that I could get her to play fetch.  The dog park still stresses her even though she was the only dog on the small dog park side (it had just rained)  There were about 5 big dogs on the other side and none of them were paying any attention to her, yet she was too distracted to do much fetching at all.

After watching the big dogs it looked like I could safely bring her into that park just to walk the perimeter, and we did so.  She only met one dog - a very friendly lab.  We walked the perimeter 3 times and I noticed that she was foaming at the mouth and clearly stressed, but still seemed to be having a nice time.  I think I do need to make a habit of taking her at least to the small dog park as her early life was pretty sheltered.  Trek gets intimidated easily but once she's use to something shes fantastic.

Fri Sep 21
So I've been observing Yoshi over the past few days.  I was trying to decide between Prozac every other day or every third and I've been finding that the day he has it he's a bit of a pain, then the day after he's fine, and then about another 1/2 day more and then he's back to being fearful.  After I realized that he was only really doing well 1/2 of the time I decided that perhaps it's best to work on his fear without Prozac.  So this is day 4 or so post Prozac and even though he's much more jumpy, he's quite tolerable (though he hasn't been in a stressful situation.)

When Trek and I got back from class, Terri had put his shirt on him though she said that he was being pretty mellow this evening (We had talked about going back to the shirt instead of Prozac, since the pressure of the shirt has a calming effect.  He seems to be doing quite well and he's terribly cute:

West Coast Chomper at Rest

Trek Agility Class
She did really well again though she's pretty loopy at the beginning of class down in the small field.  Lots of zooming and ducking behind me, and she kept wanting to rush through weave poles skipping a few here and there.  It took quite a lengthy conversation and guiding with a leash but she finally put it together.  I don't think it's anything serious, more that she's experimenting with what's ok to do and what's not.

But when we moved up to the larger field she really shined.  Raced over the dog walk, dashed through tunnels, and charged over a lowered teeter sticking the landings even when doing it at speed.  With a sting of jumps I have to make sure she takes them all but you can see her start to figure it out that jumps in a row usually mean you take them if I'm telling you to do so.

Much fun, though she needs to move to a harder class as I'm starting to feel self conscious at how well she's doing vs everyone else.

Tue Sep 18
Somewhile back I had written that the yummy looking chicken treats that I got from Western Farm in Santa Rosa made sensitive gut Trek ill.  I was content as usually to just give them to iron gut Yoshi and didn't think much about it (this is a normal occurence) and then I got Bayteam email from Garill about a dog that was made very, very ill from a different chicken treat.  The thing in common?  They both say in really tiny print: Made in China.  I then recycled the treats.  It's really annoying as the claim on the package is that it's 100% chicken.

Well as you might guess, even though that ended the matter for us, allegations and investigations are just getting started.
Mary Ann from the Bayteam just posted this link:

"AVMA warns of potential new threat to pets:"


Stay tuned and toss out those chicken jerky treats.  Mary Ann has the right idea of just using a dehydrator to make your own.  Given that I routinely make hiking munchies from Tandoori chicken in my dehydrator it's probably easy to just dehydrate ordinary cooked chicken. 

Mon Sep 17
I'm still trying to decide on it Yoshi should have meds every other day or every 3rd day.  Today would be a med day if it was every other so I'm watching him trying to decide.  He seems more anxious and stressed, but not terribly - perhaps he's right on the edge.  I notice that he's starting his OCD shadow chasing which implies that he should have more today, but I'll keep watching him this evening.  I haven't placed him in any situation where he's around unknown dogs so I don't yet know how he'll be with that.

For a while, he's had this really funny habit which is mostly harmless and which makes for good pictures.  He has what must be the drive to take something in his possession and dig a hole for it in the yard.  Notice I didn't say bury it.  He doesn't.  He'll carry out a toy or ball out of the house and dig a shallow 1/2 grave for it, drop it in and that's it.  If I didn't bring the toys into the house then the entire household of toys would be out in the yard resting in shallow graves.  So I finally took pictures today.  While I didn't get a picture of it, he had a couple of toys side by side in the same hole a la mass grave.  Such a strange, funny dog.  Terri, while she thinks it's terribly cute, also thinks it's kinda creepy in that Pet Cemetery kind of way, and it is sort of, but how is it any different than Cali who would take great delight in systematically dismembering and eviscerating her toys?

Toy Graves

Sun Sep 16
Doing the math, if 5 mg lasts him 2 1/2 days that means about 2 mg a day, but I can't cut the pill that way.  I think 2.5 every 3 days is proably not enough, but every other day sounds like a good start.  I didn't give him any today and I've been watching him pretty carefully.

This afternoon I took him on a walk and it worked out perfectly.  I saw a dog approaching a block and a 1/2 away so we crossed the street and I had him sit as the dog approached.  I had my hand in his collar and was kneeling down beside him.  When he saw the dog him immediately tried to leap up and bark, but he was caught by the collar (he basically gave himself a correction - ok I helped some).  Put him back in a sit, he tried to leap up again with the same effect.  Put him back in the sit and HE STAYED!  I shoveled treats in his mouth while we watched the dog walk by.  I notice that he wasn't leaping up with the same intensity that he's done in the past.

I'm so happy with his progress.

Trek and I played fetch in the backyard - a game that she now loves.  She even gets it back to my hand most of the time or flings it on the ground at my feet.  We then worked on weave pole entrances with a set of 6 poles.  She's doing the logical (though incorrect) thing of taking the opening the closest to her so when she gets it wrong I tell her "nope" and have her do it again correctly.  I can see her struggling a bit with trying to figure out what makes the treat machine work reliably.  She'll get it.  I think we'll do this for short bursts each day for a while

Sat Sep 15
In the early afternon Yoshi started to act a bit more stressed (but was fine in the morning) so I gave him 2.5 mg of Prozac and we'll see how he does on that.  So we're looking at 2.5 mg every other or every 3rd day.  I can live with that.

Fri Set 14
What a glorious doggy day.  Today was Yoshi's once a month class with Lori Drouin, and then Trek had her weekly agility class (which we were almost on time for!).

But first.  I had the day off and took both dogs for a walk in the morning.  This is Yoshi's second day off prozac and I'm watching him pretty carefully to see if his behavior changes.  Nothing to speak of so far.

Yoshi class.  I'm taking him to the Utility class as Crystal the noisy Basenji (who ironically was fine today according to others) isn't in that class and the dogs are very stable.  In general, he was fine though he wasn't very happy about a Puli in the class.  I think it's the first time he's seen a Puli (has corded Rasta like fur) so he was initially barky and growly, but settled fairly quickly.  During their initial heeling, I just sat with him in the center and he just watched the other dogs.  Then we started participating and he did very well with the one exception of us taking a break near the door and the Puli walked in from taking a break and he wanted to bark and lunge.  I wrestled him into a sit and convinced him to hold it together which he did with effort. 

Class topics were going out to a target, going out to a target with other dogs around, stand for exam/moving stand, steps to metal articles

Target.  I still have the target stick and stand that came with the treat and train that Cooper has.  The target stick is clearly the best part about the thing (though I think Trek would disagree, but that decision was made before her arrival.)  I put the target stick on the stand and had Yoshi on a long line, put him on a stay, walked out and then told him to "go touch" which he did.  This is something he knows but not in this context so I was glad he could concentrate enough to do the exercise.  He was a little intimidated when others dogs were working to but had no outbursts, not much inclination to do so.

I need to get his novice stand for exam better dialed in, but he is able to tolerate someone coming up to him and touching him.  I doesn't really get the moving stand unless I stop too but we've never worked on that (doing so would help herding to though).

The metal articles involved him licking cheese wiz off a metal article that I had touched.  At home we can work on him having a metal aritlcle with vet wrap on it and scented plus having other articles around.  She wants to see his Open level dumbell improve first though.  We talked that Hazel was wanting him to learn hold by making him hold the dumbell rather than trick him into holding it longer by delaying a reward for bringing it back.  Lori said that we could work on both at the same time.  I was saying that though I preferred the non-force method that Yoshi seems to do better when you guide him some physically.  Though I still prefer him figuring out on his own that the idea is for him to hand on to it longer.

All in all a good class for him.

Trek's agility class
Wow!  What a dog.  She's loving agility and starting to get the hand of course running.  Like if I point her at a jump I intend for her to take it.  Though we tried a 2 jump lead out and she ran around the second one.

She charges up the dogwalk and the A-Frame and does running contacts.  Rachelle had us work on a lowered teeter and she charged over that and consistently stuck the contact when I asked her to (very much to my surprise.)  I had her do weave poles between runs and while she likes them she still needs a lot of work in doing them consistently correctly.

Tunnels are well on their way.  She only came out of the entrance once.  I think she's very attunded to where my voice is so I should resist saying anything once she's in until I get to the other end of it. (like don't say "go" after she's in the tunnel as that just calls her out.)

Haven't seen a chute appear at Sharon's in a while - I need to ask about it.

Trek's going to start out running me soon so I'll have to work on the lead out.

What a fun day.

Wed Sep 12
Obedience class.  Decided to take both dogs and switch off as Trek needs the exposure anyway.  Generally it was good but Yoshi did have a strong reaction to Blue a very well trained AussieTo the point that he was actually struggling hard with me to get away.  I don't know if Trek was a factor or not.  I'll try not taking her next time to see if I notice any difference.  I think I'm going to wean him back off of Prozac to see if there's any difference there.  The potential problem with Prozac is that it gives them more confidence.  The hope is that they feel confident enough to not react, but it can also increase reactions as they are more confident.  It's tricky as he's generally better when he's more confident, but I notice that he's a bit easier to handle during days when I decide not to give him the med.

Trek is, not surprisingly, way fun at class.  I had her out doing some heeling and recalls where she shines.  Hazel asked me how her recall was and I told her that her recall is excellent, her stay is not.  So Hazel held the leash and let go when I called her.  Trek rocketed toward me and I was worried that she was going to put a hole through me.

Yoshi's figure 8s are doing very well.  Some progress on dumbell holding, but not much.

Mon Sep 10
BiFriendly was tonight so no dog training, but one accidental, very silly episode.  I was sprinkling some grass seed on my yard and Trek was manically chasing the seeds completely convinced that I was freely tossing out food but all she kept finding was grass seed.  Every time I''d toss she'd race over to where it hit the ground and check it.  I'd toss it somewhere else and she'd charge over there.  This went on for the whole time I was seeding.  I even tossed out more than I needed to because she was so funny to watch.

Sun Sep 9
Yoshi herding..  It was really busy today so I didn't get much time with Joyce but we first spent some time in the round pen so I could work on walking backwards while holding the wand in front of him (still on a long line).  He's slowly getting it but doesn't want to.  Then we switched to the PT pen and he did a very nice outrun, but doesn't like to stop when he brings the sheep back.  He'd rather just flush them so he can run after them.  I also get the effect of sheep charging right at me with a possessed corgi right behind.  (Gee thanks Yoshi. You've got part of it down - now about that stopping at the end...)  Some times I was able to get him to stop but it was tough to get him to walk along with me had to have me holding the long line and the wand in front of him.  The sheep were also pretty flighty so we couldn't get too close to them,.  However we did make some progress.

Poor guy did manage to rip a pad a little as he didn't have his booties on the whole time.  One time they just came off and the other I forgot.  However it does slow him down.  Another handler recommends using vetwrap to get the booties to stay on. 

i think we're going to start going earlier (11am) as there are fewer people then.

Sat Sep 8
Uploaded Trek's ocean video: http://frap.org/Images/Trek/Beach/trek-firsttime-ocean.AVI

Fri Sep 7

Trek finally has agility class.  Hooray!  We've both been losing out minds.  Though I have discovered the ball fixation so I can use that in training. 

Today I found a plastic foot off the black and decker work stand.  She's stolen this before and I get it back and keep it out of site for a while  and then sneak it back on the work table.  Drat - ever time she sees it she focuses on it.  I'd glue it on but I don't want her eating glue.

Class.  She did fantastic.  It was clear she was just dying to do this again.  Worked on leadout pivots.  She did a full size A frame for the first time and faced over it and even hit the contact at the end (running contacts).  Separately did a few sets of 12 weave poles.  She's still needs help getting the start right but then stays in except for one pop at the 10th pole.  She's getting it.  Did the teeter (plank) a couple of times and did well though the beginning is a little rusty.  No longer a problem with tunnels.  I just need to stand up and not micromanage them.  I can't assume that she's going to take a jump that's in front of her as she tends to come back to me unless told otherwise ("out" "over").

Since I can't really get to the 6:15pm class on time, we will move to the next time slot when a space opens up.  In the meantime, we'll just keep coming late.

Wed Sep 5
Yoshi Obedience Class.  Like last week he did fantastic.  Unlike last week, he and I were over across the street on a neighbor's porch and he became a complete basket case when a couple of unknown dogs walked by.  Funny how context is everything.  The obedience class was after the porch meltdowns so I wasn't sure what to expect and was very pleased when he not only was able to concentrate, but was able to interact with the other dogs like Oliver the CKCS, and even Hank the Bulldog who is shaped a little like a dump truck and Yoshi initially really didn't like him. (though I didn't have him meet the Chessie or "Callie" the Mallenois.

Callie provided some great training opportunities much to her owners exasperation.   She's a young dog and every so often she gets the zoomies (yes even in obedience that can happen - esp with recalls), and it happened once tonight and once last week and both times I had Yoshi sitting beside me and I was able to start praising him for staying, and shoveling treats at him, since out of control motion towards him is a major trigger. He was more interested in the treats than any zooming Mallenois, and I later jokingly thanked Callie's mom for helping to train Yoshi, and she ruefully said "Happy to be of service."

His heeling is good, and figure 8's are ok but still lagging some.  Hazel had us switch to doing ovals around both dog and handler "posts" and he  improved.  With the dumbbell we're working on "hold"ing the dumbbell by manually putting it in his mouth and hold his mouth (very gently) until he stops chewing it.   Normally I wouldn't do this but he always seems to prefer physical guidance so I decided to try it.  It's working but we only have been working on it in class and if I were to work more on it out of class he'd be a lot better.

Recalls and broad jump.  I have him on a long line and to get some distance Hazel is very kindly following behind him holding the line.  I used to keep him away from the other dogs as waiting in a line of dogs seemed to make him nervous but tonight we just stood in the line and he did great through was nervous around the door thinking that at anytime something might walk through it.  (a valid concern).  For the broad jump we started with a standard call over the jump and then progressed to him doing the jump and then me backing up around a line of cones to lead him into proper position.  He's getting it, but he still [silently] worries about the other dogs.

His Stand for Exam is doing quite well.  Will stand while Hazel walks up to him, though still moves a foot when I come back (or even sits down)

I think he likes the structure.  The only time he seems uncomfortable is when he's not being told what to do or if he's some distance away from me and there is something that worries him (usually a strange dog).  In the past he would leave to go after a dog ("go after" means various things - barking, pestering, and eventually outright chomping - until 10 months ago where I stopped letting him have any opportunity to do so and he basically went into serious remedial training/therapy - it is a long road, but well worth it.)

I'm realizing that he'll probably be in obedience training of some sort for the rest of his life.  Good thing I like the people.  When I first started taking him there I checked with Hazel to make sure she was ok with having a somewhat reactive dog in class and she said that it was fine.  I said "Good thing as he'll be here for months."  We may now be past months now.  Good thing she likes him.

Mon Sep 3
In the spirit of deciding to have fun when you've made a dumb mistake, Trek and I went to Muir Beach when I stupidly went to Petaluma instead of  San Jose for the Bayteam Dog Agility Super Regional.   I was wondering how they were going to squeeze all those rings, people, dogs, and vehicles into Petaluma and surprise--they weren't.  D'Oh!   While I contemplated driving 2+ hours south from there I realized that I'd been neglecting to take Trek to see the ocean and that would be time very well spent and most importantly I had a camera with me.

As you might guess - it was a blast.  Trek after getting over being intimidated, had a really great time and enjoyed playing in the water and rolling in dead seaweed in the sand.  I did take some good and some schitzo video of her that I will upload soon.

Sun Sep 2
Found the famous photo of Cali going through the cat door and I really need to upload it.  It's Cali sticking her head out of a cat door that you'd swear was too narrow for her (cartilage head!) and you'd swear she was stuck but she wasn't.  Such a rat.

When I wasn't looking Trek swiped a roll of toilet paper and had it standing up totem style in the very center of her crate..  I laughed at her creativity while I found a higher place for the toilet paper rolls to live.  Unlike Yoshi she often just collects things that I don't want her to rip up.  I've found socks, gloves, underwear, slippers, sponges that fell on the floor, papers, brushes.  Mostly unharmed.  Guess the plastic clips resemble a chew toy too much.  And the toilet paper makes sense since we give then the rolls as chew toys.  I think I need a dirty clothes hamper and not a basket - or a higher location for the basket.  Such a creative dog.

Sat Sep 1
I went on a long hike (16 miles) which wiped me out for herding on Sunday - maybe next week.

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Yoshi Training Diary - Aug 2006
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Yoshi Training Diary - June 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - May 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - Apr 2006
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Yoshi Training Diary - Jan 2006

Yoshi Training Diary - Dec 2005
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Yoshi Training Diary - Oct 2005
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Yoshi Training Diary - Dec 2004
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Yoshi Training Diary - Oct 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Sep 2004
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Yoshi Training Diary - July 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Jun 2004
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