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FRAP is a corgi (that's a dog) term that stands for Frenetic Random Acts of Play (or Frenetic Random Activity Period or Frantic Running And Playing - your choice - more definitions to come from what I hear) - something that corgis do at the spur of the moment without much warning.

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Cali passed away last year due to a rare cancer called Histocytic Sarcoma.  I kept a diary of the last month of her life which has a lot of medical information as well as a lot of sorrow.  I've left the diary up and you can read it here.

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Ellen and Trek photo by Ellen Levy Finch


To find out more about dog agility in the San Francisco Bay Area go to the Bayteam's site.

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We pretend to have a life apart from dogs. (Kinda dated. More current info in the Non-Dog Blog.)

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