Regular BiFriendly Meetings 

BiFriendly meetings are unstructured social gatherings for bisexuals and bi-friendly others  that focus on fun, good folks, conversation, food and drink, and general silliness. Please note that BiFriendly is a free form social group and not intended for those just looking for sexual partners for which you will be openly mocked as a troll (just kidding - mostly).

BiFriendly (both SF and East Bay)

Meets on the third Tues of the month at 7:30pm at Au Coquelet Cafe 2000 University at Milvia in Berkeley.

BiFriendly Meetings

Third Tuesday of the month
Tue 1/21
Tue 2/18
Tue 3/17
Tue 4/21
Tue 5/19
Tue 6/16
Tue 7/21
Tue 8/18
Tue 9/15
Tue 10/20
Tue 11/17
Tue 12/15

We're located in the back of the cafe and there is a BiFriendly sign on the table.  Hew is your official host hew_wolff at, but questions can also be asked of Ellen [bfsf at],

Other Regular Events

Bi Monthly Bi Social

Need a host

Silicon Valley Bisexuals and Friends
Meets on the first and third Tue. They have a support group at 7:30pm, and a social group afterward.


For up to the minute happening events please sign up for the  babn-events and babn-chat lists (we recommend joining both).  Info on how to join them can be found on our groups page.

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Bi-Friendly Calendar is brought to you by: Richard: Fabulous Photo Taker; Ellen: Publisher/Editor/Crayon Wielder. Eric General Merrymaker and Promoter of Good Times. Event listings: Ellen:  Deadline for each calendar used to be the 15th of the previous month, but now you can tell us most anytime - the sooner the better. We're on the web at So does anyone read this section?  Let us know and we'll be thrilled - we'll have to come up with some sort of sharp bi reader award.