This is Yoshi at Larkey Park in Walnut Creek.

This is not dependent on a WordPress Theme. Elementor is a WordPress plug-in. This is a SmugMug Image and It is inserted into an Elementor WordPress Plugin Text widget and the image is inserted using a URL provided by SmugMug. This is the Photo-only URL options, and the alignment is set to Left which is an HTML setting.

This is the default placement of the image. I did not add the padding that it clearly put in.

The link associated with the photo has been customized to bring up the Large version of the image. Click on any image to see the effect.



Elementor can divide up the page into sections like Twitter Bootstrap can. This row is divided into 6 pieces

This is a ordinary text widget with not many options.

These are text editor widgets, with Media custom URLs “inserted” into them.

A regular image widget doesn’t have the Custom URL option.

Just use the surrounding text widget and not the caption option.

Someone didn’t want to

sit still.

When you click on these image the link is edit to bring up the medium sized image.