Cali's Guide to Hedgehog Destuffing
Destuffing toy hedgehogs has become something of a corgi (doggie) passion and art form. There are many competing shredding styles and there is no one right method. However, Cali feels that she has had enough experience to refine her craft to such a level of sophistication that she feels that it is probably one of the more established methods. It takes a bit longer to learn, but the results are extremely satisfying.

You will need one stuffed hedgehog available from most quality pet stores. The grunting ones are the most prized, but a squeaking one will do if no grunting ones can be located (and they are easier to destuff). Make sure that it's a toy stuffed hedgehog as real hedgehogs object to such treatment and you could end up with more holes in your nose that you started out with.
First, gnaw off a limb to make an access hole.
Then using your legs as leverage, enlarge the hole. Keep those legs straight, but not locked.
This technique can be used on other objects as well such as bagels.
Now pull up on the stuffing while anchoring it with a paw
You will likely have to dig some for the more out of reach portions
A completed work. Have owner gather up the pieces and reassemble hedgie, or simply toss the flat hedgie around (great fun.) Note, this particular hedgie has already undergone the nose removal operation as well as 3 amputations.