Regular BiFriendly Meetings 

BiFriendly meetings are unstructured social gatherings for bisexuals and bi-friendly others  that focus on fun, good folks, conversation, food and drink, and general silliness. Please note that BiFriendly is a free form social group and not intended for those just looking for sexual partners for which you will be openly mocked as a troll (just kidding - mostly).

BiFriendly (both SF and East Bay)

Now meets virtually via either Zoom or Google. Please contact Hew for the address of the next meeting. The silver lining is that anyone can attend and you don't have to be in the Bay Area.

2024 BiFriendly Meetings

Third Tuesday of the month

2024 Meetings

Hew is your official host hew_wolff at, but questions can also be asked of Ellen [bfsf at],

Other Regular Events

Silicon Valley Bisexuals and Friends
B+ South Bay

Meets on the first and third Tue virtually and on the second Thu they have an in-person meeting.
Manny is the host.


For up to the minute happening events please sign up for the  babn-events and babn-chat lists (we recommend joining both).  Info on how to join them can be found on our groups page.

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Bi-Friendly Calendar is brought to you by: Richard: Fabulous Photo Taker; Ellen: Publisher/Editor/Crayon Wielder. Eric General Merrymaker and Promoter of Good Times. Event listings: Ellen:  Deadline for each calendar used to be the 15th of the previous month, but now you can tell us most anytime - the sooner the better. We're on the web at So does anyone read this section?  Let us know and we'll be thrilled - we'll have to come up with some sort of sharp bi reader award.