Wombats 20th Anniversary!

The Women's Mountain Bike And Tea Society held their 20th Anniversary ride and potluck on Oct 6th, 2007 at Deer Park in Fairfax, Calif.

This page is merely to display the photos.  The real Wombats site can be found here

(Please click on a photo for a larger version)

Peggy and Jacquie

Peggy and the Queen

Tea Time

(l to r) Peggy, John, Jacquie, and Walt

Walt and Bonnie

Tori and Heather

Joan and Pam

Alicia and Nancy

Lynn getting ready to ride



And of course what would a gathering be without a video?
I too a very basic one of Jacquie talking about a DVD that she's going to be appearing in.

You can download it here.  Those of you on Dial Up connections should keep in mind that it a 50 Meg and it will take quite a while to download.