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Trek is from Kathleen Mallery in Idaho.  Trek is whip smart but picky about her working conditions.

The Perpetual Work in Progress

The Yoshi & Trek Training Diary (updated often)

Trek is the victim of being cute and was recently asked if she wanted to star in a Corgiville Fair re-creation.  Sure if the pay is good (It was - cheese and some apple)

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More description and a cute little story is here

More cute victim - this one she created herself.

Trek Doesn't get a Peeled Grape

While talented at agility she doesn't like the sound of other dogs doing the teeter so she's actually happier doing Obedience and Rally.
She is on the verge of getting her Rally Excellent title and is now getting used to the more stringent rules of Obedience.
She's also learning to herd ducks and she's potentially very good at it.


Conehead - Eye surgery

Trek had a mild Entropia in the corner of her left eye which made her rub her eye and gave her this squinty eye.  I talked to my vet about it and after some minor testing it was clear that she had entropia and she referred us to a good doggy opthamologist in Fremont (Deborah Friedman of Animal Eye Care).  After talking with Dr. Friedman, we were given two choices the traditional surgery or a less invasive laser procedure where they burn some of the tissue in order to get the eyelid to correct.  Since in her case, the entropia was very minor, and there was a risk of overdoing the traditional surgery, we opted for the laser (more detail in the Feb. Training Diary.)  There's no guarantee that it will work, but so far so good.

Gory details:
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Day 1 (hours post surgery) - Looking like a drunk that was in a fight

Day 3 - Improving

Day 4 - Scabs have fallen off, raw skin but much better than it was

Still day 4 - Left eye staying more open now

Day 6 - Looks gross but actually doing quite well
Cone is off now - to Yoshi's relief.

Day 7 - Eye staying open most of the time now

Day 9 - Some fur is starting to regrow

Day 9 - After the scab fell off.  Look how much smaller it is compared to Day 4 or 6

The recovery process has led to some pretty funny moments between the two dogs, mostly because even though Yoshi knows it's Trek, he's leery of that cone thing.  And of course mostly at Yoshi's expense, but we make sure to make it up to him

My Duck.




And of course we just had to take a video clip of it (turn audio on) ...  (Come on you, know you want to click - Quicktime format)

The Power of the Cone

AKA: That Cone has My Duck
AKA: Quack, quack, quack, quack.  Quack, quack, quack.


I've recently bought an inexpensive skateboard for dog training (see the diary for more info) as it's a good intro to moving things like teeters, and also it would be fun to teach Trek to ride one and I can be skate bait training for dogs that go nuts around them.


(Bowl is empty at this point.)

A moveable feast

Eek it moved

Toys.  Toys.  Toys.

Trek just loves toys (in the house - we're working on elsewhere). Carrying them and cuddling with them and the photos on the bed lying with the squirrel and hedgie are NOT posed.  The toys were on the bed and she came and laid down between them and I ran for the camera.  Oh and the chunk out of her right ear is from a wart removal and not from another corgi. :)  And yes the toys are intact.  Ghost of Cali and the Flat Toy Society are not amused.

With squirrel and hedgie



A Happy Meal?


Trek and monkey
We swear this isn't posed.


Spay adventure

The life preserver donut thingy is an alternative to an E-collar called a Procollar.

Some photos?

Trying to get photos of this corgi motion machine that only wants to climb into your lap is a challenge.

Here is a sampling of the first 30.  100's more to follow I can tell.
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Yoshi and Trek


Trek as Sealion


More Blur

Hold still dernit

The other position