Melting Chocolate

It's very easy to turn chocolate into something like a dirt clod.  A gritty brown mess which is sometimes called "seizing."

The keys are:

Low heat is the one advantage of an electric stove (which I normally detest) or Microwave on low power
No water is vital.  Even a damp wooden spoon can cause a seize.  Best to use a well dried metal spoon.

I have never had success with a double boiler - steam manages to creep in.  It might be my utter lack of skill (and interest) with a double boiler.

What I do.

Break chocolate into smallish 1-2 " pieces.  Place in a small sauce pan on low heat.  Start with a small quantity of the chocolate until it looks like the melting is going to work then add the rest.  Stir constantly to keep it from burning.  Just as soon as the chocolate is melted pull it off the burner and use it.

        (Too much going on to have a photo of the melted chocolate).

If you use a microwave use power level 3 or so (900 Watt oven - lower power level if it's a higher wattage oven).  Do NOT cover it.

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