Latkes with Optional Goy Variations

While not Jewish (I was born a poor Gentile - ok not really, but it was too good to pass up :), I love my local Jewish Community mostly because the sense of humor really helps me to cope with my vaguely Southern family (there are strange overlaps especially in the Matriarchal area :).

I learned to make latkes at a Chanukah party.  Trouble is, it was for 50 people, so I'm only recently now working out more reasonable proportions.

This makes 3 latkes and you can increase the amounts as desired.

1 medium Yukon Gold potato - grated and squeeze out excess liquid
1/2 white onion - grated (when grating expect a significant proportion of the onion to just disappear as it's mostly water), you can also dice them or use a food processor.
olive oil

mix potatoes and onion into a pile and sprinkle salt over the pile, mix some more, then add enough flour to make it all stick together and form patties.  Heat olive oil in a non-stick pan and cook patties till golden on both sides.  Note it's common to use eggs also, but I find they taste just as good without the eggs.

Top with sour cream and/or apple sauce

Combine Ingredients
Starting to cook
After a turn

Goy variations - Just because I don't have a Jewish mother to disappoint.

Put some grated Monterey Jack (or Gruyere
or Jarlsberg) on the latkes about a minute before they're done and cover - this will melt the cheese while it finishes cooking

Then top with some avocado slices and some salsa and sour creme or yogurt.

Sinfully delicious.

Add cheese while latke is cooking
Topped with avocado slices

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