Garlic Smashing

Why press it when you can whack it?

Many years ago I was at my friend Charles' house and we were cooking and he remarked that "You don't press garlic. You smash it."

Say what?  He then took a meat cleaver, pul a whole garlic clover on a cutting board and whacked it (hard) with the side of the clever.  What was left was a decidedly smashed garlic clove and all we had to do was remove the outer husk.

I've never forgotten it, but lacking a heavy duty meat cleaver I've come up with a slightly gentler version that's essentially the same.  The biggest feature of garlic smashing instead of pressing is:

(click for a larger version)

Break off a clove and trim the ends
Position the knife horizontally above the clove

Press down on the knife until you feel it crush
Weirdly satisfying

Remove the husk
Chop the clove further if you wish

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