Chicken Habanero Sausage Tomato Saute

Ok, the Habanero is just showing off.  Use with any chicken sausage, but it's really good with the Habanero kind.

Olive Oil high quality
1 yellow Onion - chopped
2 cloves Garlic - smashed and chopped

4 chicken thighs - cut most of mean off bones and chop into smalle cubish shapes - retain bones
1 link chicken sausage of whatever type.

1 16 oz can diced Tomatoes (can use more)
1/2 c Water (plus or minus - optional if using more tomatoes)

[because I don't bother measuring herbs really)
small handful fresh or frozen chopped Basil
something beyond 1 t. dried Oregano
smaller handful fresh chopped Italian Parsley

In a medium skillet,
Add the olive oil and cook chicken (with bones for flavor) until no longer pink on the outside
If sausage is fully cooked then some minutes in add the sausage to let it absorb some of the flavor
otherwise if sausage is raw cook it right from the beginning with the other chicken

Set aside
In same oil, saute onion garlic in olive oil until golden and soft

Readd chicken and sausage back to skillet

Add rest of ingredients, stir well and let cook uncovered on medium heat stirring occasionally. 
The liquids should start to meld together into a nice sauce.  Can cook rice during this time. 
Serve immediately, leave the bones in for the intrepid to gnaw on.

Could add eggplant

Serve wtih
Basmati Rice
Green Salad

Baguette or Artisan bread