Camp Quesadillas

This is inspired by:

We decided to not sauted the veggies and simplfied them too.  You can add what ever you like.

This is campground tested.  Over coals.  Over a fire will likely be much more exciting.

This will make 5-6 large quesadillas

1 Rotisserie chicken
1/2 pound sliced mushrooms
1 pound of Tilamook Monterey Jack cheese - shredded - can use just 3/4 of the block
2-3 ripe tomatoes sliced
jalapenos's sliced - optional
cilantro chopped
spices - optional (pepper and oregano and maybe basil would work well here - you do not need salt)
6 very large wrap size flour tortillas
avocado or guacamole as garnish
salsa as a garnish

You will also need
a fire or coals with a grate
wide aluminum foil - we used Heavy Duty but that is optional though we haven't found wide aluminum foil that isn't heavy duty.
tongs help
a large plate or serving dish

Remove meat from chicken bones
Spread tortilla out and in center place chicken, some mushrooms, tomato, jalapeno and other veggies you wish
If you want to add spices this is where you would do it.
spread a handful or two of cheese over the contents

Fold tortilla as either a burrito or a quesadilla.  Burrito folding seemed to work a little better.

Wrap each quesadilla in foil.  Simple folding up on each corner works fine - you don't have to roll wrap it.

Place quesadilla over a fire or hot coals.  Goal is for contents to be warm and cheese melted.  Over coals this took 10 minutes.  Fire is likely to be much faster.

Placing the quesadilla directly on the grill just dried it out.

Place each foil packet directly on a plate and serve with salsa and avocado available.
Salad goes nicely with it.

Stove top option
No foil needed
Place open quesadilla in a skillet over medium heat.  Cover a let it warm until pliable.  Then remove cover and fold it in half.  Reduce heat to medium and leave it on burner turning once until cheese is melted.  Can recover if it is starting to dry out.

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